Monday, May 11, 2015

OrangeGlad May 2015 Sweet Box Review and Coupon Code

The May 2015 OrangeGlad is here to ruin your diet. Or at least mine. If I was on one. Which I probably should be after all the snack boxes I've inhaled. Actually, I blame it on the freaking amazing Candy Club box. That box has my number.
OrangeGlad sends baked goods and treats from small businesses around the states. They've improved SO much over the last nine months. When I first signed up I was not thrilled but now they've been doing really well with finding delicious, unique desserts. I still think it's too expensive but with a coupon code, it can be worth it.
They've recently revamped their subscription model and no longer offer prepaid monthly packages. They only do month-to-month subscriptions. Which totally bummed me out because I was going to use a 40% off coupon on a three month sub but instead I had to use it on a one month. Pfft. So I'm only getting one more box. Sad!

The Cost: $19

What You Get: Five deluxe size, carefully selected gourmet treats and sweets delivered once a month.

Brooklyn Brittle Lemon Pomegranate- Alright. I know I missed getting the brand name in the photo but I'm just going to say one thing... Best thing in the box!! This is RIDICULOUSLY good! It's a crunchy cookie/shortbread type thing with pomegranate arils and a lemon glaze that is out of this world. Love.

Sugar Bowl Bakery Petite Brownie Bites- Two brownie bites (and I bit them both). These were a little strange because they were hard on the outside but... very moist on the inside. I adore brownies (especially the Duncan Hines Fudgey ones that you make from a box) but these didn't do it for me.
Velvet Rope Bake Shop Salted Caramel Cookies- These were amazing. SO good. A perfect texture, great caramel taste. Too bad it was ruined by the salt on top. I scraped as much off as I could and then nommed these babies. Deeeelicious!
Two Moon Shortbread Chocolate Orange Sandwich- I haven't opened these yet. And I don't know why because I love orange and chocolate. I should open them. Okay, now I know why I hadn't opened them yet. They are very crumbled in the package. However, they are orange-tastickly delicious even while extremely mess-making.

Vermont Moonlight Cookies Maple Shortbread- These are shortbread like I'm used to. Hard, not crumbly. Crunchy. These taste like maple syrup. Good maple syrup. I love the flavor but I don't really like this kind of shortbread (sorry, mom) so these weren't my favorite.

VERDICT: This was a really good OrangeGlad box for me! There were several things I like. I think I may have enjoyed more in this box than I ever have. Yum! I'm getting one more month and then I seriously have to stop with the treat boxes. It's summer time and I've got to watch the scale!

I think OrangeGlad is a lot of fun for someone who loves baked good and getting treats in the mail. I don't really think they tend to be worth the old $21 price and $19/month isn't much better. But with a coupon, they are worth it! You can sign up here!

Now, I have one coupon code. It can be used one time only so it's going to be first come, first serve. I want someone to be able to use it so I'm posting it here. Use code MAY3801 and get your first box free. It can be a regular or double box! It expires May 31st. So, whoever you are, you lucky person, I hope you love what you get! :D

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  1. I LOVE OrangeGlad so much that I now get a double sized box. 2 of everything! I can hardly wait for this month's big box.

    Oh, and I upped the size of my Munch Box too, to the family size. Have NO idea what most of it is but I like it. :)
    I found both of these boxes from your reviews. :)

    1. Aww, I'm so glad to enable your snacky side!! I'll tell you right now that I'm jealous of your double size box for this month. Those Lemon Pomegranate shortbreads are SO addictive! And the salted caramel cookies?! Ohhh... suuuch a good box this month.