Thursday, May 7, 2015

Julep May 2015 Mystery Box and Free Polish Coupon Code!

May Mystery Box
Julep has a new May 2015 Mystery Box available and it comes with a colorful BRIKA pouch! It was so cute that I didn't even resist. I was a Maven for a long time until I realized I had nearly enough nail polish to fill a swimming pool. I decided it was better for me to just get a Mystery Box or two (or three) a year in order to mitigate the advancement of my collection.

And so there are always Mystery Boxes I can't resist and this is one of them. Why? Uhh... Adorable pouch much?

This BRIKA pouch measures 9" x 11" -- big enough for my Samsung Galaxy S5 with room to spare for my keys, favorite lipstick, and moisturizer. Plus... SPRING!!
Not only that but the automatically included polish colors are just my style! Each box will contain Marcelle, a weathered pink creme, and Sheyla, a purple perennial full-coverage microglitter.

The box has a retail value of $150 but that doesn't really mean much because Julep's regular prices are outrageous. I'm guessing there will be at least one more polish and two of Juleps beauty products.

If you decide to buy this Mystery Box (or any other items), make sure to add an extra polish of your choice to your cart and use code SPRINGFUN to get it for free!

You can also become a Maven and get your first box for free using code MAYBABY! It signs you up for a subscription, be aware of that but it's fun, I won't lie. You basically get to choose your products from a selection each month so you don't have to get anything you hate. Genius!

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  1. Ooh such pretty colors! Especially that pink!! This is just my style too, but I've been spending WAY too much money lately and need to practice self-control :(

  2. The SPRINGPOLISH code didn't work for me.

    1. ACK! Thank you for saying something! I'm a big dope and typed the wrong code. /sigh It's SPRINGFUN.