Monday, May 11, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2015 Soap Box ~ Straight On 'Til Morning

This is the Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Soapbox for 2015! The theme is all Peter Pan and is "Straight On 'til Morning." It's an essentially tropical box and Peter Pan does live on an island so... Plus, summer! This box has eight sample items and is released four times a year. Each theme is season specific and packed with wonderful scents.

The Cost: $19.99/quarterly

What You Get: 8 exclusive, pre-release specially hand-crafted Fortune Cookie Soap Co. exclusive bath and body products in deluxe sample sizes along with a $10 gift card for using with any purchase at their website.

Salt Scrub in The Boy Who Never Grew Up- This is appropriately margarita scented. Salt and everything. Smells quite tasty. The texture is really strange but I think it's just because of the salt.

Whipped Cream in Lost Boys- My favorite scent!! SO good! This is apricot and peach scented even though the lotion itself is lavender colored. I need a hand sanitizer and a room spray in this same scent. YUM! I smell so good and I put this on ages ago. I love lotions with scent staying power.
Lip Balm in Kiss- I love this size!! It's so tiny and cute! It smells like watermelon and pineapple with citrus. It just tastes like lip balm, though. Sadly.

OCD Hand Sanitizer in Tink- I love the Fortune Cookie Soap hand sanitizers. I think I have six or seven of them. They always smell SO good and this sample size is perfect for every purse. This one is flavored with cherrys, coconut and sugar. It's not my favorite but it's not awful.

Two Phase Perfume Oil in Mermaid Lagoon- I like the scent of this but I'm not going to be using it because it stains. I'm not sure why you would even want to *make* something that can't be used without staining. Especially a perfume oil that is very likely to come into contact with clothing. Bizarre. Why not just take the coloring out of the recipe? I mostly smell pineapple but it says it has coconut in it somewhere.

Fortune Cookie Soap in Second Star to the Right- This is the FCS namesake! Their fortune cookie soaps are SO cute, usually pretty and very impractical to actually use. This one has a purple galaxy glitter swirl design and I love it. The scent is mint and berries with citrus. I smell the citrus more than the mint and I wish it was the other way around because I adore minty soaps.

Veggie Protein Deodorant in Wendy Bird- I'm not sure I knew you could make deodorant out of veggie protein. Or regular protein for that matter. But this is. It's a tropical scent with some appley goodness. It's not very strong but that could be because it's deodorant? I could use some hand sanitizer in this scent, too.

Steam Me Up Scotty in The Captain- Magnolias and wild berries. I adore these shower bombs. If they weren't so stinking pricey, I'd buy a million of them. I can't tell the smell from just smelling the bomb, I'll have to use it first to confirm magnolia/berry awesomeness.

VERDICT: Fortune Cookie Soap is a lot of fun. While I can't really justify the price of the box, it's still so much fun to get that I can't unsubscribe. Sure, I don't always like everything but when I do, it's always something delicious. They send out these boxes to get you hooked on a scent, then they give you a $10 coupon to spend in their shop. Which basically just means free shipping. I try really hard to stay away but sometimes I just need MORE in a certain scent. This time it's the Lost Boys scent. *drool*

If you want to sign up and get your own FCS Soapbox, sign up here on their website.  You'll be signing up for the Fall SoapBox (not this Summer one) because these sell out ridiculously fast.
The subscriptions are managed separately from the regular website, so you'll be taken away when you pay but I promise, you'll still get your boxes even though it's a weird way of doing it.

Did you get your Soapbox? What did you think?


  1. AHHHHH SO JEALOUS THAT YOU GOT YOUR BOX ALREADY!!! (just had to comment that first, now I'm actually going to read your review, haha)

  2. I received a small sample of "Second Star to the Right" in whipped cream form and loved the scent! It definitely isn't super minty, but I love it anyway. I can't wait to try Lost Boys because so many people have said so many good things about it! :D I just want my box now even though I'm not usually a fan of the summer boxes because the scents are always overly sweet. XD

    1. Omg, when my box got here, I was thinking "Oh, my box is late, Iris already got hers..." But now I realize that the post I read was all your shopping slurges and not actually the box. Which I must have known but forgot and only kind of remembered when my box showed up. These are not sweet. I would say that Lost Boys is probably the sweetest and it's barely sweet. Not like... the cereal one where everything was sickly.

    2. derp. splurges not slurges... I don't even want to know what slurges are...

    3. Slurges sound like a cool new kind of slurpee. ;)

    4. Oh man, I think my box is still in the warehouse! XD No update on tracking, but that's okay - I'll get it before the summer launch party. Though I don't think I'll like this box as much as I loved the Wonderland box - I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on Wonderland products, lol.

      But OHHHHH okay, that's good to know! Hopefully I'll like all the coconut that seems to be in this box. XD