Thursday, March 12, 2015

Trendy Butler February 2015 Subscription Box Review ~ A Menswear Subscription

Trendy Butler is in the beta stages of their subscription.  I signed up in January for what I think might have been their first month.  Not positive on that but they're very new.  It's a subscription for men that sends clothing to your door each month.  I was very impressed with what we received the first time around so I decided to continue my subscription.

So here is my second shipment.  I think this is my February shipment but I'm not sure because it arrived in March and because they're still working on their website and there is currently no customer account access.  I've sent an email but I've noticed it takes them quite awhile to respond.

The Cost: $55/month.  This does say that it's a "Beta" price which I think means that the cost per month may go up at some point.  To what, I don't know but I suppose we will find out.

What You Get:  One to three stylish menswear items worth at least $150.

Honestly, I'm so deficient when it comes to taking pictures of clothing.  It's so hard to get a good photo of flat, dark shirts.  I did find some photos of the products of their respective websites, luckily.

Zak Brand Short Sleeve Button Up-  This is a heavy duty button down. It's very thick 100% cotton and feel quite stiff.  While this is short sleeved, they are pretty long for short sleeves.  It's got a great cut, though a little short for what my husband is used to.  The seams and attention to detail on the pockets add great texture to the look of this shirt.
The model is wearing it in a different color but it's the same style.  I can tell that this is going to be a linty shirt.  It seems to love fuzz already as you can see in my photos.  It's also not missing a button, that's the way it was made.  The pockets are different.
Value: $80

Kinetix Oakwood 2 Hoodie- This is a lightweight, super soft hoodie.  It's got a slim fit and a front pocket.  It's made in the USA of 100% cotton.

VERDICT:  Both garments are high quality and easily wearable.  Love the styles and fabrics and the introduction to new brands.  Sadly, I had requested Larges and both items sent were Mediums.  I'm testing out their exchange service now.  I've sent in an email to the address listed on their website. No response yet and it's been three days.
Exchanges are supposed to be requested within 7 days of receipt which I've done.  Part of a great subscription service is their response to their mistakes and how they deal with customer service issues like exchanges.  So this will be a test!
I'll be sure to update and let you know how it goes.  They are in beta testing mode but it's tough not having access to a subscription account.  I definitely love the quality of clothing and think it's worth the $55 a month.  Even with this size issue, I will be continuing my subscription.  Hopefully they can get this taken care of in a timely, efficient manner.  The resolution to this will have an impact on whether I make this sub a long term investment.
I wish I could figure out how to take better pictures of black garments and not have them be so out of focus and glare-y.  I probably would need an actual camera and not use my Samsung Galaxy.  I hope this gives you an idea, at least, of what you could receive regardless of my crappy photos.  You can see what I got in my last box right here.

UPDATE: I got a response to my size exchange email after 4 days.  They sent me a prepaid label which I printed out and will send off tmw (3/16).  It's a 1-day shipping label, too!
UPDATE #2: They received my return and will be sending the two Large sized items with my April order. Or is it May... Hm.  I wish they wouldn't wait, actually.  I wish they'd just send it but we'll see how it goes.
UPDATE #3: There were no issues with my return and I received two new items along with my April package.

After your initial payment, Trendy Butler will charge your card on the  14th or 15th of every month. Stylists Butlers will select products for your package and they will be shipped on or after the 19th of the month.

If you'd like to sign up for Trendy Butler while they still have the lifetime beta discount of $55/month, you can do that here on their site.

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  1. Ooh, these are just my style (more like it's what I'd want my bf to wear)! I especially like the button down. I have no idea what he looks like in a 1/2 sleeve because he's never owned any, but I love the color and stitching!

    1. I really like the clothing and the styles. The fact that my husband will wear them is even better! I think it's totally worth the $55, too. This is nice stuff!

  2. This is an interesting idea, and I know my BF would like and wear both of these items (assuming the sizing was right). I hope they get better about responding to customer service queries! Keep us posted!

    1. They now have accounts for customers! I think they just went live yesterday. And it turned out I had put Medium (even though I really thought I'd chosen Large). There was no issue with the exchange once they finally got back to me. I'll be sending off my package tomorrow and then we'll see how things go after that.