Monday, April 6, 2015

Beauteque April 2015 Head to Toe "Tony Moly" BB Bag Review

Beauteque launches a new, themed Head to Toe BB Bag every month. This month the theme is "Tony Moly" and it's such a fun one! Of course, Tony Moly is synonymous with 'cute' because of their packaging and the BB Bag this month provides some of that cuteness factor, for sure.
It always comes in a cute bag of some sort and this time it's a blue and white sack which I love! Sometimes the bags are hideous (like the plaid one that's the April BB bag!) but most times they're cute and/or functional at least. And now I've used the word 'cute' five times. That's because Tony Moly packaging is cute. :D

The Cost: $28 plus shipping (ships internationally), non-recurring

What You Get: Six to eight Asian beauty and skincare products designed to pamper you from head to toe.

Tony Moly Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream- This is totally adorable and tangerine shaped. I left the lid on so you could see how cute it is. It fits into the palm of my hand and smells SO good! Since I'm sort of hooked on my peach hand cream, this one won't go into rotation just yet. I'm going to have to keep all the empties, though, and start a fruit collection or something. Contains citrus extracts from orange, tangerine, lemon and pomelo.

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lips Essence Balm- If you order this bag, you get to choose whether you would like a balm or a scrub and I chose balm. It uses jojoba oil and macadamia oil along with an SPF of 15 which I currently need because I'm going to be outside all day for a few days. Gardening. Or spreading bark, actually. Oh, the pain.
Value: $8
Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer- So.. Is it a primer or is it a concealer... o.O That is the question. It is the color of under eye concealer but it really is for your lips. It colors them nude so you can get the most out of your lipstick. It's not something I would use with a lip balm or gloss, that's for sure. I tend to need my own lip color to add oomph to a gloss. But my NYX Butter Lipstick in Hunk looks mighty glorious. For my own amusement, I also used this as an undereye concealer. It dries to a powder finish and did cover up my circles but I think it's a little too light/bright to actually wear in public.
Value: $8

Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask Scrub-This sugar scrub uses glycerin as a moisturizer, as well as some honey and gold for fun. It will scrub off your dead skin cells that have been hanging around, leaving brighter, smoother skin behind. It looks like brown sugar mixed with honey but doesn't smell super awesome or anything.
Value: $12
Tony Moly Strawberry Seeds 3-Step Nose Pack- This is for keeping your nose pores clean. I can't believe I just typed that. Haha! It's three nose strips, each to be left on for 10-15 minutes. Of course I want a clean nose, so I did all the steps.  The first step is just a sheet mask for your nose. It's main component is witch hazel and should be left on for 15 minutes. The second is a typical pore strip. Get your nose wet, slap this on and wait til it's stiff. It has kaolin clay in it. The third step is a hydro gel, moisturizing nose mask with glycerin and sodium hyaluronate.
Was my nose clean? Yep. And moisturized. Since I just finished the process, I'll have to wait and see if my nose is nicely moisturized tomorrow.  I don't like it if it gets greasy.
Value: $3 (with extra points for being fun and ridiculous)

Pumice Stone x 2- Heart shaped pumice stones for your feet. Get them wet and scrub your calluses away. Then apply your favorite foot moisturizer which should be the Mizon Olive Cocoa Foot Butter Cream. Trust me on this.
Value: $3
Tony Moly Make HD Straight Cream- Okay.  THIS IS NOT A SHAMPOO! I just read all the small print and it's a PERM kit! Good thing I didn't stick these in the shower thinking it was shampoo! I am not using this. I already have straight hair and I sure as heck will never perm my hair at home with a perm kit made by a Korean company. Not that the Korean part is bad but I do not have Korean hair and I shudder to think what a perm kit designed for... Wait. Don't most Korean's already have straight hair? I.. don't even know.  Why is this in the bag?! There's like two people in the universe that would be brave enough to try this! Are you one of them? Or maybe I'm the only one who would look at this in terror... :D Maybe curly haired people do this all the time at home?

VERDICT: Okay this box was freaking amazing until I realized they sent a perm kit. Now it's just regular amazing. This bag has a value of over $50 which is nice plus it's fun to get cute products. Which with shipping, I think the Head to Toe bag is $32 with the shipping to US but it's free if you add enough to get to $35. Which is worth it because why pay shipping money when you can get another sheet mask or two for the same price.
I think this is a great collection of products (except for the perm kit!) and if you're gutsy enough to try a straightening perm product, you are braver than me!

Head over to and snag this if you want it. Or just browse their shop and search for your own forms of cute awesomeness.

*This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine even when they're ridiculous, obviously. Hah!


  1. These are such great products, can't say I have heard of this bradn before


    1. Tony Moly is a Korean skincare and makeup brand that's more about fun packaging (Tony Moly supposedly translates to "stylish packaging") than anything else. They have an eco-friendly focus on natural and organic ingredients and don't test on animals.
      I think they're fun but trust my serious skincare to other brands.

  2. Wow, even the pumice stones are cute! The perm kit is... surprising though. I assume that it's a straightening/smoothing treatment for wavy/coarse hair, not necessarily piles-o-ringlets. But who knows.