Wednesday, January 21, 2015

OuiPlease Coupon Code for Annual Subscription- 48 Hours Only!

Interested in OuiPlease?!

Love everything French?  OuiPlease sends authentically French, luxury items right to your door.

Right now you can get 20% off an Annual subscription!  For 48 Hours only, you can get 6 OuiPlease boxes this year (they're every other month) for $520.  Instead of $150 a box, you'll be paying $87 a box!

Now that's a deal!  The code is MAKEUPTALK and it is working as of now.  I believe you have until 2pm Friday, January 23rd to make up your mind.  I'm not actually positive on the time so it could be earlier and it could be later.  Many thanks to Sparklesgirl for alerting us to this awesomeness!

If you've been wanting this, here's the only way to get a sub at a reasonable price.  Oh and here is my first review: Oui Please Vol. 1 Paris, I Miss You.

February's theme is Dreaming of Normandie!

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  1. Ahhhhhhh do I want to do this???? XD $520 is a lot to plunk down at once, but this box.. !

    1. I know. It's way too much. But now I get SIX boxes :D Wahoo! I might regret it but... That'll teach me to get one year subscriptions. I figure they're pretty coveted and I can swap what I don't like. At $87/box, I know I would continue to subscribe so I assured myself that that made it worth it. :D

  2. I had to. I couldn't hold out anymore! It was kind of painful to charge that much though, I cringed a little. : /

    1. I still am cringing so I completely understand! But I just saw a spoiler and I am getting excited. They posted this brand on their page and I looked at the website and was very happy! Here is the name: Ripauste by Paul Stéphan The website is French but ooooo, the pictures!