Monday, February 23, 2015

Pupjoy February 2015 Review ~ A New Subscription Box for Dogs plus Coupon Code!

Pupjoy is a new subscription box for dogs and focuses on providing high quality treats, toys and accessories for your pups.  This February 2015 box really impressed me.  I received well respected brands with wonderful backstories.  There is definitely an element of pride taken in these boxes.  If you want the very best for your dogs, you need to consider this subscription.

When I first encountered Pupjoy, I was immediately struck by the depth of the customization.  Not just for the size of your dog but also for the types of toys and the kinds of things you prefer to get in your box.  This box review is for Small Dogs.  I have two rat terriers that weigh about 15lbs each.

The Cost: $39/monthly, less with longer subscriptions

What You Get: A customized box with the healthiest treats with clear ingredient labeling, well-crafted toys and artisan accessories for the discerning pup and caring parent.
Here's one thing I love about Pupjoy right off the bat.  Their size customization.
Those of you with tiny dogs can rejoice!  There is a subscription that caters to your pup! Have a Great Dane?  Well, they've got toys and treats for you, too!

Not only that but if your dog has grain allergies, they have a subscription available that will ONLY include treats without grains!  Neither of my boys have grain issues so we didn't test that option.
You can also choose the kinds of things you want in your boxes.  We chose Treats, Toys and Accessories.  The price is the same for all the boxes no matter what you choose but if the treats we received are any indication, a Treats Only box would be pretty awesome even though it sounds less impressive.
Sweet Pea Kitchens Dog Biscuits in Myles-  These are peanut butter and blueberry treats with ingredients so good I could eat them.  I'm not going to.  But I could...  These are organic, gluten, soy, wheat and corn free.  They're all natural and made in the USA.  I love it when treats are made in the USA because I know I can trust that my boys won't have any adverse reactions.
The other awesome thing about these treats?  A portion of their profits go to providing educational opportunities for aspiring veterinarians.
Value: $8
Clear Conscience Pet Ginger Yaps CleanLable Dog Biscuits- These treats are amazing! They smell delicious and both dogs love them.  There's only seven ingredients and once again, I could probably eat these if I wanted to.  I love the goals of Clear Conscious Pet.  It's a family run business and they strive to provide only best for pets and include only real ingredients.
Value: $8.49
Bait Free Collar and Leash- I have to admit that this is probably the best collar and leash (and the cutest) that I have ever owned.  The collar is high quality with sturdy stitching and a strong clip.  The matching leash has a heavy duty latch attachment, as well.  It's the perfect size and length for my boys.  And it's blue! I always like to get blue because Dexter is a "blue" and he looks so handsome in it.
Not only that but Bait Free supports a worthy cause and 20% of their proceeds go to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs used in illegal dog-fighting rings.  I think that this is wonderful and I plan to purchase a second matching set just because I love what they are doing.
Value: $34.99
Jolly Pets Tug-a-mals-  I think this is a frog.  I didn't realize that I'd given this to Bugsy before I took a picture.  By the time I realized it, the thing was covered in slobber.  So here is a picture of Bugsy doing "hold it" with his new toy.  Which he loves and is still playing with.  He barely stopped to eat dinner and then went right back to it.
Value: $7.99

VERDICT:  Love my Pupjoy Box!  The treats are perfect, high quality and made in the USA. The toy is already well-loved by Bugsy.  The leash and collar are durable, well-made and Dexter looks so handsome! The value of this box is nearly $60 which is well over the price paid at a monthly cost. Since most dog boxes tend to come in right at the price point, that's pretty impressive.  The majority of the value is in the leash and collar accessory and since that type of thing can't be included in every box, I'm curious to see how subsequent boxes match up.
The level of customization Pupjoy allows is second to none.  Not only the size of dog, gender, and types of products you want are noted but also whether you need grain-free treats and what kind of toys your dog prefers!

I also am very happy to see Pupjoy working with ethical companies who take pride in their ability to provide the best for the pets we love.  I admit I have received many dog boxes but this Pupjoy box has presented very high quality toys, treats and accessories.  Probably the best I've seen so far.  And I'm not just saying that to be nice.  This box is more expensive and there's a reason for it.

If you would like to sign up for Pupjoy, you can get a $10 off coupon by entering your information here.  You'll find the best savings in a year long subscription.  Use coupon code JOY4FRIENDS to get 10% off any length subscription.

Obligatory photo of Dexter looking dapper in his new Bait Free collar!
And Bugsy with his slobbery Tug-a-mal.  When he gets warm his ears flop.  He's warm because he's been making me and daddy throw his toy fifty billion times.  This is him begging me to throw it one more time.

*This box was provided to me for review purposes.  No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are genuinely my own.


  1. I have a rat terrier too! I enjoy reading your review and am going to check out the sub. I lurk, but had to comment. Your dogs are adorable.

    1. Thank you!! You are automatically amazing because obviously all rat terrier owners are amazing. We have such excellent dog taste. That means you know aaaall about disembowling stuffed toys and that rat terrier "kill it" head shake! And the good cuddles. Both my boys are wonderful cuddlers.

  2. We are honored by the glowing review and thrilled that Dexter and Bugsy loved the goodies!