Monday, May 18, 2015

Dottiebox Mini May 2015 Subscription Box Review

Dottiebox is an interesting box. They send handmade items, products from small businesses or indie goodies. You really never know what might pop up in a box. So, of course, I had to try it. I got the Dottiebox Mini. They also have a regular Dottiebox, as well.
The Mini contains typically three items and the regular box contains four. They do seem to count coupons as an item but I do not if they require a purchase.

The Cost: $13/month for Dottiebox Mini, $20/month for Dottibox

What You Get: Receive a curated monthly box with lovely handmade products, coupons, and items from small businesses and indie brands.

Peripeti Home Sun Rise Travel Candle- Well, I'm a sucker for handmade candles so I was really happy to see this.  This has a green and floral heart including jasmine and violet with an oak base. It's very clean and springy. The sort of candle you'd want in a room that is airing out. Very nice!
Value: $7.50
Poppy & Elle Compass Earrings- These are post earrings. One was bent when it arrive but I pushed it back into a straight line. These are not my style at all. The needle inside does move around but sadly they don't actually function as a compass (now THAT would be cool!)
Value: $12

There was also a coupon for 10% off $100 or more at Which I don't count.

VERDICT: This is actually a pretty interesting box for $13. I mean, getting things you don't like is always an aspect of a mystery box so I think I did pretty good getting a candle I'll enjoy. Even if the earrings didn't work out for me, someone will love them.

If you love both of these things, you can still get this box, I believe. Head to and get one! You can buy a single box (and they don't even charge extra for that!) or you can start a subscription. They do their subscriptions through Paypal so if you have an account, it's really easy to cancel whenever you want.

What do you think of this box? Have you received a Dottiebox before? I'm debating actually subscribing now because this seems like a lot of fun. :D


  1. I would totally wear those earrings. It's too bad the compass isn't functional though - my ears often get lost. :P

    1. I *really* wanted them to actually work. That would be so awesome. :D