Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wet Shave Club Ladies Box Review!

Wet Shave Club is a pretty awesome subscription for men. They send a heavy duty shaver in the first box and then all sorts of fun, interesting and scented awesomeness for the perfect shave in each subsequent box. I think they felt bad for leaving the ladies out so now we have our own box.
Now, here's the thing. A wet shave is really for men and their faces and is probably best done by a barber while you're relaxing in a chair. But it can be done at home, my husband does it and loves the super close shave it gives. But when he is in a rush, the ole Schick 5 blade comes out. Wet shaving takes time. I'm sure with practice it gets easier but I'm not sure that it would get a whole lot faster.

The Cost: $29/month

What You Get: In your first box from Wet Shave Club you will receive a premium razor with a specially grooved handle for maximum grip, a brush for building a thick lather with your soap, a luxurious shaving soap (scents and brands vary), ten blades from our current selection, an awesome lotion to keep your skin smooth and fresh, and some instructional cards to help with the process.
The Ladies Box arrives with a Wet Shave Club Pink Shaver which I love. I love that it's pink and I love the construction. This is not flimsy. This is a heavy duty chunk of metal. It also arrives with the requisite razor blades. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little terrified about this. Lucky me, I'm just shaving my legs and not my face! And seriously, I would not shave anywhere else. I want to be able to see exactly what that blade is doing. I don't need anything sliced to ribbons. Ever. Anywhere. That is the goal.
The only sad thing is that there is no leather cover! The mens box comes with one... I think I'll email them and ask because it NEEDS a cover.
Value: $29.99

Besides the super awesome shaver (and blades), there is a very nice Satin Tip Shaving Brush.  Ultra soft ends, but firm enough core bristles to make a great lather. These brushes rival and yield better results than most badger hair versions. The handles are made with a low slip rubberized coating these handles which is handy.
This is synthetic but it should still be wet under hot water then squeezed out to get the bristles soft and to prepare it for creating the shaving lather of your dreams.
Value: $29.99
Wet Shave Club has included some Stirling Soap Co. shaving soap pucks in Black Cherry and Strawberry Bubbly. Personally this Cherry Almond one smells so good I'd like to eat it but whatever. Maybe it'll make my legs smell just as good.

I think normally the puck gets dropped inside a shaving mug and left there. Maybe I have a mug that will do that. Surely one of my Starbucks mugs will work. Anyway, drop your puck in there then add a little water and swirl your shaving brush in a circle. Add water a little at a time until you get a nice lather. Or you can just use your favorite shaving cream. Personally this Cherry Almond one smells so good I'd like to eat it but whatever. Maybe it'll make my legs smell just as good.

Whoos Soap Strawberry Citrus Body Frosting- This smells amazing and is, of course, for your shiny legs after you've shaved them up. Hopefully with no nicks. Urgh. I'm terrified by the thought but I'm going to do it. So you'll have the smoothest, sleekest, most moisturized legs of anyone you know after you've done all these steps!

VERDICT: I really like the idea of a Ladies box. However I think it should probably just be a one time box not a subscription. Mainly because we don't have shave that often. Or maybe I just don't. I mean, men have to shave every day but I'll never have to shave my legs every day! I'm not super hairy to begin with though and once a week totally suffices during the summer. In the winter? Hahahahahahahaha! Unless I have to wear a dress for some reason.

So yeah, totally get the first box if you think this would be fun. It's the only box with the razor and brush so you mainly just want the first one anyway and in that respect it's worth it. I think it's funny that the blade is pink but I'm glad it is. Its a little adventure!

Sign up here and get your own Wet Shave Club box! When you get to the site, they'll ask you to put your email address in (it's a popup) and they'll give you a $5 off coupon. Do it!

If you're a man and you're reading this and you are totally jealous of the awesomeness of this wet shave box, you can ALSO get a Wet Shave Club subscription (with a silver razor that has a leather cover) and it will be even more awesome. You'll get aftershave instead of Strawberry lotion, too. Lucky.


Alright! I did it! My first wet shave! I shaved my legs and they are now silky smooth and hair free.

My thoughts are these:

That pink handle may be cute but it is way too slippery. My husbands has a grippy handle and that's what this should have. Shaving an expanse of skin like legs, there's plenty of room to slip and it's kind of a reach- you *must* be able to hold on to that thing so it doesn't slice and dice. So I'm going to wrap it in duct tape or something.

The lead up takes more time than the actual shave. Okay, not really but percentage wise, I spent a bunch of time making lather with my Strawberry Bubbly puck. It's definitely possible it's just the soap or that I did it wrong (not enough water, maybe) but I can perfect my process and hopefully cut back on the time it takes.

This is a remarkable shave. No razor burn, super close and so smooth. This is the way I would do it for an event, a date or a long day in the sun. Perfection.

So while it takes a little more time and you really shouldn't rush it anyway (hey, razor blade!), your legs will be irresistibly touchable.

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  1. Looks fun but scary! Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

    1. Okay, I did it. I need to update my post. But it was easy. The shaving part went pretty fast but the lead up (making lather) took a little more time. And let me say one thing... The pink razor is slippery. I'm going to have to duct tape it or something.

  2. I like this idea, although I can't imagine I would use the products that often- Shaving for women (or at least for me) is such an annoying process already hahah- I just want it to be fast and simple so I can get on with it! LOL

    1. Yah, no kidding. But if you're doing a spa day or just taking some time for yourself, it *is* fun!

  3. My boyfriend loved the men's Wet Shave Club box so I'm glad they're doing a women's box as well! I'm going to be reviewing this soon so I'm curious to see how my experiences compare to yours.