Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Boxycharm May 2015 "Bold and Beautiful" Spoilers!

Ready for the May 2015 Boxycharm?! Cue up any Bodyography love you have because the first two spoilers are all about it. Boxycharm is pretty much the subscription box to get if you want full size makeup. Well, there is Wantable Makeup but basically it's Boxycharm or bust.

This month, there will be two products (so far) by Bodyography in the May 2015 box. And what? I'm not complaining because the theme is "Bold and Beautiful" and the spoilers are all about your brows!

Eyebrows! Spoilers ahead:

Everyone will get a full size Bodyography Brow Trio! Awesomely, it looks like a good enough range of colors to satisfy nearly every brow (except black...?). Since I'm not a "brownoisseur" I don't really know. But I've been desperately wanting something for my brows. Mine are pretty skinny and short. And while I don't mind the width of my brows, I do wish they were a little longer on the outside. Does that even make sense?
Featuring three matte brow powders in one handy compact flattering for all hair colors.
To help you apply your super awesome new browshadow, you will also receive a Bodyography Brow Brush. What more could a girl want (besides lipstick, a good moisturizer and a hot pink handbag, of course)?
Used for separating lashes and filling in and taming brows. Separate clumpy lashes with the mascara wand on one end and shape and groom brows with the angled brow brush on the other end.

What do you think of these? Love Bodyography? Never heard of them? Love to loathe them?

Sign up at www.boxycharm.com for $21/month.


  1. Hi, Sarah,
    I just wanted to say what a cute review this is. :) I resubbed to BoxyCharm and I'll be glad for more brow stuff ( I have tons of K- cosmetic brow things but they are extremely dark for me).
    I've never heard of the brand outside sub boxes.

    Loved the " pink handbag, lipstick and good moisturizer" comment. You made me laugh.

    Are you getting this box? Are you getting Allure SS boxes and are you as sick of teeny perfume samples as I am?
    Makes Scentbird look absolutely luxurious by comparison. :)

    1. Haha! Thank you! Speaking of... the third spoiler is a lipstick! I'm actually not currently subscribed in order to try a couple new ones. I have to spread out my subscription love but I'm sure I'll be back to Boxy soon. It really is my one good makeup sub.

      Yes, I'm still getting Sample Society and yes, I *hate* the perfume samples!! I did sign up for the revamped Dermstore BeautyFix box and I also am loving Scentbird. Although not their prices for the extra cases! Hot pink is always fabulous but ugh... $12.95 for just the pink case? >:|

  2. BoxyCharm has had some nice lipsticks in the past. Hoping for a non-orange one. LOL.

    Regarding Scentbird- I just signed up for a second subscription and got more perfume with the case... It did make more sense than ordering an empty case, price- wise. :)

    Allure needs to know how much we are hating the perfume samples. I don't know anyone who likes them and for a tiny free sample from any dept. store to count as " one of five items" is rather cheap and tacky, IMO.