Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pet Gift Box February 2015 Petite Pup Review and Coupon Code for Free Box!

Pet GiftBox is a new subscription box for dogs and cats.  For this February 2015 review I received the Petite Pup box. I had previously ordered a box in January and found that the toys were far too large for my dogs but this box was much improved! It's possible that I received the wrong size box last month.  This month's box held a whopping six items PLUS one bonus item which is totally awesome.
This is probably the most affordable dog box I've ever seen.  The price is kind of unreal for how much stuff you get.  In my experience it does seem to be mostly toys with some treats.  I don't mind that at all because we tend to go through toys fairly quickly.  We have two rat terriers, about 15lbs each and they love to destroy things.  Not our furniture, thankfully, now that they are out of puppyhood.

The Cost: $17.99/month

What You Get: Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and other great products that have been hand picked for your pet.

Your box will ship the first week of the month and should arrive by the 15th.  Shipping is included in the monthly price so there's no extra charges.

Spot Long Ear Tugeez-  Okay.  We've NEVER had a toy like this.  Bugsy sat down and cried when I took it away from him to take the tag off.  It's a plushie head with long, floppy ears.  The ears slide from end to end inside the head.  So he will puuuuull it all one way until it stops at the plastic nubbin. Then puuuull it the other way.  He finds this very entertaining and I'm happy he's happy. Haha!
Value: $7.99

Spot Squeeze Bone-  This has two fluffy ends with squeakers and a plastic middle part.  I was surprised Bugsy liked it (plastic parts) but he did and has made a little nest of the new toys in his bed, this included.
Value: $6.99
Playful Pet Squeak Toy- This is a nylon toy with a squeaker.  It has a funny fuzzy tail that was immediately amputated.  The stuffing in this toy didn't last long either.  Rat terriers love to disembowl critters, I guess.
Value: $6.99

Spot Jumpin' Jimmy Frog-   This is a squeaky rubbery frog and neither of my dogs thought it was worth playing with.  Both of them have never really loved latex/rubber/plastic toys so I wasn't really surprised.  Getting toys like this is always a risk and just part of the mystery aspect.  Luckily, there were so many other toys that it wasn't a problem and I can donate this to my local shelter!
Value: $6.99
Loving Pets Bella Bowl- This is a cute little dog bowl and filled it and put it in the office as a second watering spot in the house. I could use it for food but I already have matching ones for the
boys so this is for water.  It has a rubber bottom so it won't move around.  I have another one by this same brand from ages ago when the boys were puppies and it's still perfect so I know this will last a long time.
Value: $7.99
Healthy Balance Chicken Doggie Bites- These are all natural, made in the USA treats.  My favorite kind.  I won't give my dogs treats from China so I *always* love seeing USA treats in my dog boxes. No chemical preservatives either.  Dexter can't eat these because they're chicken but Bugsy can and he loves them.  He even did a "Hold It" on the end of his nose!  Normally I make him do 'hold it' on top of his head but this time I did it on his nose and he was just as perfect.  What a good boy!
Value: $6.99

BONUS Loving Pets Purely Natural Beef Jerky Dog Treats- This is a pretty common brand in dog boxes. The dogs like them and I'm glad these are beef because it means Dexter can eat them. They're all natural and made in the USA, too!
Value: $7.99

VERDICT: For $17.99 this is a whopping deal! I liked this box a lot better than my last one because these toys were appropriately sized for my dogs.  I still wouldn't recommend this for dogs under 10lbs because the toys are still pretty big.  I think it would be beneficial if they came up with a super tiny dog option for pups under that 10lb mark.
I know this subscription is still quite new but I'm hoping they'll be able to expand their toy brand beyond Spot.  The majority of toys are all one brand and I'd like to see them add to their toy repertoire. And hopefully made in the USA, as well.  I do love seeing a new treat, though, and we've never had the Healthy Balance brand before.  Natural treats make me happy. :)  And the dogs, too, of course.

If you would like to sign up for Pet GiftBox, the monthly price is $17.99 but right now you can get your first box for $4.95 shipping!  It's a free box but not really because you've got to pay but you can't deny that it's a great opportunity to try out a new box!

Use the code LOVE at checkout to get your first box for the shipping cost of $4.95!  Remember, they do both dog AND cat boxes, too!  The LOVE code expires 2/28 and if you miss out you can also use code BITBOX to get 25% off your first box, too!

*This box was complimentary for review purposes.  All opinions solely my own.


  1. Wow, this looks like a great deal! And great job, Bugsy, for sniffing all that meaty goodness but holding off on devouring it! I love getting dog toys in boxes too. Even if it's not for me, I still feel like a kid on Christmas morning when there's toys involved :) And the rubber ones are totally welcome around here! I just caught Pebbles ripping apart the Rip Van Fetcher one we got in the October Barkbox. It's like she doesn't know to stop eating once she gets all the treats out :-/

    1. I know what you mean! :D And I can't deny the deal. It's a great price point, too.
      We go through toys so fast around here. I got a treat ball in one box... Maybe my other PetGiftBox and you untwist it, put the treats in and then the dog is supposed to move it all around to have the treats fall out. What does Bugsy do? He unscrews it! Every time! How does he even know?! Pebbles sounds like she's that kind of devious/smart, too :D