Monday, February 2, 2015

New England Sack February 2015 Coupon Code and Spoilers!

New England Sack sends products from the New England area right to your home.  Since I live in Seattle (#gohawks /sob), it's nice to have goodies from such a productive area delivered to my home.

The theme for February is Breakfast.  So you can give your Valentine some breakfast in bed, probably. :D  Boxes will ship on February 9th so you may get it in time.

The spoilers are seriously killing me.  I didn't even try to resist when I saw that theme.  Why? Because everyone knows that Vermont has the best maple syrup ever and I want some.

Here are the spoiler photos:

So yeah.  Honey,  oatmeal and what could be pancake mix or syrup or both and I'm SERIOUSLY hoping for syrup! Eee!

Boxes are $35 but you can get 10% off with code: valentine.  The one month subscriptions are non-recurring.  Your subscription will not auto-renew so you can purchase just the months you want or buy a longer subscription and just keep them coming.  Sign up now!

You can see my last two reviews here and here.

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