Monday, March 30, 2015

Petbox March 2015 Small Dog Box Review and Coupon Code

Our Petbox March 2015 contained some great stuff! Including one of the best treats we've gotten in awhile.  I bought this subscription nearly a year ago on Gilt City.  I purchased a one year sub and the value at the time was $29.99 a month.  However, after I bought it and went to check their website, I noticed they they do not have a $29.99 plan.  They have a $19.99/month and a $39.99/month (along with others both cheaper and more expensive).  I say that so you'll know that your box will not look exactly like mine.

I think during the course of the year that Petbox has gotten better.  At the beginning I was feeling a lack of variety and a sort of dubiousness over the quality but I do think they've improved.

The Cost: $9.95/month to $59.95/month.  This box review is for the Small Dog Deal Box (off Gilt City) and is valued at $29.99/month.

What You Get: In the Deal Box, you get 4-5 items.  You'll get 4-6 in the Premium box ($39.99) or 2-3 in the Deluxe Box ($19.99).  They send toys, treats. accessories and everything in between.

Howlin' Goodies Dog Treats- These are round cookies, dyed green in honor of St. Patty's Day.  I'm not sure how the green dye will go over.  We will see.  There's only three ingredients so it's not like they're bad but I don't think I would look forward to what the green dye might do.
Value: $3

Loving Pets Purely Natural Beef and Brown Rice Biscotti with Sweet Potato Chunks-  This brand shows up with quite the regularity.  I know, I said that Petbox was getting a little better in the variety department but that's because I used to get this brand in every single box and now it's maybe every other. Hah!  Luckily, this brand isn't bad and it's usually a new flavor every time.  We haven't had these biscotti treats but they're perfect.
I like to give the boys a treat before I leave them alone.  So instead of crying when I leave, they get all excited when they hear my keys rattle and they run to their beds.  Once they're sitting on their beds, I give them a treat but it has to be a sort of substantial treat because I want to have enough time to get out the door before they're finished.  These are the perfect size and texture for that.  Not so tough that they need to be monitored but big enough and crunchy enough that it takes a little time to get through it.
Value: $7.99
Fetch Products Stowaway/Hatchables Toy-  This is cute.  The back has a pocket in it that you can put a treat. Bugsy, of course, thought that was great and spent some time crunching the treat out.  The one I had put in there was a little too big for the space so it was pretty stuck.  Whoops.  But it worked.
Value: $9.99

Kong Braidz Small Frog- This toy is so cute! Personally, I love the tongue.  I love seeing Kong in this box.  Kong is a brand I really like but it's too expensive for me to justify most of the time. Of course, we have the Kong rubber treat holder toy.  I used to fill that with peanut butter and freeze it then give it to Dexter before I left for work.  It's probably his favorite thing ever.  But it also kept him busy in his crate and not crying.  Once we got Bugsy, he had a friend and wasn't so lonely so he didn't need them as much.
Value: $7.99
Then this wasn't part of the box because it was a free sample but I got two boxes of Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food.  One set was for puppies and one for adult dogs.  They've already been eaten and the dogs loved them.  I found that the water has to be pretty warm and I didn't need as much as they said unless I wanted soup.  Also included were coupons but they expire tomorrow so they were basically worthless.  Honest Kitchen prides itself on using human grade food but it still smelled like dog food to me. :D

VERDICT: I liked this Petbox because of the Fetch Pets Bird Toy and the Loving Pets Biscotti Snacks. And because of the bonus Honest Kitchen Stuff.  I liked getting the Kong frog as well because I will pretty much never be sad about seeing that brand in the box.  I do wish Petbox would get away from sending so much of the same brand of treat but at least it was a good one for us.  I wish there was one more small item in this box but it does come to right at the $29 price point which is pretty normal for dog boxes so I'm not too miffed.  

I still think Barkbox is "better" than Petbox just because it's so reliable and because it actually offers a $29.99 price point box.  I do like getting the sturdier toys that seem to be found more often in Petbox but the treats sent by Barkbox have a lot more brand variety.

My Petbox subscription will be ending in a few months and I won't be renewing it but that's mainly because I'm still getting Barkbox and really... two dog boxes a month is more than enough.  One will be just plenty.

If you would like to sign up for Petbox, you can do that right here.  They have a plethora of subscription options, anything from just treats to multipet dog and cat boxes.  There's a LOT to pick from which is quite nice.  Use code ramblings20 to get 20% off!

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