Saturday, May 9, 2015

Code Red Crate "Time of the Month" Subscription Review

Code Red Crate is a new subscription box dedicated to providing you with everything you might need during your period. I will say that getting a subscription box filled with tampons is not the first thing I would think I ever needed but I'm converted. I'm definitely sure this kind of subscription is something I need.

This review is for the Code Red Crate. They do have three other options (Yellow, Orange and The Cravings Box) but this is the largest box.  It's send in a plain brown box. This is a new subscription and is run by a mother/daughter operation so I think they haven't reached the point of boxes with logos yet.
Inside the large box everything was separately packaged. This is not only fun and cute but a really good way to keep the snacks from crushing. It also kept the bath and body products from scenting the food items. And of course, it was fun to open everything and dig in!

The Cost: $30/month plus $6.99 shipping for this Code Red Crate (or less, depending on your box choice)

What You Get: Each box will include your choice of pads and/or tampons and pantiliners alone with spa goodies, chocolate, snacks, pain reliever, teas/drinks and a special gift.

The first bag I opened up was full of bath goodies. There was a body lotion, bath bomb and bath salts. They smell heavenly but one of them (or all maybe?) has lavender in it. There are no ingredient lists but I'm guessing the "Relaxing Blend" signifies lavender. I'm bummed they're all the same because my dang lavender allergy means I can't use any of them. I believe these are all handmade. There's also a tealight, hair ties and a Cozy Sock. The Cozy Sock is actually a white mens tube sock, filled with something beadlike and then covered with a fuzzy sock. I don't know what is inside the sock but it really smells very chemically. So much so that it was the first thing I smelled when I opened the box. It can be microwaved, warmed up and then laid on your poor cramping belly. :D
There are so many choices for you to make when you sign up when it comes to the necessities. There's Always, Kotex, Carefree and Tampax brands. You choose what kind of tampon, pad and pantiliners you want. I mentioned I preferred pantiliners because my periods are really light thanks o my IUD.
I was sent 30 U by Kotex liners. I've never used them before but I think I don't like them. I'm not sure yet, more testing is in order. I know I hate the Always ones. TMI? Haha! I just like the regular Kotex Lightdays or whatever they call them.
Then I got 10 Tampax Pearl tampons, two little Scensibles bags which I'm assuming are for... well, you know... disposing of things. How am I writing about this stuff?! I guess we all know what I'm talking about but it seems weird to be blogging about it. :D
Three Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths are also included. I have only negative associations with Summer's Eve. Probably because you're not actually supposed to use douche. But these aren't douche so I'll test them out.
Snacks!! For every kind of craving. This is a big bag Kelloggs Fruity Snacks, Kar's Sweet n Salty mix with peanuts and fake M&M's, Strawberry Craisins, Handisnacks and Grandma's Peanut Butter Sandwich Cremes. Yum!
And it doesn't end there! I also got a bag of Brownie Brittle (delicious, btw), Ghiarardelli Chocolate squares, Quaker Chewy Dipps in Peanut Butter (my favorite!) and assorted sour candies, chocolates and chewing gum.
But the box isn't only about snacks! While there were also Barbeque Lays Baked Chips and a large Vitamin Water, each box also contains a special gift. This time around it's a water bottle (but next months looks like a pink tote!). So I loaded my Vitamin Water into my water bottle and took my Advil.

VERDICT: I am definitely impressed with the amount of things included in the Code Red Crate. I really like the option to choose exactly which kind of products and brands to receive, as well. The timing (unintentional) was absolutely perfect. Just when I need the necessities, Code Red Crate showed up and provided them!
Honestly, I think I need to get a box like this forever. I'll never have to make a special trip to the store or run out of anything, if it's always arriving every month. I might not need quite this many snacks so one of the smaller versions like the Code Orange Crate would probably suffice.
The website for Code Red Crate is easy to navigate although riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. You can see exactly what kinds of things each box contains by looking at everything in the Shop. They even have a box that is just snacks. I wouldn't want that one though because I think the best part of this box is that they send you all your tampons, etc and you don't even have to get up. :D

Is it weird to want a box like this? It's sort of a splurge but really... I think I want to subscribe to a period box.

*This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine.


  1. I hope this isn't rude but can I just say, as a happily post- menopausal woman that the name of the box is HILARIOUS to me?
    " Code Red" always meant " fire alarm" from school age throughout my career with a major healthcare company. :)

  2. I tried TomBox (formerly SwagBox) on sale and really liked it. There's also Le Parcel that I plan to try and Bonjour Jolie (which I heard is geared more to teens). I might have to check out code Orange or yellow... I hate having to buy my supplies at the store!!