Friday, May 15, 2015

It's Here! Scentbird Officially Releases the PINK Case! Plus Coupon Code

 Scentbird pink case and coupon code
Scentbird has finally released their Pink Case! You can buy it now by adding it to your subscription from the top tab "Extra Cases and More." It's a whopping $12.95 which surprises me and it doesn't come with a perfume. But still, this is your chance!

Here's a picture of mine next to the black one:

It's got a silver sprayer. It's pretty easy to just switch the tops of your perfumes but I do think it would be nice for there to be an option to get one with perfume in it!
Another shot. I really like mine. It's sort of a shiny but matte hot, rosy pink. Does that even make sense?

Either way, I really like Scentbird and what they've done for my perfume collection. They send a new, authentic 8ml purse spray to your door every month. The best part? You get to choose the perfume you receive from over 350 different fragrances. That means you get exactly what you want.

If you want to sign up for Scentbird, use code MDG25 for 25% off! If you're already signed up but you want the Pink case like nobody's business, head over there and pop it in your cart!

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  1. HOORAY!! Finally got to order a pink extra case. :)
    I'm happy.

    1. I'm so glad! It took them a lot longer than they were hoping to get these up and available to everyone. I just wish now that they sent all the perfumes in the silver-topped sprayer. I think it looks nicer with either color. For switching perfumes around, I mean. I switch mine all the time. Sheesh. I love Scentbird. I can't help it.

  2. $12.95, ouch. Still, I think it's cool that they're offering a new color option!

    1. Yeah, that's too rich for my blood. I mean, I'd probably eventually cave but urgh. It would be nice if they offered a royal blue or made a whole line of colors :D