Monday, March 30, 2015

Fabfitfun VIP Spring 2015 Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

The Spring 2015 Fabfitfun VIP box is a lot of fun and while this one had a great value and lots of useful stuff, it didn't have a ridiculous "wow" factor.  Still, I'm not disappointed in it and I find I always receive things I will use or want or didn't know I couldn't live without.  Rifle Paper Co. coasters being one of those things.  Frivolous? Absolutely.  But oh so fun!
Fabfitfun VIP always includes something fitness related which I think tends to set it apart from other boxes.  Once it was a stability ball and twice now, it's been DVDs.  I don't mind that at all. Everything included is always full size, real products, not samples, and covers a wide array of catagories.  This is not a beauty box though you will find beauty related items in it.  It's much, much more than that.

The Cost: $49.99/quarterly

What You Get: The latest and greatest full size products in food, beauty and lifestyle categories with a total value of more than $200.

Merrithew Intense Body Blast 3 DVD Pilates Interval Training Set- This uses Stott Pilates and HIIT intervals to "keep your mind and body sharp."  I probably won't use this because I prefer other kinds of workouts like my Chalean Extreme weightlifting DVDs or Jillian Michaels and her nice and short 26 minute workouts.  Yoga isn't my thing and neither is Pilates and I'm a firm believer in doing workouts that you can tolerate (or even enjoy) or else you won't end up doing any at all.
Value: $35 (not the $61 that FFF says, sheesh)

Yasi Metallic Tattoos- Actually, I didn't get these.  The tattoos I got have no brand and are made in China.  They are on Amazon for $7.  The Yasi tattoos run about $13 so I have no idea why FFF thinks that these are worth $36.  No.  Just no.  And what's with substitutions without fixing the info card? Pfft.  Although, they're tattoos so it's not that big of a deal.  Now I have so many of these I hardly know what to do with them.  Using them seems a little out of the question.  Plus the weather isn't exactly conducive to showing off much skin.  It's cold!
Value: $7
Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration- Dont read the description because it's a big fat lie.  Nothing about this is going to make your wrinkles disappear forever.  There is no retinol in it. However, this is going to be a soothing skin serum because it's packed with aloe.  It's got a bunch of antioxidants in the form of plant extracts and it also has Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate which is a form of vitamin C.  Vitamin C tends to be pretty unstable but Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a better form in that it doesn't actually form vitamin C until the body absorbs and converts it.  All the free radical talk is based on the addition of vitamin C as an antioxidant.  While the functions of antioxidants and reductions of wrinkles/skin aging are still under study, it's nice to err on the side of safely and get happy when antioxidants are included "just in case" they actually work like everyone wants them to.
In other words, this is a very nice serum, use it!  But don't expect miracles like they tend to claim.
Value: $48

Sprout It App Card and Miracle Gro Gro-able Seed Pod- So I love basil and I've just been thinking I need to make some pesto.  Sure, I could just buy pesto but wheres the fun in that?  I could also just go buy fresh basil but somehow the thought of growing my own and using it seems pretty awesome.  I hope I don't kill it.  And I hope I have enough sun to encourage growth.
Value: $2
Orly Nail Polish in "Cake Pop"- It's hard to tell but this is actually a pale pink,  not white.  I like Orly and I don't have this light shade of pink so this will be added to my (growing and overflowing) collection.
Value: $8.50

Orly Nail BB Creme- This is an all-in-one topical treatment to help smooth and brighten your natural nails.  It has a peachy tint to it.  It says it's also supposed to moisturize your nails.  Is that possible? Can keratin be moisturized?  I'll have to look that up. Either way I totally am trying this.
Value: $15
Jules Smith Scarf in Modern Art- This is a lot smaller than I was expecting. It's also not as soft though it's made of cotton viscose.  It's got great springy colors though. Actually, I kind of don't like it. Up for swaps it goes.
Value: $42
Ofra Brush #20 - Wide Shadow or Foundation-This brush is designed for small areas on the face and tight corners when applying concealer/corrector or any Liquid Foundation. I love getting brushes in boxes and I only just realized that you can apply foundation with a brush like this. It's way better than using my fingers, imo.  And I'm trying to get away from the powders I've used for so long because I feel like they accentuate my wrinkles.
Value: $29.95

Ofra Brush #11 - Concealer or Eye Shadow-Gives fantastic and easy eye shadow application. It is every makeup artist dream eye shadow brush. Makes the concealer/corrector application easier. I'll probably end up using this for concealer application since I'm currently loving my It Cosmetics eyeshadow brushes that I have.
Value: $15.95
Rifle Paper Co. Bon Voyage Coaster Set-  I'm addicted to Rifle Paper Co. coasters.  Isn't that sad? There were in some other box way back when and I swapped for that set.  It's floral and I love it. Sure, they're cardboard and they won't last forever but they're sturdy and they last quite awhile.  Or until you stain them.  Or the dog eats one.  Either way, I will always love these and always want more.  I actually like how I can just toss them when they're past their prime because it means I can start the hunt for more.  And they're interesting and pretty so people comment on them when you bring them out. Srsly. Adore.  I know it's weird because they're coasters but I don't even care.
Value: $16
Cosmos Creations Salted Caramel Puffed Corn-  I don't know why I'm cursed to hate salted caramel so much and yet receive SO much of it! With that being said, these are actually good. Strangely addicting, in fact. They remind me of Capt'n Crunch.  Except they don't rip your mouth apart when you eat them, they sort of just melt instead.
Value: These are a sponsored item and the value does not count toward the box.

Also included in this box is a plethora of gift cards slash coupons.  Since they're basically worthless, it's good that they don't count toward the value of the box, as well.
Hello Fresh doesn't ship to my area so $40 off does nothing for me.
The Merrithew gift card is for $25, they force you to make an account and then shipping to the US is a whopping $17 because they are a Canadian company.  And the gift card doesn't cover shipping charges so you are automatically forced to spend that $17 on shipping no matter what. Not worth it.
Then there's a VowtobeChic gift card but it requires a purchase so its not really a gift card.  If you buy or rent one dress, you'll get a second dress rental for free. Plus it's pretty much geared towards brides and bridesmaids so Rent the Runway is still better.

VERDICT: I really do love my FabFitFun VIP boxes.  They are so much fun to get and they always have interesting things, even if I don't like them all.  I don't expect to love everything in every box because that's pretty unrealistic but I find that Fabfitfun always tends to be worth it.  The box this time was worth over $200 and that's with the correct, adjusted prices.  In this box, I will be using the nail polish, coasters, seed cup, Palmetto Derma serum and the Ofra brushes so I'm coming out on top, for sure.  The rest will be found new homes either by swapping or gifting. Yay!

If you would like to sign up for Fabfitfun, you can do that right here.  Use code SAVE10 to get $10 off your box.  This is still available and you can get this exact box, though there is a variation in the scarf--you'll get either Modern or Watercolor.

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  1. I got my box this past weekend as well. I wasn't as thrilled with it as I was with the Winter box, but I like that I can give some things away. I received the watercolor scarf and may hold on to it to give as a gift later on, I may use the nail polish, the brushes for sure and the basil. The tattoos, I just bought some fun ones from tats4now based out of Kaua'i so I may give these to my niece so she can play with them with her friends. The gift cards eh, I liked the zumba and fashion project last time around. I'm hoping the next one is better than this spring one :)

    1. Oh, the gift cards from the last box were stellar! I got Marc Jacobs sunglasses (with the label still attached!) with the fashion project one and a super cute racerback tank from the Zumba one and I only spent $5 of my own money! I'm hoping the next one is more fun, too. I still really do love what they tend to include in these boxes though. :D

  2. WOAH. Your metallic tattoos are different from mine! I thought everyone was going to get the same ones. I kind of like the feathers that you got though! XD

    1. Yeah, these look so awful and cheap, too. I mean, not that shiny tattoos are the best thing on earth in the first place but... tsk tsk. I think it's the first substitution I've received in a FFF! I'll send you the feathers if you want them :P

    2. Aww, haha. Thanks for offering but it's totally not worth the postage! XD I guess they ran out of the chains/bracelet tattoos and had to substitute in the feathers/dreamcatcher variety.

      And tbh, I feel like all of the metallic tattoos being sent out are cheap. XD I mean, they're basically your childhood temporary tattoos made with gold and silver.