Wednesday, January 28, 2015

OrangeGlad 45% off Coupon Code!

Heeey, youuu guu-uuuys!!!  (Imagine Chunk from Goonies)  Guess what?!  OrangeGlad is running a really great coupon code right now!

You can get 45% off a one month or three month  OrangeGlad subscription!!  Thank you, darling reader, for letting me know this coupon doesn't work on the six month sub!  Also, it doesn't work for the Double Sweets Box.

The picture above is from my January 2015 box.  You can see that review here.  I've received several OrangeGlad boxes and while I may not think it's the best at full price, it's AMAZING for 45% off and I really recommend it in you love desserts and treats.

This code is the best!
Use code LACOOKIE15 and get 45% off your one or three month regular (not double) subscription!

UPDATE: If you want the 6 month subscription or you want a Double Treats subscription use code LOVE2015 to get 40% off!  There's two coupons running around!

Plus, there's a place for a referral code!  Mine is SARAHOG31858.  Supposedly, a referral code with give you $5 in your account to spend.  I don't think it will give you an extra $5 off with a coupon code but the details aren't really clear about how it works.  I'd say try it and see if it works.  (Well, I would say that, wouldn't I because I get $5 in my account, too, if you use it!) *grin*  
Either way, if you use it and figure out what it does, leave a comment saying whether you scored big time or whether the 45% off coupon code negated the $5 form the referral code.

I'm serious about how good a deal this is!  My sub ends next month and I'm signing up again with this code.  The fine print says it will work until 3/31/15 which is a really long time for such a good code.  

*referral codes were used in this post and I will be so seriously thrilled if you use them!  So thank you in advance! :)


  1. Wish this deal would be around by the time my 6 month is up, sign. BTW, the biscotti, madeline, and the brittle was delicious! The other two was a chocolate shock - too rich for me.

    1. I agree, that Macbubl was very, very rich. I didn't end up eating all of it because one bite was enough to satisfy. I'm not huge on chocolate but I thought it was very good dark chocolate. Was your brittle really sticky? I loved it and couldn't believe that flavor but it was super sticky.
      At least you got the good deal for your first six months. I probably should have just done that. Ooo, I was thinking Id just do another three months but maybe I should do six like you did. Hmm...

  2. The coupon code does not work.

    1. It does work on the three month, but not the six month. :(

    2. The referral code for $5, you mean? Bummer. I was hoping they would let you have both! It's already a good deal, though, so it makes sense they wouldn't allow both. Thanks for letting me know!

    3. Ohh! Okay, I only tried the 1 mo and the 3 mo. I'll amend my post!

    4. I don't know if you already made your decision but OrangeGlad sent me a new coupon! It's for ALL subscriptions, including Double Treats and six months and its 40% off!