Monday, April 13, 2015

Beauteque April BB Bag Review

The April 2015 Beauteque BB Bag theme is 'Mad for Plaid' but really nothing except the bag had anything to do with plaid so it's kind of a strange theme to pick. I can think of several far more fitting to the actual contents.

Beauteque is a purveyor of Asian beauty products and supplies but they also have a separate website called BeautequeMonthly where they also sell subscription bags. They have two subscription offerings right now. One is this BB bag which I'm reviewing now but the second is Mask Maven and is all about masks.  You can read up about Mask Maven here.

The Cost: $24 plus shipping (ships internationally so prices vary on shipping).

What You Get: At least 7 full size products in a combination of beauty, skincare and lifestyle items with a focus on Asian beauty brands.

Each Bag comes with an information card explaining what you've been sent and how to use it. This is always important because not all the products will have writing in English on them. Sometimes the ingredients are listed on the product and sometimes they aren't but Beauteque does not (yet) provide translations for ingredient lists.
I'm starting with my two favorite things. Also, please notice the hideous bag in the background. Well, I think it's ugly but I'm sure others might love it. Beauteque always sends their BB Bags in makeup bags which is fun. I've gotten several cute ones but this month... Not cute. :D

Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack in Canola- You may recognize this from the Oh Honey! Bag curated by Rachel at Harlot Beauty. That's because it's the same product. I actually had ordered Acerola but got Canola instead which is disappointing. It's not a bad product but I already have this exact one. This is a moisturizing pack meant to be slathered on, worn overnight and then washed off. Since I find this somewhat sticky and I don't really want to stick to my pillow case, I just wear it for about half an hour before I go to bed, then wipe the majority of it off before I hop in.
Value: $13

Mizon Hydra-full Solution Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream- This is my new favorite thing. I've actually bumped all my other moisturizers off the counter for this one. It's a gel, it's not sticky in the slightest, it just melts into my skin and leaves it so soft. I find that it is moisturizing enough even for my dry cheeks, too! It's not the only moisturizer I use since I'm still slapping on my Benton Snail Bee and my Paula's Choice Ultra light serum but it does an excellent job with absolutely NO issues. This is going to be something I need to repurchase. Love.
Value: $9
It's Skin Macaron Lip Balm in Strawberry- One thing I have to say about Asian beauty is that they know kawaii/cuteness like nobody's business. It's Skin has some cute packaging but my favorite is definitely the macaron lip balms. This smells really good, too. It doesn't really have any color but it's too cute not to use.
Value: $8

Hanaka Camellia Powder Wash- This is a package of 7 powder packets. Add water to the powder and it foams up so you can wash your face. I'm weird and I really do not like face washes like this. I hate how water runs down my elbows and gets all over the floor or into my sleeves. Maybe if I was taller that wouldn't happen, I don't know. I much prefer something I can use in the shower or an oil cleanser that I can wipe off, then run over it with a wet cloth. This says it has camellia and aloe in it for moisturizing and antioxidant benefits.
Value: $14
Hanaka Marigold Oil Control Sheet Mask- Hanaka is a Taiwanese brand. One of my favorite sheet mask brands is also from Taiwan (My Beauty Diary) so I'm totally okay with that. This is is supposed to neutralize shine and refresh your skintone.
Value: $5

Hanaka Rose Whiteness Sheet Mask- Transform your complexion with this mask. It has something called Tranexamic acid in it. Since I didn't know what that was I looked it up. It's something given to patients to prevent blood loss from wounds. In skincare it functions more as a barrier repair ingredient and there's a small amount of evidence that it also inhibits melanin production. Hence the emphasis on whiteness in the mask title. Hm.
Value: $5
Holika Holika S-Body Maker Jiggling Patch- This type of thing is alway fun as a joke because they don't actually do anything. The name is hilarious so it's already hard to take it seriously. :)
Value: $5

Lameila Razor- I could totally do without a Chinese razor. All I can think of is those old orange and white Bics that ripped all your skin off along with any hair. I really wish this wasn't in here because I think the bag would have been fine without it and because I feel it cheapens everything else.

VERDICT: I absolutely love that I found a new favorite moisturizer. That is the reason subscription boxes like this are so fun and valuable. You just never know when you're going to discover your next holy grail. With that being said, I would have liked to see more brand variety. Three Hanaka products is a little much. Although I'm probably saying that because I'm biased and I want more kbeauty. Hah.
The S-Body patch is silly but it really fits in as an Asian beauty product. I like getting something unusual and strange things seem to be a hallmark for Korea. The shaver I could have done completely without.

As with most BB Bags, the value is a little over $50. I have to admit that for me the real value in this bag is only about $30 worth. The Mizon, sleeping pack and macaron are really the only things I'll use from this selection. I wish all the products could be as substantial as the Mizon and honey sleeping pack. Three one time use items will never thrill me.

I think I feel that the Beauteque Head to Toe bags are so much better curated than their BB Bags that I would prefer to spend my money on those until the BB Bags improve to a point where I would be willing to subscribe.  I *love* what Beauteque is trying to do with this subscription. I just think so far there's been too many misses for the price point.

If you would like to checkout Beauteque's BB Bags and sign up to get your own in May, you can do that here on their BeautequeMonthly website.

*This bag was sent to me for review purposes. No referral links were used. All opinions are unabashedly my own.

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  1. Does the "jiggling patch" get hot like some of those other silly diet/body patches? If so, you can totally use it for pain relief! That's what I did with all of the random patches I got from Memebox and whatnot.