Thursday, May 14, 2015

Memebox Honey Pot #beemine Box Review and Coupon Codes

When I saw a Honey Box on the Memebox website, you bet I snagged that baby. I love honey products! While Memebox is no longer sending the more outlandish skincare products, they have been expanding their brand catalog and I knew that several of them have some excellent honey lines.

Update: This box has been restocked!

Memebox is not a subscription based box company. You can buy as many or as few boxes as you want based on whether you like the theme or not. They are still essentially mystery boxes because you don't know what you will get until they arrive and you open them. Or you read a spoiler. :)

The Cost: $29

What You Get: A mystery collection of Korean skincare and beauty products based on a theme.

Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack in Acerola- Finally! Finally I get the Acerola version! This is a nice sleeping pack. I'm using the Canola version right now. I like to slather it on at night and it's kind of sticky that way. If I just put a thin layer, it's fine, no stickiness but I always feel that a sleeping pack should go on thick. :D Just me. You have to rinse it off anyway in the morning. Might as well make it worth it.
This is made with 40% acerola honey (honey is the second ingredient in this!) and has some antioxidants in the form of acerola fruit extracts. Since honey has some antibacterial and antiseptic benefits, I think honey can be beneficial to those with troubled skin.
Value: $14
Holika Holika Be the Natural Honey Oatmeal Body Cleanser- This is a whopping bottle of shower gel. Too bad the honey is the tenth ingredient! I'll use it anyway, though, because I think body wash is a good addition to the box.
Value: $8

Secret Key Honey Bee's AC Control Soap- This soap contains bee venom, tea tree oil and salicylic acid. I'll use this in the shower, too. It's technically for your face but I can spread the wealth. :)
Value: $7
Skin79 Honey Moisture Sheet Mask- This uses honey extract, olive oil and sweet almond oil to moisturize and protect your skin.
Value: $2

Skinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm- This is SO cute! And so impractical at the same time. There's a little wooden "spoon" to dip in the pot and use to spread on your lips but it's really not that effective. It's round. I wish it tasted like honey. It's not sticky in the slightest and provides a pretty nice sheen. I think I may have gotten it on a little too thick but hey... It's adorable.
Value: $9

VERDICT: Well, it's not much of a deal since the box contents are worth $40 and I paid $29 but the contents are fun. I like the lip balm even if it is impractical and I will definitely use the body wash. I don't really get a lot of body wash in boxes. I'm happy to finally have the version of the Holika Holika Sleeping pack that I've wanted. It will have to wait till I finish my current jar but it's a good product. I found an incomplete ingredient list for the AC Soap though and it looks like it has lavender in it. I hate allergies. They really cramp my skincare style, I must say. But if I use it on "not my face" then it might not be an issue.

If you'd like to find a Memebox for yourself, this Honey one is currently sold out but they just released two more: Memebox ToolBox and Memebox No Makeup #naturalbeauty Box. There's a bunch more, too. You can see them all on this page.

Make SURE you use a coupon! Why pay full price when you don't have to?! Use code ENJOY to get 15% off your purchase. And take a look at my Memebox Deals page to see a list of all the available coupons.

*affiliate links were used in this post. I'm always thrilled when they get used, too, so thanks in advance!


  1. THANK YOU so much for this great review. I'm waiting like a little impatient bee for my Honey Box. It was supposed to arrive today but nope. We've had tornadoes so there could be a weather delay.
    I love the contents except for the AC soap-- my reason is that I THINK the abbreviation of " AC" means oil control and I already have skin that would be dry if not for my great K- beauty sleeping packs, masks, and all around goodness. :)

    1. It says it's got castor oil and palm oil (which is pretty normal for a soap) and that it's supposed to help mitigate excess oil production. I think the main concern for dry skin would be the salicylic acid but that seems to totally depend on the person. Of course, there's only one way to find out! :D Are you using an oil cleanser yet? I'm curious because my dry skin is LOVING it.

    2. Sarah, I just started using an oil cleanser last month thanks to the April BeautyFix box and my dry skin is loving it too!

      To all, I'm not big on eating honey so never tried it in my skincare... Is it just something you like or is honey supposed to be really good for your skin? I may have to try it.

    3. Honey has been used for centuries for wound care. During WW2 when they ran out of antiseptic, they were packing the wounds with honey and covering them with duct tape. It's got natural antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (thanks to the bees and their methods!) so it's really good for acne prone or troubled skin. Since I tend toward redness, I always love it when honey pops up as an ingredient.
      You must be using the DHC oil cleanser! Isn't it amazing and different? Honestly, I never wanted to use an oil because gross, I don't want oily skin but that is so not what it's about. My skin is so soft afterwards. I havent tried the DHC one (although it's pretty famous), I've been using a Laneige Perfect Pore Oil Cleanser (very affordable at Target). I don't think my skin has ever been this soft after washing it.

  2. I have used Perlier's Miele ( Honey) bath cream for YEARS as my body cleanser. It is very mild, and I love the honey properties. I think it could be a facial cleanser but I don't use it as such. I love Perlier's Miele line though.

    I knew about the use of honey for wounds.. I saw it on a BBC show, maybe it was used on Call The Midwife? Not sure as I also watch Doc Martin and he uses some retro- nature type emergency healing things also.

    I use a honey oil cleanser from a Memebox. I now find it on eBay. There's also a very good non- Korean facial wash that I can only find on that has all natural ingredients and Manuka honey is a top ingredient. Can't think of the name right now. It was pretty expensive for a very small tube so I don't use it that often. I have about 200 Memebox cleansers backed up. But- I check the pH and will only use those in the 5-6.5 pH range, so there goes about half the Memebox lineup... :(

    I have a brand new bottle of DHC and haven't tried it either. I don't usually wear a lot of face makeup as my skin is now so great without it, thanks to Memebox and K- products. :)

    1. Boy, you're not kidding about the pH of some of those Memebox cleansers. I tossed probably half of mine. It's surprised because they're SO focused on skincare, you'd think companies would pay more attention to it. But then, many of the cleansers sent to us were not from high quality brands soooo....
      If you remember the name of the Manuka honey one, please share! I'm always happy to add another good item to my wishlist.
      I don't wear a whole lot of makeup either so I can't say about oil cleansers makeup removing abilities. All I can say is my skin feels like silk after I use mine. And I was expecting to hate it... The joke was on me!

  3. Hi, Sarah,
    Found the cleanser in my Amazon order history. Remember, this is a USA made and shipped product- no ties to our beloved K- beauty, :).

    It's called Wild Naturals Face Wash, Perfectly pH Balanced to Not Strip Natural Oils, 4 oz

    The pH is 5.5, and I paid $16.00 ( no shipping charge with my Amazon Prime membership) for a tiny 4 oz. tube.
    It's great though.
    The company which sells this, Wild Naturals, says:
    "PERFECTLY pH BALANCED at 5.5 - just like your skin. Most facial washes contain harsh chemicals that cause premature aging by stripping away vital natural oils that are key to retaining moisture in your skin. Perfect for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Wont dry your skin out.
    MANUKA HONEY, found only in New Zealand, is included for it's anti-bacterial and special healing qualities. You'll notice our first ingredient isn't water - it's ORGANIC ALOE VERA which soothes and moisturizes deep into your skin. Also with VITAMIN E - a wonderful antioxidant that nourishes and protects your skin. And with CEHAMI, found only in Australia, to reduce redness quickly and stimulate cell regeneration.
    QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Our concentrated, natural cleanser has no water added - a common first ingredient in other cleansers. It's hypoallergenic, and made without harsh chemicals - no SLS, no sulfates, no parabens, no dyes, no fragrance and no animal testing.
    LEAVES SKIN SOFT, CLEAN & MOISTURIZED. Unlike other harsh cleansers that strip your skin, leaving it feeling dry and tight after washing, our gentle cleanser is formulated to maintain your natural oils while nourishing and adding hydration.
    OUR GUARANTEE: If you are in any way not satisfied with this product, please contact us for a full refund. We ask that you try it for 30 days, while not using regular soaps or cleansers. You'll be happy you did!"

    I tried it knowing I could ship it both ways free. I kept it because I do like it a lot. Also, the company was really nice and sent me samples of other products and also sent me a follow up letter asking me how I liked the product.

    1. Omg. I totally ordered it. It has almost all my favorite ingredients! Thank you for letting me know. :D I love kbeauty but I love good ingredients the most! I have Prime so hopefully it hurries up and gets here.

    2. I'm so glad I was able to " give" you a find for once. :). I hope you find it to be as mild and gentle and totally non-overwhelming in scent as I do. ( I have the lavender thing going on too, and am generally sensitive to strong scents on my face). I think we are sisters separated at birth most of the time.
      I read ALL your reviews and subscribe to most of what you do.
      Amazon will give you an arrival date when your cleanser ships and if your UPS or USPS service is like mine, you may get it before the specified date, but rarely after. I've gotten shipments of teeny cheap things like an air humidifier filter on a Sunday.
      Amazon Prime is so freeing from the shipping monsters. :)

      Also, the company which makes this product is extremely involved after the sale. They sent me a " thank you" email, and a follow up voluntary survey and were really great to buy from.

    3. It should be here on Wednesday, along with some Japanese eyemask things someone suggested to me as well. I love Prime and it's totally worth it. And yes, it's so weird to get mail on a Sunday!
      I love your comments and I'm happy that you read my reviews! You can be my true box twin :D. Are you getting any of the new Memeboxes? The Aquamarine and Lucite spoilers are calling to me but... I need another box like I need another hole in my head.

    4. LOL-yes I liked the spoilers for the aquamarine box but it's sold out now... and then I think - "How many times have the collective " we" been burned by Memebox color boxes now?" :)
      Then, there's the flip side of the coin- the skincare mystery boxes, My love knows no bounds for those, of course.
      However, it seems to me that Memebox really overdid their many collaborations with the K- beauty bloggers and makeup artists, and now they are pushing those products into every other mystery box.
      I think we are going to have to be careful for a bit when getting mystery boxes with a broad theme.. I will never forget the Cutie Pie2 makeup fiasco, although I do still love Memebox. We are very lucky in the USA to sill HAVE Memebox,IMO.

      The Achilles' heel of K- beauty are USUALLY the color cosmetic products most of the time, IMO. I do love the XO line, in general, but that's about as adventurous as I get.
      For the price, we get exceptionally wonderful skin care though. :)

      Speaking of fabulous foreign things--You have to try the Family Size Munch Pak. It is SO awesome, I can't say. I got this fabulous strawberry swiss cake roll from Switzerland, and oh, so many large bags of wrapped candy and savory snacks.
      I give hubby the chocolate chip cookies and the chip snacks, as that's what he loves, and I love the Old World European pastry items. This is my very favorite snack box and I found it through your blog.

      Would love to know about the Japanese eye masks. :)