Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bare Bliss Box March 2015 ~ Still Not Sure About This One...

This review is for the March 2015 Bare Bliss Box.  However, I feel like I should qualify that and say that this review is for the Gilt City voucher version of Bare Bliss Box because it doesn't compare favorably value wise against the actual box.

Bare Bliss focuses on sending the best and purest of organic, nontoxic beauty each month.  If you are looking for new brands or products from small businesses, this could be what you are looking for.
Bare Bliss Box was on sale at Gilt City in February.  I signed up for what seemed an amazing deal- $45 for a six month subscription.  But once I got to the website, I was charged another $18 worth of shipping charges.  It was noted in the fine print that there would be shipping charges but the only way to actually find out what the charges actually were was to buy the voucher, put in the number and THEN it told you how much money you owed.  I don't put the onus on Gilt City for that one.  That is entirely shady by Bare Bliss.  Still, even with the charges, it was a great deal.

I say all of that in order to say this- nowhere does it say that we will receive a box that is different than what regular subscribers are to receive.  I should also point out that I have no real idea whether this variation was *only* given to Gilt City voucher holders or not.  If someone who is a regular subscriber received this box, please comment so I can retract my grumpiness!

The Cost: $19.99/month

What You Get: A carefully curated box of 4-5 organic, non-toxic, all-natural and cruelty free skincare and beauty products.

PuraBella Creme Deodorant-1oz- This is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Using only the finest essential oils from trusted and sustainable distillers, our Creme Deodorant is free of aluminum, propylene glycol, perfumes and dyes. Contains: coconut oil*, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), arrow root*, zinc ricinoleate* (deodorant), vitamin e*, and essential oils of Lavender*, TeaTree*, Clary Sage*, Bergamot*, Orange* Grapefruit*
It smells really good and lucky for me, it doesn't have enough lavender in it to trigger my allergies! Yay!  Although creme deodorant isn't really my "thing." It comes with a cute little spoon, too.
Value: $6

True Beauty Brooklyn 100% Organic Body and Beauty Moisturizer with Lavender-.25oz- Again with the lavender and just one whiff proves that it's truly lavender to me. This is for your body and lips and can be used as a hair conditioner.  Use it as aromatherapy before bed to help relax. It's made with organic argan oil, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil and organic sweet almond oil. And 100% pure lavender essential oil.  It will melt easily at body temperature and absorbs quickly. It is packed with naturally occurring vitamins A, D, E, K, essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 as well as anti-inflammatories, which means your skin and hair are left soft, healthy and glowing.
Value: $5
Iwifresh Zesty Lime Body Oil-1oz-This smells so ridiculously good.  I mean... I kind of want to drink it and take a bath in it at the same time. It's made with fresh limes and aloe vera along with primrose and grapeseed oil. So yes.  Amazing! It's for moisturizing your body, hands and feet. Not your face because of the lime juice, though.
Value: $5

Elegant Rose Rosemary Nettle Shampoo Bar-1.5oz- This looks like a soap bar but its for your hair. You can use it as a soap, of course, if you want but it's specialized for hair.  It made with coconut oil, palm oil, organic shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, aloe vera gel and olive oil that has been infused with nettle, rosemary, tea tree, lavender and cedarwood essential oils.  Seems like a recipe for greasy hair to me but what do I know.  I can't use this either, sadly, because the lavender is too pronounced. It smells so good, I hate it that lavender makes my throat close up!  I couldn't even take it out of the package for a picture.  At least I can attest that the lavender oils are definitely good quality. :D
Value: $1.75

VERDICT: The variety of products included in this Bare Bliss Box are very nice. I love the reliance on small businesses, too. There are great ingredients in each of these and while the Iwifresh Zesty Lime Body Oil is my favorite by default (no lavender), I'm still bummed I cant use that Shampoo Bar and the True Beauty moisturizer.  Seriously, my throat is still closed.  I think I need to run outside for a bit.
The only thing I don't like about this box is that the value is under what a regular subscriber would pay and that it feels like by using a voucher I'm getting a box that's different than everyone else. Obviously, it's still a good deal for me but if I had paid full price I'd probably be a liiiittle unhappy. And it's not because the products are bad. They aren't! I just think a beauty box needs to have a value of more than what was paid.  True, with organic beauty the margins are less but there is still room for it.  Of course, if all you are looking for is an introduction to new brands, then this would be worth it. These are some great products, especially if you aren't allergic to lavender! :D

I have come to the conclusion, sadly, that natural and organic beauty boxes are just not for me. There is a big reliance on lavender in so many natural products these days that it makes it really difficult for me to get a good value on boxes like this.  I don't include Kloverbox in this assessment because Kloverbox is more about living an eco friendly, sustainable lifestyle and less about beauty (although beauty products are included). So if I want organic beauty, I'm just going to have to hunt it down myself so I can be super ingredient conscious.

And can I just say that the owner of True Beauty Brooklyn is probably the most awesome person ever? I mentioned on Instagram that I'm allergic to lavender so I couldn't use the product and she offered to send me a rose one instead! How nice is that?!  Above and beyond, seriously. I'm pretty sure you should check out her store.

If you would like to sign up for Bare Bliss Box, you can do that here. Don't let my grumpiness scare you off if you are seriously looking for new brands. :D


  1. I bought a Gilt City voucher for one month of this and I'm glad I didn't buy more (I was tempted to purchase the 6-month one). I think it was lame that they didn't tell us about the shipping up front and that they're sending the Gilt City people different boxes. I love supporting eco-friendly companies, but I feel like there are "green" boxes out there that do a much better job than Bare Bliss Box.

    1. You were definitely wise. I'm bummed. I did hear that eco-emi isn't sending boxes anymore and goodebox has only tiny samples. I haven't tried Petit Vour. Saffron Rouge was too expensive for what I received and I think they also quit doing subscriptions. Yuzen is beautifully packaged but also expensive and a teensy bit repetitive. Of course, new ones are popping up all the time it seems like but Kloverbox is still my favorite of the whole genre of organic/natural/ecofriendly boxes.

  2. I bought the 6 month Gilt Cert, and right on the Gilt Site, where I was looking over options for the cert it said clear as day.

    What to know

    Redeem by: Sunday, May 3, 2015
    This offer is subject to Terms and Conditions
    Offer is final sale and nonrefundable
    Offer cannot be combined with other offers or promotions
    Shipping is not included and will be charged at the time of redemption
    Shipping costs $3 per month

    Not sure how you could have missed it!!

    All in all I have received two boxes (did not get that deodorant though!) and I am underwhelmed. They are meh so far. I got 25% off the deal so I paid $33.75 plus the $18 in shipping ($3 per month)
    for a total of $51.75. So I paid $8.63 per month. For that price it wasn't too bad. I will be giving it a few more months, but so far I would not pay the full price of $20.

    1. I agree, for the voucher price it's not a bad deal but so far not worth full price. I believe the Gilt City page was changed to update the description with the shipping costs after there were so many complaints about the lack of transparency regarding shipping. Many people requested refunds (and received them without issue because of it). It had previously just said shipping would be charged at redemption without the extra line that said it would be $3 per month. There was quite a big to-do over it at the time.