Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birchbox x Cupcakes and Cashmere May 2015 Review and $1 First Box Offer!

I ended up getting two Birchboxes this month. That's because I signed up for a second one in order to get the free Beauty Blender. I've never used one before but everyone seems to love them so I wanted to try it without spending $20 on it.

This month's box is a collaboration between Birchbox and the woman who runs the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog. I don't really know anything about the blog but it appears to be for home design and recipes.

My first box was such a travesty of accident and awful that I could barely bring myself to take a photo much less review it. It had the most boring stuff in it, including a Harvey Prince Yogini sample that spilled everywhere. The only good thing was a Tokyo Milk Hand Cream.

This review is for the second box. This box is not on my regular year subscription. One thing I like about Birchbox is their points-for-review system. It's what keeps me subscribed. I spend $10 on the box, get 5 samples and then get $5 back in points for reviewing them. Then I get to spend the points in the HUGE Birchbox shop. My wishlist is always way longer than my points allow for so I always have something I want to spend my new points on.

The Cost: $10/monthly +tax

What You Get: Five samples and sometimes full size items, including everything from makeup and skin care to non beauty essentials like candles and tea. Plus a really great points program.

Marcelle Clay Mask- I love clay masks! I hate wash off masks generally but clay masks are the exception. Mainly because my skin reacts really, really well to clay and ash. Aw, darn. I just saw it has alcohol in it. Urgh. I'm really trying to avoid alcohol to see if it helps with the redness of my skin. I feel like I might have minor case of rosacea which sucks.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo- This appears to have gotten squished in the mail and has sprayed into the inside of the cap. Either way, it doesn't matter because it's not something I would use. The packaging makes me smile, though, so that's worth it.
Whish Flawless Swipes- Fun! These are for using after you shave to prevent ingrown hairs and banish bumps. It has a soothing, moisturizing serum. I'm totally going to use these. There's three of them. They should have these things in a Wet Shave Box. :)

Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream- This is SO adorable! It's a glass mini jar and it's so stinking cute I wish I wanted to use it. But I have far better moisturizers than this one. This is very, very basic and contains very little in the way of beneficial ingredients so I'll pass this along. Or maybe I wont... I could keep the little glass jar for my self and use it for my stud earrings or something...
Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Eyeshadow Quad- I've received a couple eyeshadow quads like this but have never actually used any of them yet. This one, however, I am actually anxious to try so I'll probably use it today when I put on my makeup (and my new Bobbi Brown Tint Balm that just got here! So excited about that!).

VERDICT: For the first box on an account that hasn't been used in 8 months, this is a great box for me! Even more surprising is the fact that I've never received any of these items except for the Dry Shampoo. And that's after more than a year of subscribing. Maybe it's because the profile is different. I do have to say that if you're getting bummed with your boxes, just switch up your profile. I'm going to change up my profile on the other account.
Of course, even better than the samples is the fact that I now have $30 in my points account. What should I buy with that free money!? The last thing I bought was this it Cosmetics Correcting Cream and I freaking love it. I tried to save up for one of those Clairsonic Mias but then I bought this Alhambra tray instead. My points always burn a hole in my pocket.

So anyway, even though my boxes sometimes suck, the points system keeps me subscribed. If you want to sign up, I'd love it if you used my referral link. You get points for referring people, too! If you use my link, you'll see my name and know it's me. :)

When you sign up USE A COUPON CODE!! Birchbox is famous for it's great codes! Right now you can sign up for $1 with code TATIOFFER!  I'm not sure of the expire date on that, so you can also use BB50OFF and get your first box for $5. Woohoo!

*referral/affiliate links were used in this post. Thank you in advance if you choose to use them :)


  1. Neither of those codes work :(

    1. They're both expired sadly. But you can use BBJETBLUE10 and get 100 points added to your account. I *think* that's still working. It could have expired May 31st.