Friday, February 13, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Spring 2015 "Wonderland"

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box for Spring 2015 has a "Wonderland" theme.  I had thought I'd cancelled this subscription but apparently I didn't so I got excited about getting it even though I don't think it's really worth the $20.  That's partly because I manage to lose the $10 coupon every time.  I don't know what's wrong with me.
Fortune Cookie Soap is an online retailer that specializes in small batch body products with unique and interesting scent combinations.  And yes, of course, their soaps are in the shape of fortune cookies which makes them extra fun.

The Cost:$19.99/quarterly

What You Get: 8 exclusive, pre-release specially hand-crafted Fortune Cookie Soap Co. exclusive bath and body products in deluxe sample sizes along with a $10 gift card for using with any purchase at their website.
Fortune Cookie Soap in "Almost Alice"-  It's soap! Shaped like a fortune cookie!  This has the scents of green snap peas, juicy pears, sweet pea flowers and freesia with a little berry tossed in.  It smells very good. Mostly fruity with a hint of florals.
I find that using a fortune cookie soap in the shower leads to a slippery, clumpy mess, though.  So while the shape is cute, actually using them isn't as pretty.

Inscence Cone in "Who Are You?"- I've never used anything like this! Most incense I've smelled stinks (nag champa, mostly) so I've never really been that interested. This, however, smells delightful.  It's a black cone that leaves black on my fingers.  I don't know what it's made out of but you're supposed to light the tip, let it burn for 10 seconds the blow it out.  It smells like pear, limes, vanilla orchid, and raw cane sugar.  In other words, good enough to eat.  If I end up not liking the lit incense I will leave these in the sachet and put them in a clothing drawer or something.
Bath Bomb in "Off with Their Heads"-  This is also another fabulous scent!  Meyer lemon, orange, bergamot, Egyptian musk with wild rose, violets and star jasmine.  This one isn't too flowery for me.  I can't use the bath bomb (and it's a liiiittle crumbly after it's ride in the box) but I might find something else with this scent and buy it.

Bath Tea in "Twisted Tea Party"- This is a teabag that you toss into your hot bath water.  I don't take baths so this will be passed to someone who will get more use out of it.  It smells VERY good.  I really like the Tea Party scent.  It's got sweet herbs, vanilla bean, cucumber, golden amber, neroli, geranium and spearmint along with green tea leaves.  Mmm!

Also included was a purty little flutterby. :)
Perfume Oil in "Eat Me"-  This is, hands down, my favorite scent in the box.  I *do* want to eat it.  It smells like yellow cake with vanilla frosting and pineapple with a dash of cilantro.  I smell my wrist and I drool.

Whipped Cream in "It's Only a Dream"- This body butter is a little too floral for me.  It has verbena, lemongrass, calla lily and citrus mixed with leafy greens, ylang ylang, rosewood, ozone and a lilttle musk and rose.  I much prefer citrus scents over floral and this one tips a little too far to the floral side for me. 
OCD Hand Sanitizer in "We're All Mad Here"-  I like this, too.  Mint with leafy green notes and cedarwood.  Plus I like getting these little bottles of hand sanitizer anyway.

Body Wash in "Futterwacken"- Lilies with grapefruit and a splash of fresh air.  This smells mostly of grapefruit which is good because lily makes me sneeze.  Easter lily anyway.  Grapefruit, though, is one of my faaavorites and this is my first body wash from FCS so I'm definitely trying it.  I do have to say that it seems like there could have been a better choice of bottle because this looks like it's not going to be easy to squeeze out.

VERDICT:  I thought this had a fun variety of products.  Some were new types to me and not ones I've received before which is fun.   The samples aren't huge, probably around 1oz each but the best part of Fortune Cookie Soap is their scent mixes.  The scents are why you want more.  They're unique and delicious with very creative names.  I need to spend a little more time narrowing it down to my top two favorite scents.  Once I do that I can use the $10 off code to buy a product or two that I would use in the scent that I want.  Fortune Cookie Soap makes all the things in all the scents.  Or pretty close.  

If you want to try Fortune Cookie Soap, head to their website and find the Soap Box.  It comes out four times a year and does ship internationally.  Shipping gets pretty steep internationally, though.


  1. This has been on my list of boxes to try for a while, I need to get on that! All of this sounds really nice. I especially like the "Eat Me" perfume oil.

    1. It is really fun! If you like this type of thing and you like buying bath and body products, I think you would find it worth it. The $10 coupon for their shop gives the box more value. I tend to balk at the 'spend money to save money' aspect of it.

  2. They need to come up with some original themes. The movie thing got old a year or two ago.

    I won't buy their items because of the amount of artificial coloring in the products ( Smurf blue soap?) and also the fact that about half the scents smell like industrial deodorizers in public bathrooms.
    I LOST the tiny slivers of products, and never used the discount cards either.

    Plus, they had or still have a chronic stock shortage of full sized products which I don't understand. Is it to limit the use of the discount codes when the " collection" is released???

    1. You know, I've wondered about that, too! How half the things are never in stock. I'm not sure exactly how they rotate their products. I'm sure there is a rhyme or reason to it but I haven't figured it out. I think that the Soap Box is like a Sneak Peek into the new collection but it seems like once the new collection comes out, it just disappears after it sells out.
      Since I've lost most of the codes, I've only bought from them one time. I like their Personal Space Air Fresheners and their Shower Bombs but don't care for the actual soap itself. It's too soft.

  3. I finally signed up for this box and just got it this past weekend. Most of the scents are too floral for me, but the perfume oil is hands down my favorite as well!

    1. It's hit or miss with the scents. I thought I had cancelled because I find I don't use enough of the products. It's likely better to take the $20 and buy things you're more sure you will like off their site.

  4. I never use their fortune cookie soaps! I just kind of... collect them now. That's mostly because I don't like using bar soap/solid soaps and prefer liquid or foaming soap.

    I still think it's funny that you hated the whipped cream scent. XD I totally understand why though - it's super floral! I thought I wouldn't like it at all either (because I keep saying I don't like florals) but this is amazing to me for some weird reason.

    But yessssss to Eat Me, Twisted Tea Party, and Who Are You? I can't wait to buy Eat Me in literally everything they offer, haha.

    (Also I think Nest's grapefruit candle has ruined me for all other grapefruit scents!)

    1. I used one once and that was enough for me. Now they're decoration. Although some have had issues with sweating.

      I tried the Incense last night and you are right. It smells way better if you don't burn it. And I want everything with that scent. Sooo nice!

      I have that Nest Grapefruit candle still in the box by my bed. I smell it all the time. I don't want to burn it because it smells so good already without even needing to burn. Nomnomnom.