Saturday, May 23, 2015

PetGiftBox May 2015 Small Dog Box Review + $5 Off Your First Box

PetGiftBox really outdid themselves this month. The May 2015 box was dedicated to honoring the veterans (and their dogs) who have served us in the military. Not only was the box packed with goodies and SO worth it but it totally tugged at my heartstrings.

This is the Small Dog box from PetGiftBox. This dogbox is so affordable at the yearly rate it's almost a challenge to NOT subscribe to it.  This is a fairly new subscription but they've been improving every month. They've changed their subscription plan prices. It used to be $17.99 a month but now they've increased the month-to-month price (understandably) to $27.99. If you get the one year plan, it still is $17.99.

The Cost: $27.99/month. (Or get the Groupon deal!!)

What You Get: A box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

U.S. Army "In the Field" Toy- My great uncles, Jack and Delbert, were there at Normandy Beach. Jack was in charge of a unit that cleared the peninsula once the Rangers had dispatched the German artillery on the hill above the beach and the other was radio reconnaissance. Delbert was a spy. He would sneak across enemy lines with his huge radio pack, set it up in the dark and let the planes know where to drop their bombs so they didn't kill their own guys. Radios have come a long way since then and walkie talkies are pretty awesome.
Bugsy ripped this ones guts out pretty quickly and he enjoyed every second of it.
Value: $8

U.S. Army Bear Recruit Toy- It's a bear dressed like a military man and Bugsy loved it! I let him choose between this and the walkie talkie and he sniffed both, then ran off with this one. Of course, he did come back and snatch the walkie talkie, too.
Value: $8
America's Vet Dogs Soft and Moist Treats- I haven't opened these yet because I can't have too many treat bags open at the same time or my dogs get fat. Yep. Went to the vet and got a little lecture on how Bugsy was a chubby bunny. Aww... So he's on a diet to lose two pounds. And I'm being a good girl and not spoiling them as much. These are made with chicken so only Bugsy can eat these.
Value: $6

Pawtriotic Cranberry Dog Treats- A HUGE box of all natural, made in the USA treats in flag shapes. Both dogs love these treats. And they're perfect for giving the boys when I need them distracted.
Value: $6
Patriotic Car Magnet- This is a cute magnet for your car that announces both your love for your dog/s and the USA. Perfect for a Memorial Day month. I'm not the car magnet type because I like to keep the car pristine and clean but this is going on the fridge.
Value: $6

VERDICT: This PetGiftBox has a value of about $35 which is actually pretty good for a dog box. Usually they tend to hit right at the paid price mark. This ones above it which is nice. And the toys and treats are excellent. I always prefer treats made in the USA and this PetGiftBox definitely comes through in that area.
Plus I love the theme and how appropriate it is. PetGiftBox is supports America's Vet Dogs, a non-profit organization providing dogs for disable veterans. Whether it be for the blind, deaf or PTSD, America's Vet Dogs trains up dogs to help those who have served and protected our country.

If you'd like to sign up, you can use my referral link to get $5 off your first box. I don't think I would currently recommend this box if you have a teacup or very small dog since they lump all small dogs into the same category- 0-20lbs. You can look at the toys and judge for yourself, of course, but I would say the Small Dog box is more for 10-20lbs.

What do you think of PetGiftBox? Do you get a dog box for your dogs? Personally, I'm hooked because it makes it so easy. No extra trips to the Pet Store. And my dogs have energy galore so they need new toys to keep them busy. Having toys is not an option in our house, they're a must.

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