Friday, March 27, 2015

Loot Crate April 2015 Theme Reveal and Coupon Code! I'm SO excited.

 loot crate april 2015 theme reveal
Loot Crate revealed their April 2015 theme today and I am BEYOND excited for it!  I think that means I've reached hysteria.  What are you when you're beyond excited, anyway? Thrilled? Yes, I am TOTALLY thrilled.  Note the use of CapsLock to denoted my excitement and thrill...ment... Whatever.

ANYWAY!  The theme is FANTASY!  Yes, boys and girls, fantasy!  And, wait for it...  collectibles from The Princess Bride are involved!  *runs around screaming*.

There will also be epic loot in the form of collectible (and wearable) items from some of everyones favorite fantasy franchises, including Game of Thrones and Dungeons & Dragons.

So get your SAVE3 coupon out and get yourself an April 2015 Loot Crate for $16.95!  You can do that right here!  I loved my March Loot Crate (you can see that review here) and I'm pretty happy about April's theme.  Obviously.  What do you think of it?

I think they should sneak something Final Fantasy related in, too.

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  1. I am super super excited for this box! I may order one for myself and my boyfriend, I didn't get this month's box but as soon as I saw the email for April I reactivated :) aaah I'm happy about this one!

    1. Depending on the spoiler, I may get a second box, too. I was planning on unsubscribing but not with that theme! Im in for another month, for sure! :D

    2. I got the april box - I am so excited to see what is in it - as I am a HUGE fantasy fan!