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PetGiftBox January 2015 Review ~ A New Pet Subscription for Cats and Dogs

This PetGiftBox review is for the Petite Pup (up to 20lbs) box.  They also do Cat boxes which I think is pretty awesome.  Although cats seem somehow so much more picky than dogs, I can't say how a cat would respond to a box of toys and treats.  My cat was so freaking picky it was unreal.  She only liked crunchy treats and wouldn't eat wet food except for the juice.
My dogs, on the other hand, love boxes like this.  What one doesn't like, the other one does so it always works out.
Somehow I managed to get a PetGiftBox for $4.99 and I cannot remember what I did or what coupon code I used or anything.  I knew that I wanted to try it because I had seen a review for an earlier box and it was packed with toys and treats.
The Cost: $17.99/month.

What You Get: A box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

Now, I have to say that I should have realized when they lumped all small dogs into the Petite Pup range.  There is a HUGE difference between a six pound chihuahua and a 15lb rat terrier like the ones I have.  I knew right off the bat that two of the toys they'd sent me were for much bigger dogs.  Both of these are bigger than my dogs head and heavy!  Still, I liked how packed the box was.
The box came with an information card with each product listed on it along with pricing.  I always appreciate information cards but probably because I'm a blogger and I like to be able to give as much info as possible to those considering a box for purchase.
Spot Dura-Brite Ring Tug- This is sadly so big that my dogs can't use it.  A larger dog would have more fun.  This is a Thermoplastic rubber ring with a nylon tug rope.
Value: $8

Spot Dura-Brite K9 Pacifier- This is also huge.  Bigger than my dogs head and heavy, too! Sadness! But imagine a chihuahua getting these?!
Value: $7
Spot Tuggin' Tees Rope- This toy works!  It's not too heavy and not too big and it's made of jersey T shirt material so it doesn't shred like rope does.  Bugsy likes this and has been playing with it off and on all day.
Value: $5

Beastie Bar Chicken Dog Treat-  I haven't given this to Bugsy yet but he is going to love it.  It's made in the USA and has ingredients so good that I could probably eat it.  I'm not going to but I might have to find these somewhere and get a bunch.
Value: $2
Loving Pets Barksters Sweet Potato and Beef Krisps Recipe-  These look like Wavy Lays and have only five ingredients.  The dogs went nuts for these!  They aren't convenient for pockets or training because they're dusty and sort of greasy feeling (like potato chips-but it's just rice bran oil).  Yeah. a big hit with the dogs, though.
Value: $9

VERDICT:  I admit to disappointment on the toys.  I know that objectively this is a great box (for a dog of the right size) and well worth a $17.99 price point which is desperately needed in the pet box landscape.  I hope in the future that they figure out a better way to choose which types of toys are the right size for the right weight group.  They definitely need at least one more category for very small dogs.
I would like to see more brand variety in the toys, too.  Three Spot brand toys, with two of them being very similar doesn't make for new and interesting options.
The treat choices are great, made in the USA and have excellent ingredients.  I'm very happy with those.
I'm debating contacting them to see why such huge toys were put in a Petite Pup box.  Maybe I should, just to give them a chance to explain themselves.

I definitely don't recommend this box for dogs under 12lbs.  The toys aren't really suitable for my 15 pounders either.  If you've got a bigger dog of 25lbs or more, I think you should try this box for sure.
It's only $17.99/month, which compared to all the other dog boxes I know of, is a great price for the four to five items you may receive.  Of course, if you get a box with toys too big to play with, that's going to be an issue.

Since I used a coupon and got this box for $5, I'm not as upset as I would be if I'd paid $17.99. Although, really, that's not a good reason because what about all the other people that do pay that much and then get this.

If you're curious and want to sign up for a PetGiftBox of your own, you can do that right here.  You'll get $5 off your first box with my referral link, which makes trying this even more affordable.

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