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Rosario Dawson #18903 April 2015 Box Review

My Rosario Dawson #18903 arrived yesterday. I have been so impressed with her boxes, loved the last one and this one makes me just love them all the more. They do tend to be pretty eclectic in their contents and just as much fun!
My SIL with my niece and nephew are in town so I took this box over there to open it and take photos. Subscription boxes are so much fun and digging through everything in this box was sort of an event. :D
Rosario is really into philanthropy and the boxes I've received so far give evidence to this. She is very interested in giving disadvantaged women access to opportunities, especially in impoverished African countries. I think she's probably also got a pretty great sense of humor and gets enjoyment out of small things. I don't know her, of course, but her letter was pretty cute.

The Cost: $50/quarterly

What You Get: A box of items hand-chosen by Rosario Dawson in Stories, Fashion and Culture categories.  All designed to inspire thought and creativity.

Thai Celandon Teacup- This is the most comfortable cup to hold. It's a pretty light blue and is made with natural materials. It's handwash only so I think I really will only use it for tea. It's a good size. If I don't end up using it for tea, I'm going to have to put it somewhere it gets seen. This is supposed to go with the Urban Yoga Morning Meditation Tea which I forgot to take a picture of but is a blend of Lemon Myrtle, Verbena, Mint, Rooibos and roses.
Value: $5

Illume Demi Vanity Tin in Cactus Verde- This is a very fresh and clean scent. It has cassis, aloe, grass, geranium, sandalwood, iris and musk scents. Burn time 20 hours.
Value: $10
Stella and Dot "Hope" Necklace-A heartfelt message expressed in the highest of standards in silver, gold and rose gold plating. This is sterling silver with plating. It's so dainty and pretty, I really love it.
Value: $39
SockPanda Jimi Hendrix Socks- For every SockPanda sock that's sold, another pair is given to someone in need. While you're prancing around in your Jimi Hendrix socks, make sure you're doing something fun and show at least one person what your socks look like.

Poprocks- These were included to make you smile and I definitely did when I saw them. The kid in me always loves this kind of thing. Plus Poprocks are pretty awesome.
Ceed Waistband- Rosario has a heart for African women and the CEED organization is one of her ways to support women and employment in areas where it's unusual.  This set of beads was made by village women in Africa. They're paid a living wage, trained and educated as part of this effort.
Value: $40 (uhh... no?)

Seed Bomb Wildflower Mix- These were made in partnership with the Lower Eastside Girls Club. There's no list of what kinds of flowers are in these so I likely won't use them. Wildflowers can become weeds :D.
Tara Smith Bath and Body Collection- This is a collection of shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. I've never heard of this person but I like birds on the bottles. The shower gel has kind of a spicy scent.
Honest Company Air and Fabric Refresher in Orange Cypress- I love the Honest Company products. I have them all over the house and we pretty much only use Honest Co. hand soap. I've actually been wanting to try this and have it in my cart on their site. Now I don't have to pay shipping! Haha! This is an Orange Cypress and it smells very refreshing. I like it!
Value: $6.95

Studio 189 Pillowcase-This is a pillowcase from Rosario Dawsons company. It's handmade by a group of women in Africa as part of her effort to empower, education and provide opportunities for those who would not normally have access.
It's pretty ugly (to me) but I'm sure someone else who loves this style will like to have it.
Value: $75 (yeah, right)

VERDICT: I really like the variety included in Rosario's boxes. There's bound to be something that appeals to all styles. And the box is worth it to me. I mean... there's no way that I would pay $75 for a cotton pillowcase or $40 for a string of plastic beads but there will likely be something similar in all her boxes since it's supporting things that are obviously close to her heart. I like the teacup, candle, air refresher, Stella and Dot necklace and the socks. I love socks. Oh, and the Poprocks, too. Everything else is meh. So I got my $50 worth at least. The rest I can swap for things I do want.

You can sign up for Rosario's next box at You won't be charged until the box actually ships and I will warn you right now not to expect it to ship when they say it will. This one was originally supposed to ship in February. So was Nina Garcia but there's still no ETA on when hers is going to ship either.

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