Friday, February 20, 2015

OuiPlease Dreaming of Normandie Spoilers! Ships Feb 28th!

I've collected as many OuiPlease Vol 1.2 Dreaming of Normandie Spoilers as possible here. Remember that there will be variations and you won't receive everything and not all designers will be represented in each box.


‎Ozone‬- Socks or tights is my guess.

Charly James- Accessories, especially earrings.

Ripauste- This is the photo with the cheetah print bags.  I hope I get one of these.

Les Petites- The white cardigan in the photo is via Les Petites.  I'd love one of those!


Hediard- The hints lean towards sweets of some kind.

le Derniersou- rope bracelets with euros

Les Petites- Fabric swatch from something that will keep you cozy.

More Charly James Earrings.

This scarf is made exclusively for OuiPlease by Zadig & Voltaire.  This will not be in all the boxes though it does appear that there may be other scarves, as well.  I thought those were roses but then I looked closer and they're wolf heads!


Unseven- Looks like this is going to be a tote but I've got to say the ones on the site are hideous.

Nominoe- A French cosmetics line!

Myriam K- French haircare line.

Sothys- French skincare and cosmetics line.

Zadig & Voltaire- The hint is "dress me up or dress me down, you'll never want to be without me" and also "I may be light but I make a statement".

Le Bon- Toothpaste!

Coyohacan‬- geometric designed clutches.

It does appear that some of the same brands will show up in the next box.  Whether they have kept tabs on what a customer has already received or not, I do not know.  It's possible that new subscribers may receive what older ones already have.  Which would suck for me because I resubbed with a year subscription.  Who knows, though!

I'm pretty excited!  Are you?!

Sign up for all things French and wonderful at!  Use code ouinormandie to get 20% off your subscription.  You can also try OuiValentine and see if it still works for 20% off an annual subscription if you are interested.  It's $150 bi-monthly at regular price.  There's six boxes a year.


  1. Thank you for the spoilers! I want the sweater, the bag, and the zadig & voltaig scarf!!!

    1. I want the sweater and one of the clutches, too! The Scarf is so pretty and versatile as well. I can't wait for this to ship!