Friday, April 3, 2015

Memebox Easter Egg Hunt!

 Memebox Easter Egg

Okay, Memebox makes a master stroke.  There are Easter Eggs hidden all over their site.  Anywhere from $5 up to the Golden Egg of $20. You'll get one item in each egg worth double what you paid for the egg. That could be both good and bad because you know Memebox pricing. :P But can we say "irresistible" because I caved.

I have no idea what is in there but I bought one of each (that I could find) so we will find out! These are selling like hotcakes! I had two sell out in my cart! Wahh...

Memebox Easter Eggs! There are probably more than what I have here.

Argh! I missed the Yellow Polka Dot Egg and the Horizontal one! Oh well.

Remember, you don't know what's going to be in there but it will be something that's worth at least double what you paid for the egg.

Am I too gullible? Am I just missing the MemeMystery so much that I had no resistance to this ploy? Possibly...

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  1. ...I really want to buy one just to see what's in them but ahhh with the shipping I could just get FCS stuff instead. XD

    1. You have enough FCS, I'm sure of it! I'm not saying you don't need more... :D

  2. I'm super jealous of everyone who managed to get a Golden Egg. I also had two sell out on me in my cart. But I still managed to pick up three, because I'm such a sucker for this stuff! XD

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Apparently I love mystery eggs along with my mystery boxes. I wonder if each egg has the same item...