Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Cravory Cookie of the Month Subscription February 2015 Review

I ordered The Cravory Cookie of the Month subscription for February 2015 after finding a coupon (HEART15) for $5 off a purchase.  This review is for the Teaser pack which is six limited edition cookies created for the month of February.

The Cost: $9 plus $7 shipping ($16 total)

What You Get: Six limited edition cookies by The Cravory delivered each month.

I subscribed expecting large, amazing cookies based on the photos and descriptions. However that's not quite what I got.

Gold Dust Cookie-A shiny edible gold coating is what makes this cookie so special, delicious of course, but who doesn’t want to eat a golden cookie. It’s like Wonka’s golden ticket but as a cookie and just for February. Dark chocolate Dough topped with gold dust spray.
This was a rich, chocolaty cookie with chocolate chips inside.  This was my second favorite cookie.  I feel like this has an insane amount of butter in it, though.  So much that the butter flavor almost masked the chocolate goodness.
Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry-  This was supposed to have white chocolate drizzle on it but, as you can see, it does not.  Fine with me because I don't like white chocolate anyway.  This is strawberry cookie dough with a thick chocolate coating on top.  This was my first favorite cookie until I reached the center and realized it was not cooked all the way through.  Seriously not cooked.
I love chocolate but I felt there was too much of it because it masked the actually tasty strawberry cookie part.
Nerd Crush Cookie- A combination of Vanilla A’Peels and Nerds candy tucked into Graham Cracker Dough.
The best part of this cookie were the Nerds on top.  This was too weird of a combination for me. Without the Nerds, the graham cracker cookie would have been better.  I think.  Not too fond of the white frosting either.  Hm.
Love Birds Cookie-Chocolate truffle dough is swirled with our Red Velvet dough to create one super delicious cookie.
Since Red Velvet is basically chocolate cake with food coloring there's not much of a taste difference between the two colors.  This has vanilla bits and truffle chunks it in it, too.  If it didn't have the truffle chunks, it would have been my first favorite.  It didn't have an overpowering butter taste either.
Nuts about You- Almonds, pralines, dark chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt.  Almond dough with cashews and pralines.
This cookie was hard as a rock, very sugary and nutty.  I liked the taste but not the rock hardness.

For Him- An oatmeal stout dough with chcolate covered bacon and marshmallows.  A soft, savory cookie, thanks to the bacon.  Too weird for me since I prefer my bacon crunchy but it was fun to try!

VERDICT:  All six cookies were so much smaller than I was expecting.  For spending nearly $2 a cookie, I absolutely expected something a bit more substantial.  If I had read the FAQ, I might have had a better idea of the actual size.  I think I don't care much for their recipes since they seem to rely heavily on butter and I found that to be too distracting compared to the other ingredients.  At least I *think* butter is the flavor that is overpowering.  Could be something else.  I'm not a super expert, though I do make my own cookies from scratch most of the time.
This was not worth the $11 I paid and definitely would not be worth full price.  I also was disappointed that they charge $7 for shipping, yet ship their cookies in a flat rate $5 USPS shipping box.  Why charge $2 extra for shipping?  We are already paying a premium to get the cookies shipped.

Honestly?  I wish I'd saved my money but it's probably a good thing for me to be a guinea pig for something like this and save someone else the trouble.  I was SO excited, too!  The flavors seemed so fun and for some reason I thought the cookies would be larger (and fully cooked in the case of the strawberry one).

I do believe these were freshly made and they were individually sealed which is nice. No ingredient list was included and the February cookies ingredients were not available on the site yet.  The flavors were definitely creative, that's for sure.

If you would like to check them out and see what they've got going on for yourself, head to and find out.


  1. Thanks so much for the review. I was seriously considering but I'll just be satisfied with Orange glad and my waistline thanks you too!

    1. You are welcome! OrangeGlad definitely beats this one!

    2. I agree OrangeGlad is way better and they don't charge an arm and a leg for shipping. Hate it when companies get so greedy.

  2. I live in SDwhere they popped up. Cookies are good but not THAT good.

    1. Hopefully they're cheaper in the shop! Of course, there would be no shipping charge which automatically makes it better but still...

  3. I was disappointed in this box too. I used to order cravory cookies for a special treat, and they were always a win in our house, but the recipes now seem like they're trying too hard and the prices went up. They used to put the ingredients on each cookie wrapper- wonder why they stopped.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I was wondering if maybe I was just too picky or something. The cookies were obviously fresh but just too expensive for what they were. I don't mind some creativity in recipes and I did know what they were going to send ahead of time. I just felt that the execution lacked compelling flavor. Nothing made me want to keep eating or take tiny bites so I could savor the goodness as long as possible. I tried them all but didnt finish a single one :( Although, if the Strawberry one had been cooked all the way through, I likely would have finished that one. :D

  4. I bought the " regular" subscription which had 2 of each Valentine's Day cookie, so 12 in all.
    My cookies were different from yours. There were no labels on the plastic sleeves at all. I HATED the first cookie I bit into, which was a plain doughy cookie with a big nut like a pecan or something inside.

    Then comes the " goodness", ALL my cookies in my box were the size of my entire palm. Some, the size of my palm plus the lower joint of each of that hand's finger. I think those are extremely LARGE cookies by my standards, which are Pepperidge Farm cookies.. I am not a gourmet cookie buyer, except for Orange Glad, and some of theirs have been a LOT smaller.

    Do you think the Taster box had smaller sized cookies? I don't know, never having had any contact with this business until this month. I was a bit put off by the sprinkles and white frosting on the two, didn't care for the deep chocolate frosting on two more, hated the overall cakiness of the Red Velvet cookies ( I lost my card, so don't know what they are called).

    I did get the two with white stuff drizzled over them ( white chocolate I guess) but I don't like white chocolate either, like you.

    All in all, would probably have made a very nice platter of cookies for a tea room party, or to add to a table for a Valentine's Day get together, or to give to a guy ( my husband hates sweets- I usually can't get enough).
    I also agree with you about the overuse of butter, and IMO, granulated but not finely granulated sugar. Some of my cookies have tasted greasy and some have had a very unusual " mouth feel" of too much granulated sugar crunching around.
    The calorie count must be QUITE HIGH because A single cookie is a meal for me. I worry that I'm getting scurvy or beriberi or something because I'm trying to finish the box before they get mushier ( they are getting damper instead of firmer in the plastic wrap) and before my husband comes home on Saturday and fusses because I'm "on a diet" and bought a ton of Jenny Craig food that's in the freezer still.

    1. Ooo! Interesting! It may be that my cookies were smaller. I have small hands (I'm 5'1") and they are the size of my palm. I did look up their FAQ and it says the cookies should weigh 2oz which most of mine did. Of course, that was after I got the box and was disappointed the cookies were so small. I think I was expecting big, thick monster cookies or something like you usually see in a coffee shop.

      Yes!! They tasted greasy! That is *exactly* it! The mouth feel was part of the issue I had with these. The nutty was particularly bad but it was also hard as a rock. I ended up opening all mine so I don't have any still sealed in their plastic.

      They just weren't good enough to eat. If I'm going to use my daily calories on something, I want it to be something I actually enjoy, not something where after every bite I have to wonder why I'm even bothering.

      I had such high hopes, too.

  5. I was tempted to order this because they looked big and yummy. Thank you so much for your review. You saved me money and calories!

    1. Yay! You can spend them on something awesome now :D

  6. Talk about uncooked food. I remember seeing a cooking show and one of the judges got so mad when he was served uncooked food and gave a scathing response to the tune of when you are serving uncooked food you are virtually saying you have no respect for the person who is eating it (I'm actually rephrasing it nicely). The judge then promptly threw, really threw the plate into the garbage bag.

  7. What a bummer! These cookies looked so delicious I was hoping they'd be worth the price! I agree with one of your commenters that it's probably a better idea to grab Orange Glad to satisfy the sweet tooth- every box I've gotten from them has been delish!

    1. Orange Glad has this company beat by " a country mile" as we say in the South. OG has extremely NICE CS people too!!! I had a 3 month sub. with them last year from a deal on one of the websites which offer various sub. deals. I didn't renew when it expired.

      I've been missing Orange Glad ever since this Cravory box showed up and is SO BAD.
      Orange Glad took my sub. order, and is sending me a box of Valentine's Day cookies too- a double order.
      I just had to say how GREAT they are. After this experience, I'm sticking to what I know is DELICIOUS for the price!!
      Thank you, Rach and Sarah, for replying to my comments. I wish this sub. had worked out.

    2. Was their a card included with your order that said what the flavors for next month were? I've been wanting to try these cookies but the flavors this month don't really interest me.

    3. There was no card but when I ordered all the February Cookies were shown on the website and those are the ones I received. So you can just wait until March and then check the flavors on the website, then decide. That's what I did!