Monday, February 9, 2015

OuiPlease 20% Annual Subscription Coupon Code!

 ouiplease coupon
OuiPlease has a new 20% off coupon code for those who are interested!!  It is only applicable to the Year Long subscription.

A year's subscription is six boxes because OuiPlease only ships every other month.  If you sign up now, your subscription will begin with February's Dreaming of Normandy box which is valued at more than $400 per parcel.

From brands such as Zadig & Voltaire and Le Dernier Sou, to Marie Jeanne and Maison Absolution, your exclusive parcel will feature a surprise selection of the finest French products, making each delivery limited edition.

One year is $650.  Twenty percent off will save you $130 and your total will be $520 for six boxes. Each box will cost you $86.67 which is a rockin deal compared to $150 each!

The downside is it's a big chunk to put down on a box that's only put one box out.  You can see my review of the first box right here.

I did it because I have a hard time resisting a deal that good, I really do enjoy the things I've received and the ones I don't are highly coveted by others.  Plus, I'm a good guinea pig.

I have to say if you love France and all things French, that is what you will DEFINITELY get.

The code is OUIVALENTINE and is good only for the first 100 customers.  I would think that gives you a couple days to decide.

Sign up at!


  1. I missed the deadline for the MUT coupon and now I'm still hesitating whether or not I should sign up!

    1. My dad always says if you can't decide, don't do anything :D

  2. I went for it--huge splurge. Hopefully the boxes continue to live up to the first one. Fingers crossed!

    1. It is a huge splurge! I'm hoping the saaame thing! Based on the spoilers that keep rolling out, the February one looks like it's going to be amazing!