Friday, January 9, 2015

Wantable Intimates January 2015 Review

This review is for the contents of my January 2015 Wantable Intimates box.  I know the picture makes it look slightly boring but I have to say that this actually might be one of my favorite boxes ever.

Wantable has made some changes to their program starting this month.  Several months ago I received an email saying that Wantable was going to be including fewer items but of a higher quality in their boxes.  So instead of 4-5 items, each box would now contain 3-4.  At the time, it said that I was grandfathered in at the higher item box but that would change and everyone would be on the same box starting January 2015.

I have never really had a problem with the quality of items but if they're going to be doing even better than before, I'm still interested in staying subscribed.  This month then, is the month of going to three items instead of four.
The Cost: $36/month.

What You Get: Three to four premium intimate essentials based solely on your profile preferences.

I'll tell you right now that one of my favorite things about Wantable is their profile preferences program.  They have a lengthy and detailed profile that you must fill out.  At the end, you'll be able to make some comments, including what kind of items you may like to receive.
You can change this as often as you want and tailor each box to what you've got going on that month or what you think you need to see more of.  February is coming up... You want lingerie instead of loungewear?  Check the box!

The have an extensive Likes and Dislikes system and you will never get anything that is on your dislikes list.  Here's mine for January:
A little blurry but you get the idea.  I wanted Loungewear and socks and don't mind getting Tights, Leggings or Panties.  I did not want any lingerie (although I'm probably going to change that for February), bras or shapewear.
You can see that I receive two items from my Loves list and one from my Likes.  Most importantly, none from my Dislikes.  One time I did receive something from my Dislikes list and I contacted them about it and they sent me a new item.

Rouge Papaye Hosiery in Gurunsi- These are designed in Paris and knit in Italy.  I'm not positive yet on how I feel about the design but I do love that I got these.  They're definitely a conversation starter :D They are also very expensive!  Their website is in French but hooray for Google Translate.
Now to figure out what I want to wear these with...
Value: $40
Per Lei Cotton Knit Pant in Fanfair- These are SO soft and SO comfortable! And they're cute!  I love them and I actually dug through my drawers and got rid of some old pj pants that had seen better days (since they were from when I was in high school...  what am I, a pack rat?!).
I can't really find anything out about this brand but I like these pants so I don't really mind.
Value: $32
Real Underwear Fusion Cami in Black- This is a seamless cami, I want to say it's made out of microfiber.  It's very smooth so whatever you wear over it isn't going to stick in awkward places.  The hem is also banded so it doesn't ride up even though it's skin tight.  I've been meaning to go get something like this to go under my Golden Tote crochet top and this is perfect!!
Value: $28

VERDICT: Another great box from Wantable!  I paid $36 for this box and while the retail value is over $100, I only paid $12 for each item and I absolutely would have paid that price for each one of these.  In fact, I likely would have paid more.
While this is my first month of getting the 3-4 item box, I'm still very happy with my purchase and will continue to subscribe.

If you would like to try Wantable, sign up here and fill out your profile. It's long, so make sure you have some time.  In any case, sign up for emails because they often send out coupons for 25% off a box.  You can subscribe AND get extra boxes during the month if you like.  I've done that many times.

There are three regular Wantable subscriptions: Intimates, Makeup and Accessories.  I've never gotten the Makeup one because I get enough in other subscriptions but I know they send only full size products.  I've gotten a few Accessories boxes and you can see all my reviews here.

Still, my favorite is the Intimates and I've been subscribed for one year now and have been very happy with what I've received.  Only one time have I sent my box back for a full refund.  Shipping is free in the US (Wantable ships to Canada, too) to return your box and it's basically no questions asked.

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  1. Right now, there is a " secret" 50% off sale on a new subscriber's first box. I called CS because I was worried that they might not have my size in loungewear, as their inseam size goes to 33 and I am 5' 10'' tall.

    The lovely CS person gave me a code for 50% off.. I'm about everything but thongs, LOL. The height thing really doesn't lend itself to comfy thong wearing.

    1. Haha!! Did they say you shouldn't have any issues? I have the opposite problem being 5'1", I've been sent some loungepants that were nearly a foot too long (though they were a size small). I sent that box back with no issues and got a new one with different things.

      I actually just ordered with a 50% off deal! I've discovered that if you do their Giveaways (I never actually post anything) and click Finish at the bottom, it will bring you sometimes to a new page and there will be a special deal. I love the Intimates the most. Accessories are also fun but my favorite is Intimates. I also opt out of thongs :)

    2. I did get my first box for just $20. AND, on my invoice on the website and email for my April box that has shipped but not received yet, they gave me a $22.00 credit. I emailed to ask if it was because I wasn't getting a full box for some reason, but no, they said I had earned the credit. I don't see how, but I'm not going to argue. :)

      BTW- are you still getting your Wantables Intimates box? Haven't seen any reviews lately- not that everything can be reviewed monthly. You get a few more boxes than I do ( Rachel Zoe, Jouer, and maybe one more, other than that we are box twins. )

    3. I have skipped a month and then I got a box I sent back but was too lazy to post about. I think I'm going to get an Accessories box next for a little switch up. Ive got so many PJ's now that I'm running out of room in my drawers to hold them but they're my favorite thing to get sooo....
      I cut back a bit on the more familiar boxes in order to branch out to the more unusual. I can't get all the reviews up if I just get them all (I need more tiiiiime!! haha!).