Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I've Been So Busy and Covered in Dirt...

I've been posting less this last month because it's that time of year! Spring!! This is the time when I have to move all the plants that should have been moved in the Fall, clean up the yard buy new plant goodies to replace the ones that appear to be dead.  You know... all that kind of good stuff.
This photo is from the front yard and is mainly my budding peonies, monarda and a voodoo lily that hasn't bloomed yet.

We did get our fence replaced and the lawn edged. I spread six yards of beauty bark (that was so much work, I'm tired just thinking about it) and everything is pruned that is supposed to be pruned and I think I can take a breather.

The deck got painted, I blocked up some rabbit holes, baited those crappy slugs and dug up four yard waste bins full of weeds. That is a lot of weeds.
This non weed filled photo is also the front yard with dayliles and hebe for green and dark purple sage with my Gladiator Allium just coming into bloom. I can't wait till they're fully bloomed and nice and round. Allium are definitely my favorite bulbs. They're related to onions so they keep the pests away and they're pretty!
I also got a new camera!! Thanks to my wonderful brother in law, he got a new camera and so I got his old one. It's a Canon DSLR of some sort. I've never had a DSLR before so I'm still learning but expect some new fantabulous photos to show up on the blog as soon as I figure out all the particulars. Until then you just get amateur stuff.

Like this photo of my Mediterranean Bells Allium with a bee buzzing around the flower. These also are not completely blooming but they're close enough. The fuzzy dark purple points in the middle ground are my City Lights Iris buds. I couldn't figure out how to get everything in focus...

I have a ton of new subscription boxes lined up to review and I'm really excited about them. Expect at least one giveaway in the next few weeks, too. So much to do! I have to get my BurkeBox Home, Wet Shave Club Ladies Box and my Something Snacks reviews up. Then I have Sample Society and Beauty Fix showing up in the next few days, too. Did you see that Sample Society is not accepting new subscribers for an indefinite period!? I hope they aren't ending the subscription! They were my first sub!

Lately I've been obsessed with GenMaicha tea. I first had this toasted brown rice with green tea when I was in Japan. I drank gallons of it. Anytime it was offered, that was what I drank. I found a really good kind on Amazon by Yamamotoyama. It might be the sort of thing I have to have delivered every three months or something. It's too perfect.

Also, I've been subscribing to Trendy Butler but it's just too hard to find clothing that both fits AND appeals to DH so I've had to cancel. I was in contact with the CEO and I thought he had a handle on the problem but I think everything is just too Eurostyle slim for my husband and his ridiculously broad shoulders. Well... that and there's no way in hell he's going to wear a V-neck cardigan. I'm so bummed because I really liked the quality.

I'm redecorating my office! I really want to find a way to take pretty pictures instead of boring ones and I figured if I redecorated, I might have an epiphany. So pink and whites with silver, coming right up. This is a new color scheme for me. We'll see how well my design-challenged self actually does.

Is anyone out there a gardener? You know all about the dirty work I'm doing right now. :) I just planted a round of gladiolas, too. In the rain. I also got 3 Flower Carpet Roses. I hate roses because they're ugly bushes but these promise to be low maintenance. I like the flowers but I hate the fuss so we'll see how it goes.

Now. Show me your garden (gimme links!) because I'm always looking for ideas. I'm in zone 7b.


  1. Ooh! Nice! A DSLR camera is more professional. I like the photos that come from them because there's something about photos that only have the main item in focus and everything else blurred. :D My friend back in the states is going to ship me her 1 yr old camera that isn't a DSLR but seems to have some features that can get me photos like the one you posted of your Mediterranean Bells Alium. I'm excited to get it. Her hubby is buying her a brand new to the market top camera. Hey, I sure won't be complaining about getting someone's secondhand! :)
    I love good hand-me-downs!

    I'm a gardener as well. An amateur veggie gardener and have a bunch of veggie plants in containers since we are living in a rented townhouse.

    1. Your friend sounds amazing and generous! I love my hand-me-down, too!
      I've been using my phone for photos so this is a new experience. I had to look up some guides online and they're pretty helpful. As long as I can get bright, focused photos of my boxes and colorful close ups of my flowers, I'll be happy.

      I haven't tried veggies yet but I really want to try. I just got a planter box all set up. My biggest problem now is rabbits. I have to rig up a way to keep them out before I plant anything. Growing veggies successfully seems like it would be rewarding. It's not quite immediate gratification but I think growing my own carrots would be fun. That and basil.

  2. I love your garden!! Very pretty. How do you find the time to keep it so nice? I'm a wannabe gardener who keeps planting things and then forgetting about them :/ Right now I have about 5 dead plants that I'm trying to bring back to life (as if that's possible once it's dead!). I can't believe you dug up four bins of weeds! I've been trying to dig up weeds and random grass and so far it's taken me a week just to do half a bin! I'm still looking for plants that can withstand this heat. Do you know of anything that thrives in high temps? I'm in zone 11 but it seriously feels like it should be 13..

    1. I have to make time. I have been NOT making time for awhile- hence the four bins of weeds. And I still have enough weed/rock/dead plant piles to fill another bin halfway. /sigh It's a never ending process. I neglected it for way too long and the weeds were OUT OF CONTROL (obviously). You lucky zone 10 people get plumeria and hibiscus and passionflower. You get grapevines, delosperma,and trumpet vines. You probably don't even have to dig up your dahlias!