Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ipsy May 2015 Sneak Peek Spoiler

All Ipsy subscribers will receive ONE of these items in their Ipsy bag. Although I'm not sure if it's these exact items or if it's just the brands since the email was sort of cryptic in that regards.

Either way, I'll happily take anything from any of these brands!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil- Our long-lasting, waterproof liner glides on smoothly to prime AND define—for long-lasting lip color and clean lines. The color shown is Ozone.

Glamglow ThirstyCleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser-A daily Mud to Foam™ cleanser for dry and dehydrated skin.

It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream-This highly pigmented multi-tasking beauty miracle truly covers everything, will not crease or crack in fine lines, and gives you a healthy, Your Skin But Better® glow. Paraben-free and SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum, Physical Only, Non-Chemical Sunscreen.

Sign up for Ipsy here and get your own bag each month!

VellaBox April 2015 Standard Candle Box Subscription Review

Vellabox is a new candle subscription that I'm really excited about. It's fun because you have so many subscription options. We all know candle subscriptions are on the pricey side because well, candles are expensive and so is shipping heavy things. But in this case, you can spend just $10 a month if you want!

If you love artisan, handpoured candles this is going to be something you will want to try. These are not mass produced candles with a plethora of dyes. Candles you receive will be soy, small batch and in gorgeous scents. All are made in the USA. If the one I received is anything to go by, I'm pretty sure I can't live without this.
Vellabox was so named because 'vela' means candle in Spanish. I think it's a pretty name and I love the colors and logo used. And the box? Pretty perfect for shipping. I've been shipping a bunch of things lately and boxes now have a lot more meaning.

I received the Standard Box which is $10/month and contains one candle with an approximate 25 hour burn time.  Your other options are the Aficionado Box with an 8oz, 50 hour burn time candle for $20/month or the Luxe Box with 1-2 candles (12 oz) with a 75 hour burn time for $30/month. I would hope the Luxe Box always came with two candles because it's more scent options.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mantry April 2015 "Taco Truck" Review

So Mantry is a specialty food subscription box that caters to men. It bills itself as the "modern man's pantry" and I'm gonna tiptoe out on a limb and say that they're doing it right. My husband loves his Mantry boxes. They're always packed with manly food and this box is no exception. 

The theme this month is "Taco Truck" and is all about helping you make awesome taconess at home. With a decidedly upscale approach. I've been to the true Mexican taco trucks/stands (in Mexico) and they tend to be pretty bare bones. You get what they have. It did totally weird me out that they never had cheese. I never knew that slathering your taco in shredded cheese was an American thing. But there really is nothing like carne asada tacos and elote. I will eat those tacos happily all day and all night (which I basically did the whole time I was there. Tacos are just as good at midnight as they are at noon!).

The Cost: $75/month

What You Get: A new and exciting food experience every month. The monthly crate allows you to discover and eat 6 full-size, super premium foods from around America, with little commitment.

New Beauty TestTube May 2015 Review and 30% Off!

New Beauty Test Tube is one of my more interesting beauty subscription boxes. that's not to say that it doesn't have it's faults because it definitely does. However, I'm finding that New Beauty tends to snag samples and full size products that don't turn up in other subscription boxes. Ever. Or at least in any that I get.
I'm finding that this box seems to be geared more toward those with an interest in skincare and/or mature skin. I say that way because I think you should be caring about skincare big time by age 25 but the Tube tends to lean toward anti-aging skin care, etc.
It's delivered bi-monthly and really does come in a tube! It's pretty fun packaging (and useful, too). Included is a information booklet describing all the benefits of what has been included. New Beauty definitely gets brownie points from me for the detail.

The Cost$29.95/bi-monthly plus $8.95 shipping.  Get 30% off with this link!

What You Get
You will receive a TestTube filled with deluxe and full-size products from the hottest beauty brands. Members will also receive a subscription to NewBeauty magazine, delivered quarterly.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Memebox Ultimate Giveaway Week Four! It's the Last Week!

It is the final week in the Memebox Ultimate Giveaway here at Bits and Boxes! This has been so much fun! That's probably because one of my love languages is giving gifts. (If you haven't read the Love Languages book, you should because it's quite eye opening). In any case, I'm super excited to be offering the Memebox Must Have Skincare Box: Spring Edition!

This is an international giveaway! Since Memebox stopped international shipping, I wanted to provide a way for those who may no longer be able to get a Memebox to have a chance to win one! This is your chance to get some great kbeauty.
 memebox giveaway
Here is what Memebox says about this Skincare Must Haves: Spring Edition-

We love discovering new holy grail items, and we’re sure you do too. There’s nothing like introducing a new skin care item into your already amazing routine. The season has changed and we know you’re looking to switch things up. Add some flair into your life with these five skincare items we’ve selected just for you. We swear, you’re skin will LOVE these products!  Keep things simple and start with the skin this Spring and get these #mememusthaves and create clean and clear skin that radiates perfection.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Loot Crate April 2015 Fantasy Crate Review and Coupon Code

Loot Crate is one of my favorite geek and gamer boxes. The theme this month was Fantasy and there was no way I was going to miss that! I adore reading fantasy, playing fantasy games (Final Fantasy, anyone?) and while I've never actually been truly nerdy enough to play tabletop Dungeons & Dragons, I know plenty of people who have earned that label. Unless watching counts... maybe I get half nerd cred for watching tabletop games?

Anyway, Loot Crate is a subscription box dedicated to the truly nerdy (or is it geeky? or both? Or maybe the real descriptor is AWESOME? Yes, I like that better). Loot Crate is a box dedicated to the truly AWESOME people out there who like to indulge in comic books, video games and everything surrounding them.

The Cost: $19.95/month, including the shipping.

What You Get: Awesome gamer/geek loot! Sometimes T-shirts (like this month!) Plenty of comment inducing collectibles to surround your computer desk with, all delivered right to your door.

The Day I Turned into Gollum and How My Garden Grows

So yesterday, in the morning, I didn't know I was actually related to Gollum. You know... that spidery, creepy guy from Lord of the Rings who runs around talking to himself and saying "My preciousssss" in disturbing ways?
By noon, I suddenly became Gollum the Younger. I already talk to myself but somehow I managed to rip my fingernail off. My left index finger became "my Precious" in the blink of an eye. I pride myself on the fact that I did not scream but in reality I became a hunched over, hissing shadow clutching desperately to my last vestige of humanity.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Candy Club April 2015 Candy Subscription Review and Coupon Code

So, I'm just going to say one thing-- Beware of addiction! The April 2015 Candy Club was basically made for me. I love candy. I love candy more than chocolate. Yes, sacrilege I know but there it is.
Candy Club sends high quality candies to your door every month. Three pounds of candy. Since three types were sent, it must be a pound each? Its basically bulk candy awesomeness packaged for our easy consumption.
Included is an information card that tells about each kind of candy included and on the back has all the nutrition information and ingredient lists for each one.

The Cost: $27.99/month plus shipping.

What You Get: Up to three pounds of quality, name brand candy from timeless classics to contemporary favorites with a small bonus treat and a "splash" each month.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Kloverbox April 2015 Review and Coupon Code

Kloverbox is one of my favorite natural beauty subscriptions. Actually, it *is* my favorite. Partly because it's not just about beauty but also sends items related to your home and just general eco-friendly lifestyle goodness. The customer service is superb, the contents are fun and varied.

If you've been looking for a box that focuses on natural, organic, eco-friendly and/or sustainable living, you're going to want to look into Kloverbox. The price is reasonable, the sizes are fantastic and I love the opportunity to support small businesses.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Receive 6-8 premium products to sample, each from top brands and hand-picked by our health conscious curators in beauty, health, nutrition and home categories.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Home Decor Subscription ~ Burke Box

Alright, so I was researching subscription boxes, trying to decide what to try next month and I was getting bummed. I really wanted a Home Decor box but Skandicrush is on a break and Subscriptdecor is no longer doing subscriptions. And what should my wondering eyes should appear?! Something called Burke Box!
Well of course I subscribed. They have four different types of boxes to pick from. Three are spa related. One is for people who love Fruit and Florals, one for lovers of Cool and Fresh scents and the last is for those who love Warm and Earthy scents.

Since I was looking for decor specifically, I signed up for the fourth option. The Whole Home Box!

The first 500 people will get 10% off but there's a shipping charge of $6. You can also sign up for one box, a box every month or a box every two months. I did the two months thing in order to give myself time to cancel if I hate and/or so I'm not spending $55 every month.  Hey, I have to be practical sometimes. :)

What do you think? Does it seem interesting? I know not everyone is going to be in to a decor subscription like I am but there seem to be a plethora of options. And uhh... look at all that Fig + Yarrow... Mmm!

RawSpiceBar April 2015 Review ~ Taste Japan

RawSpiceBar sends freshly ground and roasted spices to your door every month. The April 2015 box provides recipes and spices used traditionally in Japan! Core elements of Japanese cooking like wakame seaweed, black and white toasted sesame seeds and brightly colored matcha are all included in the blends this month.
RawSpiceBar ships for free to the US and Canada. Your spices will arrive in a brown envelope which, when opened, reveals one of my favorite things about this subscription- the colorful paper pouch that contains all the spice envelopes and recipe cards!

The Cost: $18 for three months ($6/month)

What You Get: Each month, you will be sent 3-4 spice blends which are enough to create 3 separate dishes serving 8-12 people. The spice blends will weigh between 1-3 ounces each month. You will also receive recipe cards using the blends and access online to other recipe options.

Barkbox April 2015 "Fitness" Small Dog Box Review and Free Box Offer

Barkbox is one of our favorite dog boxes although there are a couple new ones that have given them a run for their money, I'm not going to lie. Barkbox is so huge now that they are making their own toys and while that is super fun, they're not exactly prime quality. Yet.

This is the April 2015 Small Dog box. Not every box is the same but there are usually a few items that make it into every box each month. Usually the commissioned "Especially for Barkbox" toys. I've always gotten a good variety in my boxes.  A nice mix of toys and treats. I'm not really big on accessory type things like dog bowls or eye washes but they do occasionally appear.  If you really want accessories, Petbox sends all sorts of stuff.

The April box is themed "Fitness" in preparation for those Spring sundresses and muscle tees, I suppose. Of course the theme is for us, the parents, not for the dogs and if Barkbox does one thing exceptionally well, it's finding a theme and sticking to it. Somebody over there is a genius.

The Cost: $29/month or less. Get a bonus box added to your subscription with this link.

What You Get: Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Scent Trunk Men's Fragrance Subscription Review and Coupon Code

Scent Trunk is a Men's (and just launched Women's) fragrance sample subscription. Each month they'll send you three new samples from artisan, niche brands based on your answers in your profile. Since I'm not a man, I had my husband fill out the profile and then waited for our first delivery.

My husband likes to smell good and is pretty picky when it comes to his scents so I wasn't sure how this would go over. As it turned out, the profile worked really well because he liked everything that was sent, though he definitely had a favorite.

The shipment arrived in a padded envelope. Inside was a small, square box with a drawstring bag that held three scent vials and their description cards.

The Cost: $15/month

What You Get: Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with 3 fragrance miniatures. Samples are generously sized and will last the entire month. In the box, you will also get a description of the fragrances and helpful tips.

Ipsy April 2015 Beautifully Bohemian Box Review

Ipsy April 2015 has a theme of Beautifully Bohemian and I think most of us were drooling more over the jewelry in the photos than the actual products. Most of the products in the sneak peeks were things I would like to have so I expected this bag to be pretty awesome because of that. Was I disappointed?

Ipsy sends a random assortment of products each month.  The variations are not as wide as they are for Birchbox but there are usually about twenty items available each month and you'll get five of them.

The ten dollar price point is one of the most attractive features of this subscription, along with the fact that you get a cute little makeup bag with each shipment.

The Cost: $10/month.

What You Get: Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stick in a Box Beef Jerky Review and $15 off Coupon Code!

Stick in a Box sends delicious jerky from all over the US to your door every month. You'll get super tasty, unique and hard-to-find jerky in each box. Goal? Expanding your jerky-tastic horizons, of course.

The Cost: $35/month

What You Get: At least 3 bags of jerky plus sticks and slabs from both name brands, and small batch companies, in traditional and out of this world flavors.

Uppercase Box Personalized Subscription Review

Uppercase Box sends you a new YA book every month, along with some extra goodies. There are two ways to subscribe. One is to get the regular subscription, which will send you a book released within the last month or two and the other is to get a Personalized subscription where a book will be chosen for you based on a questionnaire sent after subscribing.

I chose the Personalized version for $5 more because I read quite a bit and was curious to see what was chosen for me. I'm big on fantasy but not the urban kind. I like science fiction but not dystopian futures. Steampunk makes me happy but not so much vampires and werewolves (though there are definitely exceptions to that rule- Gail Carriger is one and Anne Bishop's The Others series is another).
Even though I'm an adult, I don't mind YA at all. In fact, sometimes I just prefer it. Robert Jordan is great (and so is Brandon Sanderson) but sometimes you just want a nice, light read.  A book you can finish in five hours or so.
Authors I like are Sherwood Smith, Sharon Shinn, Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon, Isobel Carmody, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and I just read two fun books by Tiffany Truitt.

The Cost: $29/month plus shipping for the regular subscription, $29/month plus shipping for a personalized subscription.

What You Get: One YA book and one bookish item. Plus online access to extras like a live book discussion & recommendations for similar books.

ScentBird Review and Mother's Day Gift With Purchase!

Scentbird is a perfume subscription. They send a new, authentic 8ml purse spray to your door every month. The best part? You get to choose the perfume you receive from over 350 different fragrances. That means you get exactly what you want.

I love Scentbird and their purse sprays because these are the ultimate in perfume-portation. Okay, I made that word up but seriously, you can take these anywhere. Even on the plane. Which I did on my way to Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. No hauling a big ole jar and having to stick it in checked baggage. No digging through all your perfume samples for one you can take on the plane just so you don't have to check your bags. No. You get your favorite perfume in a perfectly portable spray vial.

The Cost: $14.95/month

What You Get: Each month you will receive one 8ml purse spray of the scent of your choice based on your profile.  The first month, you will receive the case for the perfume and a carrysack for it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

MunchPak Mini April 2015 Review and Coupon Codes

MunchPak sends an assortment of the best snacks from all around the world right to your door. This is the MunchPak Mini but they have two other sizes available as well. I think that of the three, I prefer the Mini. It's the right price and if this box is any indication of the snacks included, it also has the right kind of snacks.

These snacks arrived in a padded envelope but I'm pretty sure the bigger boxes must arrive in an actual box. Especially since the biggest one has 20+ items in it. No information card was enclosed.

The Cost: $9.95/month for the MunchPak Mini, $19.95/month for the Original MunchPak and $39.95/month for the FamilyPak

What You Get: The MunchPak Mini contains 5-6 full size snacks from around the world. The Original MunchPak contains 10+ snacks and the FamilyPak has 20+ snacks.

Dapper Box April 2015 Review and Coupon Code ~ A Men's Accessories Subscription

Dapper Box is a new men's accessories subscription box that sends new socks, ties, lapel pins and other accouterments of the dapper man's dress code. This is the April 2015 box and there is a level of detail that impressed even me. I didn't even resist humming "Sharp Dressed Man" while I opened it.
Since I'm not a man, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I mean I don't really deal much in manly accessories. Usually my husband just gets his own. Okay, that's not true. I do have a slight obsession with picking out ties for him. I love ties. Luckily, he loves them, too, so he always likes getting what I pick out.

The Cost: $29/month

What You Get: You will receive 4-5 men's goods and accessories each month.

Love with Food April 2015 Deluxe Box Review and Groupon Offer

I've been getting the Love with Food Deluxe boxes lately because Groupon has had a rockin' deal running for ages. I've bought this same deal three times (is that bad?) and used two of them so far. In July, I'll use my last one (unless I cave and buy another one). Needless to say, I'm sort of addicted to Love with Food.
Sure, they send healthy snacks. Just because they're healthy doesn't mean they can't be tasty. Plus, my husband really likes eating all the things that are too... obviously healthy... for me. I'm a fan of junk food.

The Cost: This is the Deluxe Box which is $19.95/month but they also have the regular Tasting Box which is $12/month.

What You Get: 16-20 new snacks each month. Snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk. (The regular Tasting Box has 8+ snacks)

Popsugar Must Have June 2015 Gift With Purchase Coupon Code

 Popsugar Coupon Code Must Have
If you order the June 2015 Popsugar Must Have box you can use coupon code WELCOME and receive a free Sorial wallet in your box!

This is while quantities last so make your decision quick. I have this and it's cute. It's a little small and does not fit my Galaxy S5 in it. It's a pretty blue and I love the silver accents, though!

Sign up for Popsugar Must Have here! The May box is sold out so you'll start with June. I love my Popsugar Must Have boxes and absolutely recommend this subscription.

*affiliate links were used in this post and you know I'm thrilled if they ever get used :D

The Ultimate Memebox Giveaway Week 3 featuring Memebox x Pony!

Today marks the beginning of Week 3 of the Ultimate Memebox Giveaway here at BitsandBoxes! If you love Korean beauty or if you are just beginning to discover Asian makeup and skincare, you'll want to join in. This week, the prize is the Memebox x Pony Spring Break box! This is giveaway is available internationally.
 memebox giveaway
This Memebox is all about makeup. It contains products curated by Pony, a famous Korean Beauty YouTuber. Her YouTube channel Pony's Beauty Diary has a huge global following and she has won Makeup Artist of the Year in Korea. The items included were designed by her and made by Memebox. These are "beginner-friendly" and super easy to work with.

I actually really like their I'm Lipsticks and their eyeliners aren't bad either. I have used the Shine Easy Glam palette by Pony (the first one) and like most of the colors, though the glittery ones tend to have fallout. The lipstick shown in the photo is mine. You will receive yours new and unopened. 

Pony X Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 Eyeshadow Palette -Use each shimmer eyeshadow alone or together to create a natural or glamourous look for day/night.

Pony X Memebox Easy Mix Block Blush - This 4-in-1 blush pact is excellent for highlighting, contouring, and defining the apples of your cheeks. You can use it to recreate some of Pony's favorite looks. Formulated with with natural and gentle ingredients to create a silky, easy to apply blush product. 

I'm Eyeliner in Night -I'm Eyeliner Retractable Waterproof gel eyeliner glides on smoothly to deliver cosmic doses of highly pigmented color. Formula dries fast for a long-wearing, water-resistant finish. With its retractable end and smudge tip, this liner is your go-to eyeliner for creating countless looks.

I'm Lipstick in Pink Beige Nude- This is a creamy nude lipstick. It's not as striking as some of the other colors but I find it's moisturizing and perfect for layering a pretty gloss over. 

Pony Nails in Meteor Shower-Own the night with sparkly nails! Even application and quick drying time- Pony nails are all you look for in a nail polish.

Pony Nails in Sweetly Floral-Spring forward with pastel-hued nails! Even application and quick drying time- Pony nails are all you look for in a nail polish.

This box has a value of $51 USD

Anyway! On to the giveaway! Here's the spiel:

Each week this month, on Mondays, I will be putting a new Memebox giveaway up. That will be Mondays, Pacific Standard Time, for those of you in other countries. Of course it doesn't matter when during the week you put in your entries but that's when they will start. The dates left are the 20th and 27th.

You still have time to enter last weeks giveaway HERE. It ends Tuesday at 11:59pm PST.
Now this particular Memebox has an element that is not conducive to shipping overseas. The nail polish cannot be shipped to an International winner. If the winner is outside the US, I will be substituting the polish for something else. It will be a surprise for you. It will keep to the makeup theme and will be something safe to ship overseas.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will begin Monday, April 20th at 9am PST and will end Tuesday, April 28th at 11:59pm PST.

*This giveaway is sponsored by me and your prize will be shipped by me. I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages or any customs charges incurred. I will work with the winner to minimize the possibility of the box getting stopped by customs but the winner will be solely responsible for collecting the package in their country. Void where prohibited. Entrants must be 18 years of age or have the permission of a parent or guardian to participate. Please enter responsibly. No duplicate entries. All winning entries will be verified.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rosario Dawson #18903 April 2015 Box Review

My Rosario Dawson #18903 arrived yesterday. I have been so impressed with her boxes, loved the last one and this one makes me just love them all the more. They do tend to be pretty eclectic in their contents and just as much fun!
My SIL with my niece and nephew are in town so I took this box over there to open it and take photos. Subscription boxes are so much fun and digging through everything in this box was sort of an event. :D
Rosario is really into philanthropy and the boxes I've received so far give evidence to this. She is very interested in giving disadvantaged women access to opportunities, especially in impoverished African countries. I think she's probably also got a pretty great sense of humor and gets enjoyment out of small things. I don't know her, of course, but her letter was pretty cute.

The Cost: $50/quarterly

What You Get: A box of items hand-chosen by Rosario Dawson in Stories, Fashion and Culture categories.  All designed to inspire thought and creativity.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Jouer Le Matchbox Review Spring 2015 ~ Cool Tone

When I heard about the Jouer Le Matchbox, I knew I needed to snag one. I have loved the Jouer products I've received and was excited about trying more. Plus, hello... I have a subscription box obsession!
One of the the things I really liked about the Le Matchbox is that they send you a box based on your skintone. You take a little survey, they tell you what your skintone is and then send a box accordingly. I'm a cool toned girl with pink undertones so this box is based on that. I'm not sure what is in the Warm box, if you got one, tell me!

The Cost: $45/quarterly

What You Get: A curated collection of Jouer products personalized for skin tone and type.
This box is cream with gold trim and has a satin ribbon to keep it closed. Inside is a booklet explaining what we've received with tips and tricks for application. I loved opening this. There really is so much in here. Which for $45, I suppose there should be. :)

Birchbox April 2015 Review ~ A Collaboration with Rifle Paper Co.

This April 2015 Birchbox is a collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. and I think I'll be keeping this box forever. I absolutely love Rifle Paper Co. designs and have been collecting them whenever I have the chance.

Just look at the gorgeous box! You can see why I want to keep it. I wish every box looked like this. Or maybe not because then I would have a million boxes because I'd never want to recycle them.

The Cost: $10/month

What You Get: Five samples and sometimes full size items, including everything from makeup and skin care to non beauty essentials like candles and tea. Plus a really great points program.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

L'OcciBox by L'Occitane Spring Collection 2015 Unboxing and Coupon Code!

I think this L'Occibox by L'Occitane thing is new. I remember seeing one during the Holidays and it must have done so well they decided to continue. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. This particular L'Occibox is the Spring 2015 Collection and contains the latest and greatest products from this French skincare and fragrance powerhouse. Lucky me, even though L'Occitane was started in France and has a million lavender products, none of them are in this box. Yay!
This is not a subscription. This is a one time purchase box. The regular price is $48 but you can get it for just $20 using the code SUGAR. Totally worth it to me, so of course I snagged one. If anything, these products are special enough to use as gifts.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chococurb Premium Chocolate Subscription Box Review and Giveaway!

If you were looking for a box of fine chocolate, you came to the right place. This is Chococurb, a new monthly subscription box dedicated to providing you with some of the best chocolates you'll ever taste. They're based in Seattle (like me!) and this April 2015 box includes some premier Seattle chocolatiers. You can expect to find rich, high quality chocolates, unique tastes and special creations.
Chococurb is a way to pamper yourself or someone you love. It's a whole chocolate experience and each month, you'll be tasting some thing new and wonderful. There was no information card and I hope they consider adding one because it's always nice to know a little backstory behind some of these chocolate companies.

The presentation is perfect and helps to make this a unique and beautiful gift. Don't forget Mother's Day is coming up! This also would make a great gift for a co-worker or a business related "thank-you" type of thing. I wonder if they will offer a way to add a gifting note because this box is truly an excellent all-around gift.

The Cost: $35/month.

What You Get: An assortment of 5 to 7 chocolates or chocolate related items. These items can come from small, local chocolatiers to more established, national brands.
Theo Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar-3oz- Theo is the first Organic and Fair Trade fair for Life Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory in North America. Their chocolate factory is in downtown Seattle and you can get tours if you want to. Theo prides itself on adhering to the strictest organic rules so your chocolate will be pure and delicious every time.
The Raspberry bar uses 70% dark chocolate, freeze dried raspberries and ground vanilla beans. Needless to say, it's pure heaven. It's deliciously dark with the tangy bite of fruit. It's one of my favorite bars.
Value: $4
Pacari Organic Chocolate in Andean Blueberry- Another fruity bar! This one is made with 50% cacao and dehydrated wild blueberries. This is an Ecuadorian chocolate that is also organic and fair trade. Every step of the process, from tree to bar is done in Ecuador. This is not as dark as the Theo and the blueberry flavor is subtle and perfect.
Value; $5.99
Taza Dark Chocolate Mexicano in Cinnamon- These are two chocolate discs. The only ingredients are stone ground Dominican organic cacao beans, cane sugar and ground cinnamon sticks! Taza uses a stone ground method that gives their chocolates an intense flavor and distinctive texture. This is also organic, direct trade and non-GMO Project verified.
Taza has a unique history as an American chocolate factory that was started after the founder made a trip to Mexico and discovered the art of stone grinding and the excellent flavor of the chocolate produced from it.
The suggested use for this is to make hot chocolate. I'm definitely going to. There are two rounds in the package, one to eat and one to drink. Mmm!
Value: $5

Alma The Milk Chocolate Almond Mini- Ahhh, I adore Alma. I received them in a Portland-centric box not too long ago and fell in love. If you want to experience chocolate perfection, you've got to try this brand. They're based in Portland and combine their organic, single state chocolate with toffees, nuts and spices that will knock your socks off. Or at least leave you drooling for more.
This bar is milk chocolate with dry roasted almonds and burnt sugar almonds. I think it might be the perfect combination. Plus... burnt sugar almonds?! Give me more.
Value: $5
Tisano Chocolate Tea in Vanilla Cacao- Here's one more thing to love about this box. This is something new and unusual for me! It's tea with chocolate. It has 100% organic Tisano Cacao shells, Organic Rooibos and organic vanilla. That's it. This is a sample size but it's easily got eight uses in it at 1 tsp per 8oz of water. This will satisfy a chocolate craving without any of the calories. :D I'll have to update after I try it.
Value: $3.95

Frans Chocolates Gray Salt Caramels in Dark Chocolate- If you've never had Fran's chocolates, you are in for a treat. She's been making chocolates in Seattle for 32 years and is widely considered one of the best chocolatiers in the US. Her caramels are to die for. Also, ridiculously expensive. Oh and her Gold Bars with Almonds... /drool. I'm not a fan of salted caramels but with Frans, I just scrape it off and enjoy the rest. I feel kinda bad about that because my mom would croak if she knew. She loves salted caramels. I have so much other chocolate now, maybe I should save these for her. Or I could just get her her own Chococurb box.
Value: $6.75

VERDICT: What's not to love about a box of quality chocolate!? This is probably the most delicious box I've ever received. The chocolates are high quality and conscientiously produced. They're from independent manufacturers with stories behind their passion for chocolate. You're not going to find a Hershey's bar in this box. Thank goodness. This is a luxe chocolate box. For spoiling yourself or treating someone you love to something wonderful. The value on this box, including shipping is $35. I would expect, with something like high end, niche chocolate, the value to meet the price paid for it and this box does. Plus the packaging is so perfect, too. Especially for a gift.

If you would like to try Chococurb, sign up here on their website. Make sure to use coupon code BITSNBOXES at checkout to get $10 off your box. I'm pretty sure I'll be sending one to my mom because I know she would love it and $10 off is an amazing deal.

When you subscribe, you'll be asked to fill out a "Chocolate Profile" and your box will be customized as much as possible to your tastes! I love dark chocolate and that's why I received so much dark chocolatey goodness. In my mind, that makes this box even more perfect.
Guess what!? Chococurb is giving you the opportunity to WIN a chocolate box of your own! One lucky winner will receive a box of chocolate to hoard or share as they like. This giveaway is available to US residents only (including Alaska and Hawaii).

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*This box was provided to me for review purposes. All opinions are stubbornly mine! :)

OrangeGlad April 2015 Review and 40% Off Coupon Code!

There are so many good things in the April 2015 OrangeGlad Sweet Box! One of which is perilously close to being completely demolished before this review even gets written. The nice thing about OrangeGlad is that they send you treats you probably won't find anywhere else. I suppose that's both good and bad because then it's hard to get more but if it's hard to get more that means you can't eat too many. Right?

The Cost: $21/month

What You Get: Five deluxe size, carefully selected gourmet treats and sweets delivered once a month.