Monday, May 4, 2015

Memebox Box of Fortune Review and Coupon Codes

Last week Memebox put up a Box of Fortune and I totally got one. I had to see what would be in a box that seems like it could be like the old Jackpot Box. They were pretty good but that was before everything was Memebranded. So I got this box fully aware that it would contain XO Memebox stuff but still hoping that there would be some skincare worthy of the old Memebox contents.

Memebox is a purveyor of Korean beauty products, both skincare and makeup. They used to ship their boxes from Korea all around the world but now they have a base in the US and only ship within the United States. They have some pretty good makeup (the Pony x Memebox Pink Bloom Eyeshadow palette is fantastic) but for the most part, makeup isn't what I want. Give me all the skincare.

This should help you understand my feelings about the Box of Fortune. It was only $29 and I got an extra sheet mask to bump the price up to $30 for the free shipping. Hah. "Only" $29. That used to be the regular price of a Memebox with shipping from Korea.

Missha Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil- I'm starting with my favorite thing. First of all, I do love Missha and the Perfect Cover BB cream is one of my favorites (if not THE favorite). I also have managed to fall in love with oil cleansing. Yes. I never thought I would but I started with the Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil and discovered that my skin is so amazingly soft after washing with that that I'm hooked. I mean... soft, glorious skin before I've even got to applying a serum? Yes.
So I'm excited to try this oil cleansing thing with a Missha product. This is on sale at Memebox for $16 which is nice. The normal price (pretty much everywhere) is $19.
Value: $19
KyungSun Gel Liner in Bad Girl (black)- This is a gel eyeliner pot. I must say that I was well aware that there would be Memebox products in these boxes. I didn't exactly expect them in such quantities but it's always a gamble with a Mystery Box like this. KyungSun is a Korean YouTube beauty guru and Memebox teamed up with her to create a line of products.
I'm not a big fan of black eyeliner. I'm less a fan of gel eyeliner. I'm not dramatic when it comes to my eyes. I'm boring, let's face it. I line my eyes with dark brown eyeshadow and an angled brush. (Although, I did just buy the Clio Gelpresso Pantone Color of the Year Eyeliner Minis-- ALL shades of purple/orchid/plum/lavender... And gooooorgeousssss!! Only $20 for the set of 5).
Now I will say that this has a very luxe feel. It's a heavy pot with gold embossing. The lid is sturdy and fits well so this isn't going to dry out. I'm actually pretty impressed. Just not enough to actually use it.
Value: $10

It's Skin Power 10 CO Effector- This serum has hydrolyzed elastin in it. While I do like the It's Skin brand, I do not like all of these Power 10 serums. Some I like more than others. I like the Vitamin E one and the Synake. The problem with this one is that it's plant collagen and studies have shown that collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin because it's molecules are too large to sink down through the skin layers where they will do some good. It's actually better to EAT collagen than to smear it on your skin. All of these are on sale right now at Memebox.
Value: $12
I'm Cream Shadow in Evening Dress- This is a multi-faceted pearl pigment. Remember when I said I was boring? I'm so boring I'm a little intimidated by this product. You must use a primer and you need to apply it with a thick, stiff bristled brush. I'd actually probably go for it if I had gotten a different color (like Top Model) but this one is kinda meh for me.
Value: $7.50

IPKN BB Brightening and Wrinkle Cream- This is a small sample. I've received this and tried it before and strangely, I've also gotten one of these in a Birchbox. It's not for me, sadly, but that's okay. I stick with my Missha.
I'm Lipcrayon in Bella- Ah! Now, I have never said that all of Memebox branded items suck. They just aren't what I'm looking for when I think of Korea. I like skincare. BUT! And it is a big but, indeed... I do like they're lip products. I like the I'm Lipsticks, I'm Lipcrayons and I'm Lip Tints.
This particular one makes me happy because a) I don't have it and b) I totally have wanted it but it was sold out!
The crayons are pigmented beyond belief and are a bit glossy. Not supremely glossy but with the perfect amount for me. I think the girl in the photos has a gloss on top because it's really not that glossy/reflecty. If you want a matte look, go for the I'm Lipsticks. But the colors... One sweep across your lips and you are done. And this is a fabulous magenta. I love it. Love.It.  Chloe is also gorgeous.
Value: $7 (totally worth it)
FERDERMA Egyptian Mask Pack- A sheet mask of some kind that I can't find on the website and has no English on it. It has rosemary and EGF in it but I'm reluctant to use it just because where there is rosemary there can be lavender.
Value: $2

The SNP Bird's Next Aqua Ampoule Mask is the one I put in my cart to get the order over $30 for free shipping. Why? Because... Birds nest? Give me the crazy!
Value: $2

VERDICT: Actually, not bad for $29. I mean not freaking amazing like some of the past Memeboxes but not bad enough for me to complain about because I got two things I will use and they are worth as much as the box. The other things will be loved by someone else. They're not junk or anything, they just aren't for me. I think that's sort of par for the course with a mystery box so I'm not grumpy. Plus I used a coupon code for 15% off so I didn't actually pay the full $29.  I just miss the crazy stuff... Like bird's nests and donkey milk.

If you'd like to see what else Memebox has to offer, there's quite a bit. They've got several boxes available and a long list of available brands. I mean, not as long as TesterKorea or RoseRoseShop but this is shipping from the US so it's ten times faster. Use code ENJOY to get 15% off your purchase. Or see my Memebox Deals page for other offers available.

Now I'm off to wash my face with my new oil cleanser! Have you tried one yet? What did you think?

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  1. I missed out on this box. All sold out the moment I pressed the button. I miss the old memeboxes. I was able to get the mother's day box. Did you grab one yourself?

    1. I didn't get the Mother's Day one. I made myself pick one box like a good girl. :D

  2. I miss old Memebox... (sigh)

    But, my two giant makeup organizers as evidence, I still have a year's worth of kbeauty leftover from the old boxes. I did just buy a ton of Meme-brand makeup to review shortly, so there's that.

    1. Me too. My stash is ridiculously large and that's after paring it down twice. I'm trying to resist the urge to hoard all the good "old Memebox" stuff. I have a lot and I'm now down to all the stuff I would use but there's still too much of it. I don't really need three giant galactomyces undereye creams even if they all do have great ingredients-- you know, that type of thing.
      I know I mentioned it but I have been surprised by the quality of some of their makeup. I read in TechCrunch (or somewhere) that they use the same cosmetics manufacturer that Estee Lauder uses so that could explain it. The shadows tend to have fallout issues, the foundation and concealer were terrible but ohhh the lipsticks... I really love their lip products. The main problem with them is that they transfer to your cup (or whatever your lips touch) but I think it's worth it for the color payout.
      I'm excited to see what you think of what you got. :D

  3. I miss Memebox, too, but my bank account is way happier now. I just finished my destash list (150!), and now I just have to price it, photograpgh it and post it. Some hardcore Memeboxes may appreciate a few things from the good ol' days.
    I actually am fairly impressed with the branded stuff. The lipsticks and eye shadows are fantastic (Those new Pony items...Oh My Gawd...FABULOUS!). I 'm a bit more hesitant to try the face makeup...I like what I've got, no need to mess with a working formula.
    And, I also ordered the same Clio set!! I am currently obsessed with gel pencil liners--- no liquid or pot nonsense for me! Clio is amazeballs. And for whatever reason, eyeliners in shades or purple and orange/bronze. No clue on that one because I'm your basic neutrals girl...maybe I'll wear a red lip...maybe...

    1. Haha! Yes!! You'll love the Clio Gelpresso set! I'm loving it. Plus the clio liners apply like butter and never smudge off. And all those shades of purple... *drool* We must be twins or something... buying the same stuff. Haha!
      And YESSSS!! I got the Pony Pink Bloom and it is gorgeous and perfect. My new favorite thing. I was loving Soothingsista and now I'm all over Pink Bloom.
      This is how it starts, isn't it... Omg, makeup addiction here I come....

  4. I ended up skipping this mystery box because I partook in the last two mystery sales, but I actually would have loved getting most of the stuff you got in yours. I received one of the other cream shadows in one of their past mystery boxes and I liked it, so it made me curious about the others. And you're lucky you got Bella, that shade is awesome!

    1. Bella is amazing! And I was so happy it wasn't another Nude PInk Beige. I think I've got Nude Pink Beige in every Mystery Box I've purchased lately.

  5. Hi, Sarah,
    Thank you for the " ENJOY" code!! It works for everything on the site, I think. I just got the code discount on the restocked Mother's Day box, then placed another order for shop items and XOMemebox items. All were accepted by Memebox ( a rarity!!) :)

    Your mystery box looks nice... I have no willpower whatsoever and if it was still available, I'd buy one. I definitely think you got your money's worth because I'm likely to get the same things in the $42 ( reg. $50) Mother's Day box. Ha.

    1. Always happy to enable! And yeah... I saved some money by going for the Fortune box over the Mother's Day one. I'm still dying to know what's in them though!