Monday, March 2, 2015

New Subscription Box! Rachel Zoe's Box of Style!

Rachel Zoe is launching her own subscription box!  She and the editors of The Zoe Report will be curating a box worth at least $300 and the first one will include a Miansai modern screw cuff (valued at $200). It's called the Box of Style!

The Cost: $100/quarterly

What You Get: More than $300 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items delivered to your door.

According to MSA, you can get a year subscription for $350.  This box goes on sale MARCH 9th!! So mark your calendars and DON'T forget because I'm pretty sure this box will sell out lightning fast.

Now, it does say the box will be worth $300 and the Miansai Screw Cuff takes up $200 of that value. What else will be in there for that last $100?  That is the question!  Here's the full article:

What do you think?  Are you in?  Or too nervous?  I think I'm in because... well, I gotta report how it goes, right? Get $10 off with my referral link!

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  1. omg........................................

    1. I THINK THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR! :D I knew I held out on getting Oui Please and the Popsugar Resort box for a reason!!

    2. Whoops. I don't know that I think much of Rachel Zoe's style for herself but I like what she does for other people. I'm going to be stalking their site on the 9th. I must get one. And the next one. Maybe I should just sign up for the year...

    3. I really loved the Rachel Zoe knot ring in the 2013 Popsugar LE box! (so much so that I traded for it, haha).