Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Burke Decor BurkeBox Whole Home May 2015 Subscription Box Review

Burke Decor just started a subscription box service. There are several styles of box to choose from. Three are spa related. One is for people who love Fruit and Florals, one for lovers of Cool and Fresh scents and the last is for those who love Warm and Earthy scents. But the box I got is the Whole Home box. I've been hunting for a good home decor subscription and I'll be honest... There really isn't one.

I don't think I'm surprised by that because people tend to have their own ideas of what they want their house to look like and if you're all shabby chic, then getting some geometric art isn't really going to work for you. So, it's an iffy proposition.

The Cost: $55

What You Get: Four to five items, handpicked by Burke Decor Editors. No two boxes are alike.

Here is the first Burke Box I got. The first. Yes. Because apparently what happened was that the boxes were sent out missing items. But based on what I've seen, I'm not sure that there was a specific item that was missing or if it was just a case of someone having no idea what they were doing. The boxes definitely were eclectic but some had similarities. I don't know.

But I got an email saying that they were so sorry and a box of "supplemental goodies" would be on their way shortly.  What they actually did was send me a whole new box. Probably a good idea because there was no possible way to know who was missing what. There was no information card (in either box) and I had to hunt to figure out what these items were.

In my first box, I received:

2 Roost Small Etched Glasses- These are pretty. I thought maybe they were votive holders but they aren't. Or rather, they're not supposed to be but I'm guessing that's how I'll use them. These have holly leaves and berries on them so I'm thinking Christmas. I can't find these exact ones so I think... Clearance!
Value: $12/ea ($24 total)

2 Trina Turk Mojave Cloth Cocktail Napkins- Yeah, two. Not four, which would be acceptable. Or six, which would have been normal. Two. I actually didn't know what these were either and had to look them up. They aren't trivets and they aren't coasters. They're cocktail napkins. They're actually quite nice and I'll use these at my desk (like a coaster...). hah!
Value: $8ea on Clearance ($16 total)

Canvas Home Dauville Platinum Bowl- Okay, when I saw this I was THRILLED! Why? Because it's a match for the one from Popsugar! Except its smaller. And so cute. And stackable. And I'm totally using this and I love it.
Value: $22

So the first box has a value of $62 which was obviously not what they wanted. I think they had a slight snafu because you can only sign up for the waitlist for the Home Box now.

On to the second box! I gotta tell you... These boxes are so eclectic it's not even funny. I laughed so hard when I opened this up. I mean, it was a good thing I'd already gotten a box (even if it wasn't full) because it made up for the slight insanity that was the second box.
Based on the retail value of the items included in this box and what the included card says, this is a truly complete box. These are not add-ons (which would make the box a ridiculously good deal), it is a new box and every person who was in the first wave of Whole Home Box shipments will receive one. This is not because I'm a blogger. Burke Decor has literally no idea who I am. I just wanted to clarify because of some comments I saw on MSA where they said she must have got better things because of her status. I really doubt that was the case.
So here is the included note that mentions what had happened. I don't know if I was "let down" or just surprised by the curation of the first box but I'm not gonna say no to a re-do. Amirite?! All the people who got the Spa boxes are probably kicking themselves. Or not, since I saw some of those boxes and they were fantastic. Some of the item packaging is basically art. Forget actually using the thing.
Kobo Vetiver and Shaved Vanilla Candle- Aromatic notes of smooth vetiver and rich vanilla bean rise above a warm base of earthy patchouli, smooth sandalwood, golden amber and sweet musk. This candle did not arrive in it's box but I don't mind. I'm sad because I hate patchouli and it's juuuust this side of noticeable. However, it will make a very nice gift. It's a nice heavy jar and has a metal lid.
Value: $37 (croak...  I know...)

Lucia Soaps in No. 6 and No. 1- These are little travel soaps. The scents are Linseed and Goatmilk and Fig and Ginger. They don't really smell like anything but soap to me. They're from a set of 10 and don't appear to be sold separately.
Value: $2
Izola Shower Curtain in "Powder Room"- Ahh! You were expecting it to be a blanket, weren't you!! So was I! LOL! I looked at it... Shower curtain? I just got a shower curtain in a Home Decor box? Uh... Okay? We do have three bathrooms but only one of them has the kind of tub/shower that needs a curtain and it already has one that I love and perfectly matches everything.
This is made out of soft, unbleached poly/cotton. It feels like soft canvas. I was going to cut it up and make pillows (and I still might) but I might hang it up in my office. On the wall. To cover up the entrance to the attic. I don't know. Maybe I'll use it as a background for my future photos...
It's really growing on me. And while I won't use it as a shower curtain I will actually use it. I'm not even considering trading it. It would have to be a whopping good trade for me to give this up, I think. Suprising, I know, but I like it!
Value: $48 (for a shower curtain!?!?)
Velvet Raptor Greeting Cards (set of 7)- These are made of silk and velvet and cardboard. Do you think you're supposed to write right on the velvet? Or do you write on the ugly gray cardboard back? I'm beginning to think that you're supposed to write on the velvet part but that seems a little difficult. You'd probably need a Sharpie. The envelopes are the best part. They're heavy duty and have a fun cutout for the flap.
What else could I do with these things? Someone has to have some ideas. Someone more creative than me.
Value: $38 (I cannot believe it. Papyrus does gorgeous cards for way cheaper.)

VERDICT: What on earth have I been sent!? See what I mean about eclectic? I do feel like someone dug through all the returns, old stock, clearance items and discontinued things in order to make these boxes but there is something so unique and bizarre about them that I have to get at least one more. It does have a value of over $130 and I paid $55 for it. That's for the second box. I'm not including the first one because it wasn't a complete box. Obviously, $55 for the combined boxes was ridiculously worth it. Uh, and I love the Canvas platinum bowl so...

Now, tell me how YOU feel about this box? Am I the only one looking at it going "wtf?!" And don't get me wrong, this was a very fun box to open even if I was confused 3/4 of the time.

Would you subscribe to the waitlist after seeing this box? I don't know if I would but I'm still getting another box. I signed up to get one every other month so it won't be until July.


  1. I love how different everything is from each other! Something you would never expect! I signed up for this just before they rolled out a wait list so I'm excited to get one! :) It's a nice change from all the beauty boxes out there, I can't get through all the beauty items that are in most subscription boxes

    1. It *is* a nice change. Maybe that's why I still like it even though the inclusions were a little crazy. I wonder what you will get?! :D

  2. Great review! What a weird box. I'm not sure if I'll get it or not and I'm turned off by the Christmas item. Still, it's a ummmmm interesting at least!

    1. Definitely weird. I don't *know* that it's a Christmas item but it suuuure looks like it. I'm bummed the box appears to be a lot of closeouts and I hope they get enough feedback about it to cause them to change it up.

  3. I just subscribed to this box! Once I get it in I'll share what I got. I chose every 3 months so we'll see how it goes :)

    1. Did you get the Home box or one of the others? I totally want to know what you get!

  4. yes! I got the whole home, I like that there are different things and I know that I'd find something I would like and something to give, I won't ever have to go shopping again! LOL just kidding but it's almost true :)

  5. Love your review, and obssed with upcoming decor boxes! There are some good ones in the UK though. Wanted to let you know Decoterie just launched too, definitely give them a peek! I work there :) Will email you a preview!