Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ScentBird Review and Mother's Day Gift With Purchase!

Scentbird is a perfume subscription. They send a new, authentic 8ml purse spray to your door every month. The best part? You get to choose the perfume you receive from over 350 different fragrances. That means you get exactly what you want.

I love Scentbird and their purse sprays because these are the ultimate in perfume-portation. Okay, I made that word up but seriously, you can take these anywhere. Even on the plane. Which I did on my way to Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. No hauling a big ole jar and having to stick it in checked baggage. No digging through all your perfume samples for one you can take on the plane just so you don't have to check your bags. No. You get your favorite perfume in a perfectly portable spray vial.

The Cost: $14.95/month

What You Get: Each month you will receive one 8ml purse spray of the scent of your choice based on your profile.  The first month, you will receive the case for the perfume and a carrysack for it.

The way Scentbird does it is pretty genius. You can tell they put a lot of thought into their business and what they're doing. When you sign up, you are asked about your favorite scents. Once you fill out your survey, Scentbird matches you with perfumes in their catalog they think you'll love. You can choose any of those or just browse their inventory and take the plunge on something new.

You can choose as many as you like because they all move to your "Queue" once you pick them. You can rearrange your queue to shuffle certain perfumes back or other ones forward so that you get exactly what you want, when you want it.
Now normally, your first shipment will arrive with a black case, your perfume-of-choice vial and a little velvet drawstring bag that the case (with the perfume vial in it) fits into.

You'll notice that the top photo shows me holding up a PINK case with a silver sprayer. This is something Scentbird is working on. They had hoped to release it at the end of March but it appears that deadline was too soon. They are planning on opening up a Shop and will sell these pink cases and their Scentbird candle line. You'll notice these are available when you go to your "Recommendations" page and see "Add Ons." It looks like they're going to offer not only the pink cases but also extra atomizers, too.
 Scentbird Mothers Day Gift with Purchase

Speaking of candles, ScentBird is offering a gift with purchase of the candle persuasion for Mother's Day! Sign up using this link to get to the Mother's Day page and you'll see the offers for 3, 6 and 12 months gift subscriptions. Only the 6 month and 12 month packages will receive gift boxed candles.

Your gift recipient will receive an email from Scentbird, letting them know they've received a gift and giving instructions on how to pick their perfumes. Or you'll receive the email if you've signed up for yourself.
I really like Scentbird and have had a lot of fun choosing my perfumes. If you don't choose a perfume, you'll receive the perfume of the month. I did that once and I received one by Anna Sui and I love it! I'm really hoping they'll make the pink case available to everyone soon. I think I was only able to buy one because I'm a blogger (hey, I'm keeping it real. It's not because I'm actually persuasive, even though I did beg just a teense). As far as I can tell they haven't nailed down a price but pink metallic is pretty awesome.

If you would like to sign up for Scentbird, you can do that here. Use code B&B25 or to get 25% off your first month. If that doesn't work (I can't check them unless I make a new account), try BIRD10 for 10% off. Or 15% off with this link until 4/30.

Happy spritzing!

*affiliate links were used in this post. I purchased this product at a discounted price for review purposes.


  1. I signed up for a second account, thinking they would send me the pink case.
    But, I didn't read your review closely enough to see that Pink is exclusively for Bloggers ( which I'm not).
    So, 2 black cases, but it's all good. I always get the Fragrance Of the Month. Thus far, I've LOVED
    their picks. :)
    I plan to go with their selections unless they go into a cheap line or something. I don't think I could wear Shania Twain or Britney Spears fragrances LOL.

  2. Oh, no! That must have been a disappointment! I saw the Pink ones on Instagram and emailed to ask about them. They let me buy one early but when I did, these were supposed to be available by now. They must have hit a snag somewhere.

    You are brave, getting only the perfume of the month. I only did it once. I loved it but there's so many other ones they have that I want. You do make an excellent point... they have a really nice perfume selection. I have Michael Kors up next. I never was much for perfumes but Scentbird makes it awfully convenient.

    Now all they need to make is a black, velvet lined case with slots to hold my extra atomizers. :D

  3. The case for the perfume atomizers would be really lovely. :)
    I think we could make our own out of a pretty box, some velvet fabric cut to size and some glue. IDK, not the " crafty" type, but it seems like it would be easy to do. I have empty boxes from Godiva, Sephora, Memebox ( tons) and a few smallish decorative hatbox type boxes that could be turned into a Scentbird box.
    It would be lovely to have one from them though. I'd really hate to break any of my perfume vials.

    Sarah, how many Scentbird atomizers do you think we could get into a recycled Memebox with a pull out drawer section? :)


    1. Haha! A lot! More than I have. Although... I did just get my first Birchbox Man (I mean, my husband got... *cough*) and the box is actually a pretty perfect size for this kind of thing (and it has a drawer!!). I'd just need to compartmentalize the drawer a little since I don't want them rolling around. Hm. Now you've got me thinking...