Monday, May 11, 2015

Get a Free Beauty Blender with Your Birchbox Subscription!

 Birchbox coupon code
So, yeah. I totally resubscribed to Birchbox for this deal. I mean, the blender itself is $20 normally and that's not including the cleanser. And a Birchbox is only $10.  So for $10 I get a 5 samples, a Beauty Blender and a solid cleanser!

Now that's a party!  Use code BLEND to get this deal. You only have until May 15th so don't spend too much time waffling. :)  Sign up here!

UPDATE: It appears that the supplies have been exhausted for this code. It was good til the 15th or "while supplies last." They must have under-calculated the awesome factor of this code for it to run out in one day...

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  1. So you just unsubscribed and then resubscribed?? You don't lose your points when you do that? I heard there is also a code to get 100 points... I wonder if you can use both?

    1. Nope, only 1 coupon per purchase.

    2. Just one coupon per purchase. I have two accounts. One has a year subscription and the other one I just sub and unsub when deals like this come along. :D

    3. Oh, and you only lose your points if you don't use them up within a year. You can unsub and spend your points with no problems at all. You don't have to be subscribed to the box to use your points. And you can still earn points from making purchases from the shop as well.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh no! It expired already?! It's supposed to be good til the 15th! Or maybe it was a "while supplies last" type of thing. Although I don't see that in the small print. Hm.