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Julep May 2015 Mystery Box Review and Coupon Codes

This is my Julep May 2015 Mystery Box. The invoice says that it's version one so there must be a couple different boxes available. There's always product overlap, especially with the two spoiler polishes being in every box. I'm definitely not brave enough to buy more than one mystery box to find out, though.

I was a Julep Maven for a long time. I really like their program now because each month you get to customize your box. You can also skip months if you're feeling overwhelmed. In my mind, that's absolutely essential for a nail polish subscription of this caliber. You get SO much polish and fingernails are pretty small so collections tend to build and build until they start to need their own zipcode.

This box is not part of the Julep Maven program. This is a single box release they tend to do each month. This is to lure non-mavens into spending. And it works. When you have gorgeously colored clutches and beautiful polish, it's really easy to snap one of these up without thinking twice.

The Cost: $29.99

What You Get: Two new, exclusive colors—Marcella (Classic with a Twist): Weathered pink crème and Shayla (Bombshell): Purple perennial full-coverage microglitter —a surprise box of spring color and beauty ($150+ value), and a vegan leather BRIKA + Julep artist collaboration pouch.

First up is the Julep x Brika by Avril clutch. This is a BIG clutch. It's a little bigger than a regular size piece of paper at 9" x 11". I am HOOKED on this. I'm so using it. I love the springy colors and guess what!! It has a pocket inside! It's not a dinky pocket either. My phone fits in it.
Mine has a stain (you can see it above the P in Julep) but I don't think I'm going to fuss about it. It also smells like plastic but that will go away. If it was leather I would never let go of it. But in this case I can use it whenever and not care if it gets wet or gets sand on it at the beach or anything. Seriously, it's so cute and perfect. I just noticed someone is selling one on Ebay already for $45. I don't think it's worth $45 but it's pretty stinking cute.
Shayla- Purple perennial full-coverage microglitter. This is one of the spoiler polishes that everyone will get. It's... Well, I don't know that I would call it full coverage. Well, actually, at two coats it is. I just went and put another coat on. I was thinking it was supposed to be a fun, sparkly top coat until I typed out that description. It is purple glitter with multi-color sparkles. I love it. Yes. Two coats definitely.

Marcella-Weathered pink crème. This is the second of the spoiler polishes. It's a pretty, dainty pink. It's a darker, true pink than anything I have currently. Everything else I have is a really light pink and this is not.

Chatoya-Bright platinum glitter top coat. This is very shiny. Not just glittery but shiny. I'll have to try it with a few things and see what colors I prefer under it. It does make a nice single coat for a quick oompf on plain nails, though, I will say that.
Brandis-Taos turquoise crème. A bright, easy to work with color, done in two coats according to reviews. I'm debating keeping this one because I have two super similar ones and I can't lie... I like sparkle in my polish. :D

Bea-Lemonade crème. I am not a superfan of yellow but this is a sweet, pastel lemony-yellow perfect for the season.
Although Julep is known mainly for it's nail polish, they've been really branching out into beauty products. My absolute favorite item they make is their Plush Pout lip crayons. So much so that I bought all the colors (though the magenta is still my favorite).

Julep Lip Gloss in Vivid- Iridescent burgundy shimmer. From the look of it--suuuuper shimmery. I can't tell you what this particular color is like but I did just get a sample of the Graceful in my Sample Society box. Shiny and a little sticky but not too bad.

Julep Length Matters Mascara- Black mascara. Since I have extensions currently I can't tell you if this mascara is awesome or not. Here's what they say about it: Our finely tapered, micro-bristle brush layers on more and more mascara for a softly curled, wide-eyed look that stretches the limits.

VERDICT: Not bad! I got some fun polish colors that I will use, a SUPER cute clutch and some beauty products. All for $30! Totally worth it, in my opinion. There have been some boxes in the past that I have not loved (and even complained about, that's how grumpy I was. I never complain!) and they really were so nice to me. They have excellent customer service. You used to have to call to cancel but thankfully, they're past that now.

If you want to get this, I think they will sell the Mystery Box until May 15. That's tomorrow. So get it NOW if you think you would like one. I don't know if that means they won't have them on May 15th or if the 15th is the last day... If you do purchase, add a regular polish to your cart, too. Use code SPRINGFUN to get that polish for free with your purchase!

If you miss out on the Mystery Box but you still want to try Julep, there is always their Julep Maven program! Each month, you'll be sent a mix of polishes and/or beauty products customized by you! It's a lot of fun, I have to admit. Here is what they have going on right now:

Bold with Color Welcome Box
Use code GETBOLD to get a free four piece gift with your Julep Maven subscription! Get two Plush Pout lip crayons and two new gorgeous nail colors free as part of the Bold with Color Welcome Box valued at $68 (just pay $2.99 shipping). As a Julep Maven you get brand-new, can't-miss nail color and beauty products each month that are full sized and your box is fully customizable.

With code GETBOLD you'll get your first box for the price of shipping ($2.99) or if you sign up for a three month subscription (the best deal, really), you'll get it free (plus you'll save $15). When you sign up, you'll take a quiz that will put you into one of three polish categories: Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam or Bombshell. They're actually very accurate because I usually was always happy with my Bombshell polish colors and rarely switched them out.

So there you go! Get a Mystery Box if you can or if you love polish and you haven't tried Julep Maven, you might want to consider it.

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