Friday, May 1, 2015

GingerMail April 2015 Blooming Florals~ A Stationery Subscription

I've been eyeing some stationery subscriptions for awhile now but when I came across GingerMail, I knew I'd finally found the one. GingerMail is put together every six weeks by Gina at Personally, I think she has great taste and her designs are totally my style.

This is a fun subscription because I'm getting into the whole "snail mail" thing again. I say "again" because that was the only mail back in the day. And trust me, it's WAY more fun to get actual mail than an email. My grandma sends me snail mail and I always feel special seeing her envelopes in my mailbox.

The Cost: $15 every six weeks.  The next mailing is June 1st.

What You Get: A variety of greeting cards,stationery items and other paper goods to your mailbox. Each mailing will have a theme, so all of your items relate to one another.

Rifle Paper Co Notebook- I actually moaned outloud when I saw this. I adore Rifle Paper Co and their floral designs. And this notebook couldn't be more perfect. It's bound with red silk thread and has 64 lined pages. I've already started using it. It's a great size and it's now sitting with me on my desk. Every time I look at it, I smile.
I think these are older since they are not available on the website that I can find but I don't even care. I love making lists and this is the perfect list-making notebook ever. It's already got five pages of lists written in it by yours truly.

Each mailing comes with a card explaining the theme and what you received. This months theme is Blooming Florals and as you can see the Rifle Paper notebook perfectly fits.
It's that time of year! I've already written in my "hey mama" card and will be mailing it off shortly. My mom already got her gift (which was a Chococurb box that she LOVED!) so I'm going to time this one to make sure it arrives the day before Mother's Day. She's not the sentimental type so she'll appreciate this card.

I don't know any graduates. I'm too old and too young at the same time. I can pass this Graduation Card along, though, to someone who has a reason to use it. It's still cute, though.
Then there are some super cute stickers that I'm totally using. I'm not quite sure how yet but I will find a way.
I wonder if it's tradition to include a monthly calendar on heavy cardstock. I have a little easel for this kind of thing and I got it out. You'll probably see it in some future reviews. So cute.
I don't really use recipe cards but these three are so pretty, I think I should start.

VERDICT: This GingerMail package was so full of adorable things I hardly know what to do with myself. I'm definitely staying subscribed to see what we get in June. I feel like this paper goods subscription gives more than other ones I've seen. And really, the Rifle Paper Co. notebook causes me to be a little biased. So I have to stay subscribed and see if I still love it even without that awesomeness. :)

If GingerMail looks like something you would love, you can sign up at It's $15 every six week and the next shipment goes out in June. It's a long wait but you won't be charged until right before the package ships which I think is nice.

What do you think? Do you subscribe to any paper goods or stationery subscriptions that you really like?

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  1. i have always loved snail mail and the art of writing that would bring someone a smile :) I will have to sign up for this! such a cute idea!