Friday, February 13, 2015

OrangeGlad February 2015 Double Sweets Box and 40% off Coupon Code!

This particular review is for the Double Sweets version of the OrangeGlad February 2015 box.  I've never received the Double version before and I was curious about whether it had different kinds of treats than the regular or was really two of everything.  As you can see, it is two of everything.  And two of everything is a LOT, let me just tell you that right now.  I'm full looking at it.  Of course, that could be because ate at a Cheryl's cookie.  Or two.  *cough*
Everything comes neatly packed in a box with a info card describing what you've received along with Best Before dates, ingredients, etc.  As you can see, there are five different treats in the box this month.

The Cost: $21.95/mo. for the Regular box, $36.95 for the Double Sweets Box

What You Get: Five deluxe size, carefully selected gourmet treats and sweets delivered once a month.

Annalisa Chocolates Truffles in Raspberry and Salted Caramel-  These are delicious!  Actually, I can only attest to the Raspberry because I don't like salted caramel anything and I'm giving those to my mom.  This is deliciously dark chocolate, too.  My favorite.  I love the Raspberry flavor. Sometimes there just isn't enough raspberry flavor but these are perfect.  And perfect for Valentine's Day.
Value: $2/package ($4 total)
Sugar Bowl Bakery Petite Palmiers-  Mmm... French pastries!  And appropriately heart shaped for Valentine's Day! I like this type of cookie (I guess it's not a cookie but you know what I mean) but I found this particular one was not quite as sweet as I like them when eating them plain.  If I had some ice cream to eat them with, though... Mmm!  I'll have to do that.  Get me some Haagen Daaz :D
Value: $2 (for all four)
Cheryl's Cookies Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies- I have to admit to a predilection for Cheryl's Cookies.  I had one on an Alaska Airlines plane and ever since then (and really, it was probably fifteen years ago) I have always wanted more.  A few times I paid the exorbitant shipping costs and had them delivered to my house.  I ate every single one.  These are my favorite, too.  The Buttercream Cutouts and the Snickerdoodles.  Faaantastic!
Yeah, there's only one in the photo because I ate the other one.  And actually... I ate this one, too, while writing out this review.  So... tasty.  Trust me.
Value: $1.50 ea ($3 total- but really they're worth more because you can't even buy them singly.  I know.  Trust me.)
OrangeGlad "We're Mint to Be" Fudge- Ohhhh...  I don't know who made this but apparently OrangeGlad did?  It's minty and chocolatey and the Oreo adds the perfect flavor.  Glorious!  The second best part is the mason jar.  I love mason jars and use them for everything and now I have two more!  Double Treats ftw!
Value: $5ea (?) ($10 total)
Salem Baking Co. Moravian Cookies Chocolate Dipped Sugar- These are perfectly Valentiney red, heart-shaped cookies dipped in dark chocolate!  What's not to love? They're crispy and sooo tasty. And there's a perfect balance of chocolate to cookie.  So good.
Value: $1.99ea ($4 total)

VERDICT: This box is the Double Treats box so it is $36.95.  The contents of the box are valued at somewhere around $25.  I give a ballpark because you can't buy something these in the quantities we were given and smaller portions mean a higher price in retail.  So I cannot suggest this subscription for a great value.  You will, however, get a fun and unusual assortment of treats each month.  As you can see from the contents of this box, the variety is enough that you are certain to find something you like.

I do like OrangeGlad and the curation of their treats.  I like them even better at 40% off.  Use coupon code LOVE2015 and get any subscription length for 40% off.  I can tell you unequivocally that it IS worth trying this subscription for that price.  Absolutely.

So, sign up here for OrangeGlad, choose your subscription length, put in your address and then on the billing page (before you pay) punch in LOVE2015 and get yourself a sweet deal.

Oh, and if you have time, you can try getting $5 off (or it might be $5 in your shop account, I have no idea really) by putting in my referral code right above where the Coupon Code goes.  My referral code is: SARAHOG31858.  Either way, enjoy your March goodies when you get them!

*Referral links were used in this post.  My usual box (which I pay for) was upgraded to the Double Treats by OrangeGlad for review purposes.  All opinions expressed in this post are entirely mine. :)


  1. I'm never disappointed in OrangeGlad. QVC sells Cheryl's cookies and they always have specials going on. Personally, I think they are just okay -- nothing special.

    1. What was your favorite thing in this box? Did you love the fudge? I thought it was so perfect with the Oreo bits in it. I love mint fudge to begin with, though.