Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Home Decor Subscription ~ Burke Box

Alright, so I was researching subscription boxes, trying to decide what to try next month and I was getting bummed. I really wanted a Home Decor box but Skandicrush is on a break and Subscriptdecor is no longer doing subscriptions. And what should my wondering eyes should appear?! Something called Burke Box!
Well of course I subscribed. They have four different types of boxes to pick from. Three are spa related. One is for people who love Fruit and Florals, one for lovers of Cool and Fresh scents and the last is for those who love Warm and Earthy scents.

Since I was looking for decor specifically, I signed up for the fourth option. The Whole Home Box!

The first 500 people will get 10% off but there's a shipping charge of $6. You can also sign up for one box, a box every month or a box every two months. I did the two months thing in order to give myself time to cancel if I hate and/or so I'm not spending $55 every month.  Hey, I have to be practical sometimes. :)

What do you think? Does it seem interesting? I know not everyone is going to be in to a decor subscription like I am but there seem to be a plethora of options. And uhh... look at all that Fig + Yarrow... Mmm!


  1. I'm definitely interested, although I want to wait and see what some of the boxes look like first. I'm rto of burnt out on beauty stuff and definitely want more home decor!

    1. I am here for you! I will definitely let you know what's in the box I get :D

  2. Tempting... but I think I'll pass on this one (or rather all four, haha). I will be very interested to see your review though! :D