Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Something Snacks April 2015 Review and Coupon Code

Something Snacks is a snack subscription that sends both familiar and unfamiliar snacks. This is perfect for me because while I like snacks, most snack boxes tend to send international snacks that I can't love. I'm okay with not loving a couple snacks but not liking any of them is a bummer.

That's where Something Snacks comes in. They don't send horrible snacks. They do send something a little adventurous along with several other tasty tidbits so this works out for me. This particular box won me over immediately when I saw Brownie Brittle.

The Cost: $13/month

What You Get: Each box will contain 7 new and tasty, hand selected snacks. You can expect something familiar and something more out of the ordinary.

Sheila G's Brownie Brittle Toffee Crunch- So, let me just say one thing. DELICIOUS! Perfectly crunchy and chocolatey. I ate one. Then another. And kept sneaking back for more. Maybe these are the reason my caramel failed so miserably. Yum!

East Shore Specialty Foods Cajun Pretzels- These are a little spicy but not too much so I can happily eat them. They have the perfect amount of spice per pretzel, too.
Rusty's Island Chips Potato Chips- These are thick cut potato chips with salt. I don't know why I was expecting them to be flavored but they aren't. They are, however, satisfyingly crunchy, even if they're just boring potato flavored.

Popcorn Creations Strawberry Cheesecake- While the potato chips were just potato chips, this popcorn is fantastically not just popcorn. This is candy coated popcorn. Pink is strawberry and white is cheesecake flavor. Yep. Pure sugar and totally bad for you. Of course I ate it. All.
Fabz Fava Beans with Sea Salt- I haven't tried these yet because now I'm full. I don't have a problem with eating beans. I love roasted garbanzo beans so these are probably good, too?

Easter Decorated Shortbread Cookie- Still full so I can't eat this yet but I like that kind of hard crunchy frosting. Because I like sugar. What is wrong with me? Everything "sugar" sounds amazing right now!!

Strawberry Mochi- Erm. I don't think I like Mochi. I mean, I'll try it again but I think it was a texture thing. Since I can't remember I will be adventurous and eat one when I'm not full.

VERDICT: A little savory, a little sweet, a little something of everything, really. I like this box.. Not that I don't like my other boxes, like Love with Food, but Love with Food is about healthy snacks. The Something Snacks box is about tasty! Also, those cajun pretzels are addicting.

I'm glad I signed up for this box. That's a good thing because I signed up for a whole year. So far, so tasty!

If you'd like to sign up and get your own Something Snacks box, you can do that right on their website! Make sure to use code TRY3NOW to get $3 off your box (that means your first box is $10).


  1. That popcorn and the sugar cookie look so good!

  2. Mine came today and I am really impressed with how much they give us for just $10 plus a very small shipping charge. I had unsubbed but resubbed. This is a very good value box of snacks without weird things. :)
    I found out about it through your blog, so thanks once again for enabling the heck out of me. :)

    1. Haha! Enabling is an art! I've been pretty impressed with this subscription. For being basically brand new, they're doing a great job getting interesting (and not awful) snacks. Plus it's a reasonable price. I like Love with Food, too. (theyre on sale on Groupon *cough*) But they're more healthy snack type.