Thursday, January 22, 2015

New England Sack January 2015 Celebration Box and Coupon Code

This is my second New England Sack.  The first one was the December 2014 one and this, obviously, is the January 2015 box.  The December one had a holiday theme and I loved it even though it arrived after Christmas and some of the inclusions lost some of their significance.
The January box theme is Celebration.  I was actually wondering about that because the box comes out so late that it would no longer work for a New Years party theme.  However there were no such issues.
Opening this box is a lot of fun.  While it does come in an outer box, the contents really are in a sack.
With it is a wax sealed information card.  I absolutely love that touch.  It always makes me feel like I've gone back in time.
There are four New England artisans and companies featured in this box.  Two are from Connecticut and two from Maine.  I always wonder if these boxes resonate with the NE region the way Tique Box does with me (from the Pacific Northwest). I do love to get things from other areas.  It's really amazing how different the areas of our country are.

This box was not what I was expecting with a theme like Celebration.  I was thinking party supplies and appetizer type things.Instead, it's less celebratory and more about surviving the wintery coldness and that totally works for me!

The Cost: $35/month, non-recurring.

What You Get: Five to six thoughtfully curated, handmade and artisan items from the New England area. Expect anything from food products to home goods.

Savory Soup Sack Fiesta Chili-  This soup has pinto, black and red beans along with a spice pack. There's no list of the spices used.  This is the kind of soup that takes awhile to make but ends up tasting fabulous.  There's a recipe on the back that calls for onions, tomatoes and ground beef to add a little more oompf.  I admit that when I make soup (or chili) I don't use dried beans.  I use them from a can even though it's more expensive to do it that way.  It's faster.  I'm going to make this with bacon!
Value: $5.99
The New England Cupboard Country Cornbread- This is to go with your chili! Now that I've read the info card about this, I see where the celebration comes in.  This is for football parties!  A pot of chili, a plate of cornbread and the next item.  I don't really like cornbread but guys will eat anything.
Value: $4.25
New England Cupboard Jimbo's Bloody Mary Mix- Made with horseradish, parsley, worchestershire powder, cayenne, lemon peel, black pepper and a bunch of other stuff.  Add to tomato juice and let it sit for two hours for a power packed bloody mary.  Goes with your cornbread and chili.  I'm not a fan of spicy and I don't like tomato juice but I bet someone will get use out of this. :)
Value: $6.50
Anne Taintor Coaster Set- Just what you need to put your Bloody Mary on!  These are super cute and we always  need more coasters.  They seem to disappear quickly around my house.
Value: $6
Scentsational Scrubs Lip Scrub and Lip Balm in Mango Papaya- Handmade lip balm with coconut oil and beeswax! I love it, it's the perfect consistency and it smells wonderful.  The Lip Scrub has sweet almond oil, shea butter, beeswax and sugar for a gentle scrub to exfoliate your lips.  And get your lips ready for screaming when the Seahawks win the Superbowl again! :D
Value: $10

VERDICT:  Well, this wasn't what I was expecting for a celebration box but it worked out well for the month of January! It's cold so soup and cornbread would be a nice dinner.  I don't think I'd serve it at the Superbowl, though.  Kinda dangerous to the carpet and furniture each time the Seahawks score a touchdown.  And why eat New England goodies... we aren't supporting those cheating Patriots! HAHA! Okay, I couldn't resist getting that in there.
The only thing I wish was that there was just one labor intensive item, not two.  I totally understand the chili and cornbread thing but I prefer things that aren't extra work in my subscription boxes.  I really like the lip scrub and balm and I know everything in this box will be put to good use.  That's not always something I can say, either.

Since this is a hand-curated, specialty box, the values will never be exceptional. You should get your money's worth (this box has a value of $32) or very close to it.  The value at that point is in the eye of the beholder and how they enjoy the items they receive.  I'm happy with this box, everything is useful and it's fun to get a peek at what goes on in New England (besides whatever shenanigans the Patriots are up to).

If you would like to subscribe to New England Sack and get a box of artisan and small business products from the New England area, head to their website and sign up!
Remember that this is a one time purchase so you'll have to purchase each month one at a time unless you buy a 3 or 6 month subscription.

Use code livelocal10 to get 10% off your box!  February's theme is Breakfast and there's sure to be some honey in it!  What if there is maple syrup?  I have to get that box!

Also... GO HAWKS!


  1. My boyfriend and I bought a 3-month subscription to this box for his mom and she loves it! I think the fiesta soup sounds so good, especially if you put bacon in it.

    1. Aww, you're so thoughtful! This *does* make a good gift. Hmm... :D And I have to get February after seeing the spoiler on their Facebook page. I think it's gonna be goooood!

  2. The scrub and lip balm seem like kind of a funny addition to a bunch of celebratory/foodie items. Cornbread + chili + Bloody Marys sounds like a great combo though!

    1. Maybe (since it was New Years and all- even though the box was too late for it) it was for puckering up at midnight? It totally doesn't fit but I like it. I made the Chili already and it was fantastic! I doctored it up with some Italian sausage and bacon since I didn't have anything else in the house. And some diced tomatoes and onions. It makes a LOT, though.