Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PetGiftBox March 2015 Small Dog Box Review Plus Coupon Code

PetGiftBox sends boxes of toys and treats to your dogs and cats.  This review is for the Small Dog box because I have two rat terriers that weigh 19lbs.  This is my third PetGiftBox and while the first one I bought didn't thrill me because the toys were way too big, these last two have been much, much better.  I can't believe how much they send in a box.  Sooo many things!
For the price, this box really can't be beat.  I don't know how they're doing it.  I like how they include the boys' names on the inside!  They also have an information card included with each box, as well. And it looks like this month's theme is basketball.  I seem to recall something about basketball being involved in March Madness.

The Cost: $17.99/month.

What You Get: Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and other great products that have been hand picked for you!

Plush Basketball- Any ball is a hit with Bugsy.  He adores balls so of course he went for this one. It's not fancy but he doesn't care.  But I know I'll be picking up fluff, as usual. Hah.
Value: $4.99

Pride Bites Hip Sneaker Toy-  This is a strange toy.  It's sort of hard but not.  It's not squishy but it's made out of felt.  It came with a squeaker.  It no longer has a squeaker and now it's been kicked to the curb. It's a shoe with a hole in the toe now.
Value: $9.99
Spot Muttz-rrr-Ella Dental Chews-  These reeeeek!!  So stinky but the dogs love them. They have real cheese in them which is probably why.  They both loooove cheese.  That's how I get them to take their medicine when they need it.  I just moosh it into cheese and they nom it right down.  This is a big bag of bones, too, at 15oz.
Value: $14.99

Zuke's Power Bones in Tasty Beef- These are soft squares made with beef.  They smell like gingersnaps because they have a tiny bit of cinnamon in them along with oats, barley, apples, cranberries, etc.  They're made in the USA like the Muttz-rrr-Ella Dental Chews.
Value: $6.99
Licks Athlete Liquid Vitamin Supplement- This is a supplement you can put in your dogs water or food.  It's especially good after a long play session or after a run.  My dogs are pretty high energy when they want to be but other than that they're basically warm veggies.  They love to cuddle.

Fou-Stick Soothe-  This might be my favorite thing in the box.  It's a salve that looks like a glue stick and it's made with beeswax, coconut oil, mango seed oil, apricot kernel oil, aloe vera and neem oil.  It helps dry, itchy skin and skin irritations.  Dexter has a skin condition that causes his hair to fall out cyclically. When he's in the balding stage, he can scratch himself raw while getting an itch since he has no fur to protect himself from his own nails.  I think this stuff will really help and possibly help with the irritation from his skin condition in the first place.  It's already helped the dry skin.  It used to be flaky but I've been putting this on it once a day and now it's soft and smooth! The good thing is that there is nothing bad in this so if he licks it off, it's not a big deal.
Value: $8.99

Hoop Star Biscuit- A homemade dog cookie in the shape of a basketball.  The ingredients are so human that I could eat this cookie.  Dexter nommed it right down but Bugsy got all weird  and dainty about it.  Silly dogs.

VERDICT:  The treats were definitely the star of the show in this box.  Both toys were a little too delicate in nature to stand up to the chewtastic fervor of my dogs.  What did I love most?  The Fou-stick.  I didn't even know they made such a thing and it really has worked on Dexter's skin.  Instead of dry and flaky its nice and soft now.  He's a blue which is a recessive trait (at least in rat terriers) so it's not too surprising that he has skin issues.  I'm always looking for something to help and this is the first thing thats provided some kind of relief for the dryness.  I'm so glad I got this box, just to find that one thing!

I think that PetGiftBox has the best price point of any dog box currently available.  I don't know everything, of course, but this box is definitely worth it.  The total value of my box was just over $50. All for $17.99.  I don't know how they do it!

If you would like to sign up for PetGiftBox, use this referral link to get $5 off!  If you just want one month, the link is the best deal.  If you want to order a subscription longer than one month,  use code bitsandboxes to get 25% off your subscription.


  1. I actually used a code to get this box for like, $5 which was totally worth it. However, I chose the "hefty hound" box because my dog is about 45 pounds, and a toy destroyer. I got exactly the same box as you. Exactly the same. Seems like customization isn't high on their list.

    1. That is disappointing. Even the treat bones were size Small? I'm going to guess that your toys lasted an even shorter amount of time than mine did. It's so weird because my first box, I got for $5, too, and I marked Small Dog but I got toys that were for a MUCH bigger dog. I didn't think to check and see if that was what everyone got that month or not. Now I'm curious and I'm going to have to hunt down other reviews.
      And seriously, size customization is the number one more important thing for a dog box to get right. /sigh