Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Barkbox March 2015 Island Paradise Review and Free Box Offer!

Barkbox is one of my most anticipated boxes each month.  The dogs always know when it's a Barkbox and when the mailman dropped off the huge pile of boxes at our door, he knew which one was his.  Maybe he could smell the squeakers...  Or the buffalo chew.
The theme for the March 2015 Barkbox is Island Paradise and I *wish* I was enjoying an island paradise.  Actually I just got back from Las Vegas which was a lot of fun.  I still can't believe I was just in 85 degree weather and sunshine for four days!  I'm back home now and it's raining.  As usual. Hah.

The Cost:  $29/month.

What You Get: Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

Loopies Mini Banana Head- This says it's for toy dogs.  It's pretty small but I think my dogs will still like it.  I don't think I've ever gotten a toy for tiny dogs before so it's actually kinda fun to see what they would get.  I think Barkbox has a Tiny Dog box for under 10 pounders which is pretty awesome.
Bugsy ended up loving this.  He still hasn't ripped out the tiny squeaker and he actually went to sleep last night with this in his mouth.  I tried to take a picture but he woke up when he heard the camera focus. :*(
Value: $7

Harry Barker Fetch Canvas Bone- Oh, Bugsy wanted this so much.  He wanted it more than he wanted the treats that came in that box. He was literally vibrating.  So of course I gave it to him.  This one seems a little more sturdily built than the last one we got by Harry Barker and the squeaker has so far eluded Bugsy's questing jaws.  That's a plus!
Value: $8
Etta Says! Toasted Coconut Bitz- Now these are the perfect training treat! Good for the pocked, small and crunchy.  They're grain free and made from coconut.  They smell kinda funny but the dogs don't mind.  I really like getting non-messy small treats like this.
Value: 47
Yeti Corp Golden Nugget- So these are made from yak and cow milk.  They're hard as a rock.  My dogs LOVE these.  I never buy them because they're too expensive so this is a great treat.  The instructions say to pop these in the microwave but I don't do that because it just makes them easier to eat.  The goal is to keep the dog busy not make it fat.  So, no microwave for these.  I've already given one to each of the boys and it basically took them three hours to eat the piece. That's a win!
Value: $8

Etta Says! Bison Chew- I actually thought this was rabbit but it's not.  It's buffalo.  I think the boys like buffalo. This isn't a giant chew (and actually a use the word "chew" loosely because it's actually crunchy) but it's enough to make one dog happy.
Value: $3

VERDICT: Barkbox is awesome.  I think if Bugsy could marry Barkbox, he would.  Then he could have all the squeakers.  This box comes in over the price normally paid for it which is very good. You'll find most dog boxes tend to come in right at value and Barkbox is no different.  I do love the variety of toys and treats they send.  I don't actually like the Etta Says! chews much, honestly. They're so crumbly, they make a mess.  However I don't mind them being tossed in as an extra which is sort of what it looks like in this box.  And the bag of training treats is going to last me ages.  That is a BIG bag!

If you'd like to sign up for Barkbox, you can do that right here.  If you use my referral link, you'll get a free box added to your subscription!

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