Sunday, April 5, 2015

BoxoMunch March 2015 Review ~ A Candy and Snacks Subscription.

My last Box o' Munch arrived today. This is the March 2015 box but I'm not sure if that really means much since the snacks aren't themed and don't appear to change from month to month.  Of course, I've only been subscribed three months.  Quite a bit of these snacks have already been consumed. :D

The Cost: $20/month

What You Get: Two pounds of Classic, Chocolate or Healthy snacks, treats, candies and desserts delivered.

You are guaranteed to get 10-15 different kinds of snacks and I definitely did. Last month it was only candy but this month, thankfully, it isn't and there are snacks types as well.  The bad thing, of course, is that my crunchy snacks arrived as dust. Yep. My Cheez-its were literally dust, my Pringles were crunched to bits and didn't have a single whole one in the package. This is my main issue with Box o' Munch. All they have to do is add some air pockets on top of the snacks and ruined snacks would be so easily avoided! At the $20 price point, I think it's necessary since it's an especially close shave on value.  When you are spending $20, you want $20 worth of snacks. Not $15 because some of them have been crunched to bits.

I was a little sad to see so many snacks I'd already had before but really it's not a huge deal. It's two pounds of candy and snacks which lasts quite awhile around here. It's the perfect thing to send to a college kid in a dorm (as long as they don't mind the fact that the snacks bounce around like they were in a cement mixer).

The cookies were good and I like the individual bags of crunchy things. This box even had little muffins which was awesome. I normally have more pictures than just one but... some snacking happened before I got to it. Whoops.  Plus my husband happened along...

VERDICT: I think that until Box o' Munch figures out how to buffer the snacks, it's probably not worth it for the value. For novelty value, yeah, it's be fun to surprise a kid with it or help fuel a starving student but other than that... You can go to the store and get exactly what you want for the same price and probably get a better deal. The benefit to Box o' Munch is that you can get one Fruit Roll Up instead of a whole box. That type of thing. While this was fun for a time (I had a three month subscription), it's not something I think I'd want to get every month and I don't feel that the value is there with a full price subscription.

If you'd like to sign up for Box o' Munch, you can get 20% off with the code WELCOME.

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  1. Yours was way better than the one I received to review...

    1. I think they're all sort of different. Like there's big bins of candies and snacks and they just toss everything in the box to hit the 3lb mark. I don't have an issue with that because it does mean there's variety but it also means no box will be the same. That's my theory.

  2. Snack dust = definitely not worth it. Call me crazy but I like my crackers mostly intact!

  3. There are SO MANY better food/ snack subs out there.. In fact, I think this one is probably the worst I ever paid for ( overpaid).
    Knoshy is back!!! Hint, hint. ( They are wonderful). :)

    1. I saw that! It's on my list. :) And yes to everything else you said. /sigh