Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tique Box February 2015 Last Box Review

This review is very bittersweet for me.  Tique Box has announced that they will be closing their doors and this will be their last monthly box. Those who have signed up for longer subscriptions will continue to receive their boxes until their subscription is up.

Be that as it may, this box is just as carefully curated as the last ones have been.  I have enjoyed receiving these boxes because they represent not only Portland but the Pacific Northwest and I have easily identified with so many of the products included in each box.

Since this is the last box, I will dispense with providing the usual information but in my secret heart I'm hoping that shutting down the subscription portion of Tique Box leads to even better and bigger things for the owners.
Steven Smith Teamaker Masala Chai and Peppermint Teas- If you've hung out with my on my blog long enough you will know I love teas.  This is a Portland area teamaker and I can't even tell you how excited I am to try these.  The two flavors included are my favorites.

Little Gold Fox Designs Bookmark- Little Gold Fox is an eco-friendly small business and their wooden bookmarks are gorgeous!  I love the design and the texture.  It makes me want to read a real book instead of my Kindle for awhile.  Except I am guilty of dog-earing pages.  Done it my whole life. :D
Haiku Organics Chocolate Lotion Bar-  This is a heart-shaped lotion bar that smells like chocolate.  I first discovered lotion bars in a Fortune Cookie Soap Box.  After showering and before you dry off, you rub this over your body.  When it hits your skin it melts and mixes with the water drops, making a nice lotion that sinks into your skin and leaves you smelling delicious.  In this case, like chocolate.  A perfect acknowledgement of Valentines Day.

Okamura Farmacopia Organic Lip Balm-  This is a vegan lip balm Made with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and rosemary extract.
KD Designs Felt Pouch-  This is a cute little pouch!  I love the color but I think it would be ineffective at keeping anything inside because the strap doesn't really hold the flap down.  I think I will sew on an antique button and make a button hole to keep it closed.  And maybe move that strap to become a handle.  I'm not an expert sewer but I can do that!  *wipes dust off sewing machine*

Rain Barrel Acres Farm Merlot Soap-  This is a hefty chunk of soap!  Its got actual Merlot wine in the recipe, too.  This is a colorful, small batch and handmade soap. What's not to love about that?!  This is the wine to go with your chocolate lotion bar, I suppose...

VERDICT: I think this is a well-curated February box.  It celebrates Valentine's Day without being too overt.  Personally, this makes me want to take a "spa" day for myself.  Take a shower with my new Merlot soap, use my Chocolate lotion bar and make some Chai tea. Then curl up with my tea and a book (with my new bookmark, of course), keeping my Haiku Organics lip balm close (inside my blue pouch) to keep my lips hydrated.  Sounds good to me!

I wish the very best of success and happiness to Paige and Inger as they move on into new endeavors.  The world needs more strong, generous and compassionate women leaders and I hope all their dreams come true.

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