Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bare Bliss Box June 2015 Organic Beauty Subscription Box Review

Bare Bliss Box is dedicated to sending organic, vegan and non-toxic beauty and skincare products in their boxes. If you're looking to switch up your current products for more natural ones, this could be the kind of sample box you are looking for.

The Cost: $19.99/month

What You Get: Four to six healthier skincare and makeup products that will change your body and enhance your life.

New Beauty Test Tube June 2015 Review and 30% Off Box Offer

New Beauty Test Tube is a bi-monthly subscription that I look forward to getting. It tends to have products you don't get in other boxes of this type and it usually has full size items. You never know what kinds of beauty products you'll, get but they do send some weird stuff from time to time. Like the last tube had eyelid stickers.
While it is shipped in a box, it really does come in a tube, too! This month, New Beauty chose three "Insiders" to feature and got their comments about items in the box. One of them is subscription box queen, Liz from My Subscription Addiction. She's the one that got me hooked on subscription boxes so it was fun to see her featured.

The Cost: $29.99 every two months plus shipping. Get 30% off with this link!

What You Get:  A carefully curated selection of beauty must haves six times a year.  You will receive a TestTube filled with 7 or more deluxe and full-size products from popular beauty brands.

Peach and Lily Seoulcialite Box 2 is on PreOrder!! Plus Spoiler!

 peach and lily seoucialite box
The Peach and Lily Seoucialite Box just went on sale for Preorder! You need to get in on this quickly. Last time it sold out ridiculously fast!

This is an excellent kbeauty box and will have a value of over $150.  The cost is $49 and shipping is free with code SBOX2. You MUST use that code at checkout otherwise the box is $170. I'm not sure why they did it that way but there you have it.

The last Peach and Lily box was full of fabulous full size and deluxe items. You can see my (omg,old!) review on it here.

I was really pleased with the contents and value of the last box. They tend to send brands from their shop which is very luxe. This is not a subscription box. This is a one time purchase. They do this once a year and now is your chance!

Here's the spoiler:

Kloverbox June 2015 "Balance" Review and Coupon Code

Kloverbox is dedicated to providing a healthy, natural alternative to products you need to use every day.  They search for the best, most useful natural, organic and eco-friendly brands and send you samples each month.

Every month, you'll receive some of the best natural, cruelty-free and organic beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home products. You'll get to try affordable eco-friendly products, handpicked by health conscious curators, so you can incorporate better products into every aspect of your life.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Receive 4-6 premium products to sample, each from top brands and hand-picked by our health conscious curators in beauty, health, nutrition and home categories.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2015 Review

The Walmart Beauty Box is one of those irresistible sample boxes because it's only $5. When a box is only $5, you can forgive it a lot of things. Like my last one was awful but for $5 I stayed subscribed. The Summer 2015 box is much, much better than the Spring one and I see that I'm definitely getting the "old lady" boxes. I'm totally okay with that because it seems like they have more skincare and that is what I want.

The Cost: $5/quarter

What You Get: Deluxe size products and foil samples with the occasional full size goodie.

Paper Pumpkin June 2015 Craft Subscription Box Review

I was so happy when I discovered Paper Pumpkin. It's a subscription by Stampin' Up which is the kind of business that sends ladies to your house to have parties. Like Tupperware back in the day. However, Paper Pumpkin is just like a regular subscription, no parties or people involved. I signed up then sat back and waited impatiently.
I'm sitting here writing this up and all I really want to do is go back and finish the rest of the cards. This might be one of the most satisfying, creative subscriptions I've ever encountered. They set you up for success. You don't even have to be creative, you just have to be willing to use your fingers.

The Cost: $19.95/month, skip any time.

What You Get: Every month you'll receive a fully designed project kit with stamps, ink and paper. Everything is cut and ready to go.

I recently reviewed the Nicely Noted subscription and mentioned how I've been wanting to send more cards in the mail. I love receiving them and I know it must make others happy, too. There's just something about a handwritten note. And a handwritten note on a handmade card is pretty much the best thing ever. And that's where Paper Pumpkin comes in. The kit this month is "Happy Thoughts."

1Up Box July 2015 Theme and Coupon Code!

 1up box coupon code
The July 2015 theme for 1Up Box is "JUSTICE."  Expect to see items from DC Comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as a licensed DC Comics wearable item that will make you fit right into the JUSTICE team!

Not only that but you'll also get an exclusive 1Up Box t-shirt!

The Cost: $18.92/month (that includes shipping)

What You Get: $40+ Value of awesome stuff in each box. Every month features a new collection with an exclusive EPIC Shirt!

If you'd like to sign up, you can do that right here. Use code AWESOME for $3 off your first box!

I'm curious to see how the Justice 1Up Box stacks up against the Heroes2 Loot Crate in July. :D

*referral links were used in this post

Loot Crate June 2015 "Cyber" Review and Coupon Code + July's Theme

The June 2015 Loot Crate is pretty great. It is packed with so many goodies! I should say that I haven't paid a ton of attention to Terminator Genisys but I have seen the real Terminator. And since my name is Sarah, I'm automatically cool. Or something. Sarah Connor is pretty badass sooo.... I'm not sure if I like the whole idea of re-doing the whole Terminator universe as an alternate reality. *clings to old memories*

The Cost: $19.95/month, including the shipping.

What You Get: Awesome gamer/geek loot! Sometimes T-shirts (like this month!) Plenty of comment inducing collectibles to surround your computer desk with, all delivered right to your door.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

OrangeGlad 40% off July Coupon Code

 orangeglad coupon code
OrangeGlad wants to send you treats! Sign up for either the regular box or the Mini and get 40% off!

Use code FREEDOM40 to get the deal. Expires on June 30th (which is the cut off for July orders) so git 'er done!

I only hope there's no chocolate because it is getting HOT up in here! It's not supposed to be 100 degrees in Seattle!

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Scentbird June 2015 Review and Limited Edition Pink Case Giveaway!

It's no secret that I love Scentbird. I'm slightly obsessed and for the first time in my life, I'm anxious to expand my fragrance collection. Why? Because Scentbird offers me the opportunity to get just a small amount of a luxury fragrance for a very reasonable price. Not only that but it's a purse spray, my absolute favorite size.

The Cost: $14.99/month

What You Get: Each month you will receive one 8ml purse spray of the scent of your choice based on your profile.  The first month, you will receive the black atomizer case for the perfume and a carrysack for it.

My Garden June 2015 ~ Flower Photo Heavy!

I've been cheating on my blog with my garden. Or maybe it's the other way around since the garden came first. Poor thing!

Either way it's been masses of work but I feel like it's now winding down into the "all I need to do is water" phase. It's always amazing to me how fast plants grow and how my boring wintery landscape becomes so beautiful in what feel like a blink of an eye.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

PawPack June 2015 Small Dog Subscription Box Review and $20 Coupon

This is my first PawPack and I'm very pleased with it. I'm sort of hooked on dog boxes because they provide so much entertainment for my dogs. Yeah, I'm one of those types of dog moms. There's a lot on the market right now and I feel like I'm trying them all. Not all dog boxes are created equal and I'm working on a major post about them.

For now, it's PawPack! PawPack strives to send the best local, artisan and small business all-natural treats and toys. So you'll get toys, treats, chews, bones and accessories from boutique and independent business as often as possible.

The Cost: $39/month

What You Get: Each PawPack comes with 4 or more premium full sized items as well as samples and other goodies that will always be All-Natural and Grain Free.

Memebox CosRx Unboxing and Thoughts Plus Coupon Codes

Memebox has been getting a lot better with their boxes. They've also been releasing more than they have been in months so there's actually starting to be quite a selection. When the Memebox CosRx became available, I couldn't resist because it contained two products I've been wanting to try for ages. The only reason I haven't purchased them already is because of shipping costs. So while this Memebox was $45, it was still enough of a deal to make it worth it.

These Memebox contains five products that were already revealed when I purchased the box. I probably would have purchased it not knowing and hoping that the AHA/BHA toner would be in there. Since it was, I snagged one, used some Memepoints and a coupon and $35 later here I am.

CosRx stands for "cosmetics + Rx (prescription)." There are two products that I'm really excited about, one that I've wanted to try for awhile and two that I will pass on. I know. Not a super great track record but hey, I'm an ingredients snob.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

1Up Box June 2015 "Arcade" Review and Coupon Code

The June 2015 1Up Box has a theme of "Arcade." When I was younger, there used to be an actual arcade at the mall close to my house. It was dark and always full of boys shooting lasers, plunking quarters and shouting in victory or despair. That was before the Xbox. Now you can do all that stuff at home. Except not with quarters. I used to go in to play Pinball and get caught up watching people playing "Duck Hunt."
I loved last months 1Up Box and was thrilled about Junes theme so I was pretty excited about this. I have to admit that part of my love for old video games is thanks to my dad. Before computers were big (meaning before most people could even afford to have them in their home), he got one from work. A Commodore 64. Yes. I'm old, we used floppy disks and had to learn DOS. However, playing games like Wolfenstein and Doom really made me happy. The funniest thing now, when I think back, is that I remember my mom telling my dad to turn off the computer and come to bed because he would be up so late playing games. Gamer life, way back then.

The Cost: $18.92/month (including shipping)

What You Get: $40+ Value of awesome stuff in each box. Every month features a new collection with an exclusive EPIC Shirt!

Nicely Noted June 2015 Stationery Subscription Review

Nicely Noted is a stationery subscription dedicated to finding some of the best and most unique cards for you to send to friends and loved ones. If you are a stationery connoisseur, you probably know all about this subscription.

You will receive only letterpress cards. Letterpress is the oldest form of printing and is (very) basically pressing an inked image-block or type-block on paper. It's primarily used for fine art and stationery nowadays. The stationery is usually hand-fed and letterpressed by a operator skilled in the craft. It produces clean, clear lines and tends to leave an impression as it's hallmark. It's truly an art and a luxury.
I've been wanting to be more proactive about sending snail mail. Mostly because my grandma sends me cards and I always love getting them. There's just something about seeing real handwriting on something that comes out of the mailbox. I always smile when I see it.

The Cost: $20/month

What You Get: Three high quality letterpress cards curated by Nicely Noted and three beautiful stamps.

Popsugar Must Have July 2015 Spoiler and I Think I'm in Love!

 popsugar june 2015 spoiler
The July 2015 Popsugar Must Have spoiler is the BEST!! I am so in love! I was SO hoping for stripes and it is!! SO stinking cute, too!

The Cost: $39.99/month

What You Get:Full size, premium products dealing with Home, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty and Food!

Everyone will receive a Henri Bendel Signature Stripe Canvas Dopp Kit! It looks like it might be designed especially for Popsugar since the one on the website has brown stripes, a signature and doesn't have the awesome blue tags.

Ipsy July 2015 Unofficial Sneak Peek!

Ipsy is one of the most popular makeup subscription boxes in the US. It has over one million subscribers and counting. While I'm sure that number waffles up and down each month, that's a crapton of people!! It's different from Birchbox by the fact that it sends mostly makeup in their Glambags. So if you're looking for some cute makeup samples or a gift for a teen or preteen, this is $10 well-spent.

The Cost: $10/month

What You Get: Get five sample-sized beauty products in a cute makeup bag along with coupons to buy full sizes at online shops.

Here is the first unofficial (email) spoiler:

Monday, June 22, 2015

RawSpiceBar June 2015 "Spice Route: Jamaica" Review

RawSpiceBar always surprises me when it arrives. So much goodness in such a flat package! This month the spices blends are Jamaican and has Jamaican recipes. I can tell you right now, these recipes are gold! I already made two of them.
Every month packets of freshly toasted and ground spices are sent to your door. Your envelope will also include recipes for each spice blend and a little historical information about the area the spices are from. Jamaica has a unique and eclectic cuisine as a result of immigrants from China, England, Spain and India. Commonly found spices are ginger, allspice, nutmeg and turmeric. According to the included information, there is a high rate of chili pepper usage thanks to the Chinese that is found no where else in the Caribbean.

The three recipes included with this months spices are Jamaican Jerk Fish Tacos, Paprika Mango Corn Salsa and Jamaican Banana Fritters. Yum!

The Cost: $6/month (in 3 month increments)

What You Get: Each month, you will be sent 3-4 spice blends which are enough to create 3 separate dishes serving 8-12 people. The spice blends will weigh between 1-3 ounces each month. You will also receive recipe cards using the blends and access online to other recipe options.

Beauteque Mask Maven June 2015 Review and Coupon Code

Beauteque has more than just their BB Bags, they have Mask Maven! Every month they'll send you an assortment of 9-11 masks. You can receive any kind of mask. From sheets to wash offs to foot peels, Mask Maven could send anything. This June 2015 Mask Maven, though, has only sheet masks and I'm totally okay with that.

One thing I love about this subscription is that they send a wide variety of brands and "flavors" of masks. Plus, if you find one you love, they're usually brands that you can acquire easily. Since part of the fun is finding new things that you now cannot live without, this is pretty perfect.

This review is a little late because my regular mailman went on vacation. He normally brings everything to my door but the sub put it in the mailbox. And I'm lazy when it comes to checking the mailbox because my regular mailman is so awesome. Seriously. I love him. I see him so often he's probably my new best friend.

The Cost: $15/month plus shipping. Ships internationally.

What You Get: Each month you will receive nine to eleven masks of any type or combination, including sheet masks, wash off masks, body masks, foot masks, hair masks, nail masks... you get the idea.

Jouer Le Matchbox Summer Spoiler and Coupon Code!

Jouer Le Matchbox released a spoiler today via email! The Jouer Le Matchbox is a curated box of Jouer cosmetics tailored to either a cool or warm skintone. When you purchase the Le Matchbox subscription, you will fill out a short profile that determines which skintone you have. The colors in your box will be adjusted accordingly.

The cost is $45/quarter and the value far exceeds that. The last box was amazing and I use the Daily Repair Treatment Oil that I received regularly.

Here is the spoiler:

Memebox x SoothingSista Eyeshadow Quad Review + Coupons

As you know, Memebox has really branched out in the makeup realm. They've been working with popular Korean YouTubers and models and US bloggers. While I remain skeptical about some of their house makeup ( the I'm Memebox stuff), I actually love the SoothingSista palette and have been using it regularly. The Memebox x Pony Pink Bloom Quad came out a little while ago and I got the Pink Bloom version. I love that one, too.

Obviously, I have a color bias. My skintone is cool with pink undertones and I always tend to lean toward pinks and purples with some browns and creams tucked in. While blues might look fabulous, they're a little too outrageous for my neutral loving self. No Nylon palette for me.

The SoothingSista quad has actually become one of my go-to quads for the days I just want to do something quick. It's easy to use and, don't laugh, the colors aren't so pigmented that I have to worry about making sure everything is smudged perfectly or exactly even. Hey, I never said I was a pro. I'm a regular person, I don't spend ages on my makeup, I don't try to make a statement with my eyeshadow or lipstick.

MissionCute Mini June 2015 Review

MissionCute is a fun subscription that focuses on small businesses and independent artisans. This is the kind of box where you really can receive just about anything. I think it's the perfect kind of box to send as a gift. But you do have to have an eclectic sort of taste.
I decided to subscribe to the MissionCute Mini Box. It's $20 which is reasonable for me. It's a gamble, of course because I have a pretty distinct style (or lack thereof) but I took the plunge. They also have a larger box with more items that is $40/month. While I'll happily throw that money at Popsugar, this box is a little more artsy that I usually go for so I'm reluctant to do it. Plus, I already reviewed the regular size box so it was time for a Mini!
MissionCute also donates 50% of their net proceeds to non-profit organizations nominated by subscribers!  If you have a non profit close to your heart, you can suggest that it be the Mission of the Month here. This month Project Yesu will receive the proceeds. This is an organization dedicated to providing food, medicine and education to children in Uganda. You can visit their website at www.projectyesu.org to see more details about how they provide services and support.

The Cost: $20/month

What You Get: Two to three carefully chosen items each month for your home & wardrobe ranging from locally crafted candles to trendy necklaces.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Barkbox June 2015 Small Dog Box Review and Free Box Offer!

Barkbox has had some pretty adorable themes, I can't lie. Although PetGiftBox is doing really well in the theme area, too, with their "Jurassic Bark" this month. But the theme for Barkbox this month is "To Infini-pee and Beyond." It's all about space, the final frontier. Not Toy Story. A Toy Story Dog Box would be amazing! Anyway!

This is the Small Dog box for dogs ten to twenty pounds. One of the things that sets Barkbox apart from other dog boxes, is the fact that they have a separate box for dogs under ten pounds. I think it's almost inappropriate to think that a 6lb chihuahua is going to get the same use out of a toy that a 18lb rat terrier will. Too many boxes lump the tiny dogs in with the small. Okay, rant over. Haha!

One of these days I'm going to have to do a huge comparison post for all the dog boxes I get. I get questions fairly often about which one I think is best but it really just depends on what you're looking for (along with how much you want to spend). Since I blog about subscription boxes, I'm constantly hunting for deals so I rarely pay the full asking prices for any of the boxes I get. I try to mention those deals when I see them. (Please see my PetGiftBox post for the awesome Groupon deal they're running right now).

The Cost: $29/month

What You Get: Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

Love with Food June 2015 Deluxe Box Review and 40% Off Box Offer!

One of the best snack subscriptions available is Love with Food. This review is for the June 2015 Deluxe box. If you love relatively healthy snacks, you definitely need to take a look at this subscription. They just lowered their prices, too, making this box even more affordable. It's absolutely worth it in my opinion.

Starting with the July box the prices take effect. If you subscribe now, you will get the July box and the new lower price.

*The monthly Tasting Box will be $9.99/month + FREE shipping + 100 points/month.
*The Deluxe Box is $19.95 month to month and awards 250 points/month ($2.50 value).
*The monthly Gluten-Free Box is now only $24.99/month.

I'll be honest, I didn't even know we got points for subscribing. I thought we only got them for reviewing items. Reviewing their items is tedious because they actually make you write something about the product, not just fill out the questions. Plus, it's like ten cents a review. So... tedious.

The Cost: $19.95/month for Deluxe, $9.99/month for Tasting.

What You Get: 16-20 new snacks each month. Snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk. (The regular Tasting Box has 8+ snacks)

Candy Club $20 Off Coupon Code!

 candy club $20 off coupon
Candy Club is running an awesome coupon right now! If this will be your first experience with Candy Club, I think they send the same thing to everyone on their first month. So I'm pretty sure you will receive this box:

Friday, June 19, 2015

PetGiftBox June 2015 Small Dog Box Review and Coupon Code

PetGiftBox has already surpassed Petbox in terms of dog awesomeness around here. The boxes have just been getting better and better since they started. I'm loving all the improvements and the variety that each box has. I also love the June theme which is "Jurassic Bark."
I haven't seen Jurassic World or whatever it's called but it does have Chris Pratt in it so I'm sure I'll see it when I get around to it. I have seen Jurassic Park. In the theatre. When it came out. Do you *know* how long ago that was?! It scared the crap out of me and I actually screamed in the theater when that velociraptor killed the bad guy with glasses. But anyway, that movie gave me additional respect for the awesomeness of dinosaurs and I'm happy to share that with my furry kids.

The Cost: $27.99/month-to-month down to $17.99/month if you get a year

What You Get: A box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

Universal Yums International Snack Subscription June 2015 Yum Box Review

Universal Yums is fairly new on the international snack box scene. I received the YumYum Box for review earlier this year but this review is for the smaller sized Yum Box.
Both my experiences have been very good with this box. I like how they balance the snacks, making sure you get some savory snack types along with desserty ones. I like getting some of both and they do have a good variety. The Yum Yum box I reviewed was EXPLODING with snacks. There were so many, I remember that I forgot some when I took the original photos for that review. Whoops!
Each box uses tissue paper packing in the colors of the featured countries colors. This month is Mexico and all the snacks included are from that country. You'll also get an info card explaining the treat (this is essential for some of them can be mysterious) and giving fun facts about the country.

The Cost: $13/month for the Yum Box, $25/month for the Yum Yum.

What You Get: Six or more unique snacks centered around a theme country. You will receive a mix of savory, sweet and spicy snacks. The Yum Yum box will have thirteen or more snacks.

Bespoke Post June 2015 "Frontier" Review and Coupon Code

Bespoke Post is one of the best men's subscriptions out there. They send high quality, well thought out boxes packed with themes in mind. These are not mystery boxes. You'll know exactly what you'll be receiving since you get the choose which box you get.

Each month Bespoke Post releases a few new boxes and chooses one for you based on your profile. Between the first and the fifth of the month, you will have the opportunity to either keep what they have chosen or pick a different box that suits you better.

I have been consistently impressed with the quality and value of our Bespoke Post boxes. They don't send cheap doodads or filler. They send real, unique items to enhance your manliness. Holding a big knife will do that, you know.

The Cost: $45/month

What You Get: Undeniably high quality, unique items themed and curated for men's interests of all types, anything from Life, Food, Drink and Style categories.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Popsugar Must Have June 2015 Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

Popsugar Must Have is one of my favorite boxes. The June 2015 box isn't as fun as some of them have been but it's still pretty awesome. I tend to look for spoilers since my box always comes so late but I always love the box better in person than I think I will beforehand.
Popsugar is considered a lifestyle box. That means you can find anything in this box. From socks to luxury face creams, jewelry to snack foods, the boxes are always packed with great items. I love it when they send Home items too. I really liked the Dauville bowl from the December box.

The Cost: $39.99/month.

What You Get: Full size, premium products dealing with Home, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty and Food!

Something Snacks June 2015 Review and Coupon Code

Something Snacks is one of my favorite snack subscriptions. I like it because they aren't too healthy and they aren't too strange. I have other subscriptions for those kinds of things but sometimes you just want something you know and love.

The theme this month is "Manly" in honor of Father's Day. If my husbands reaction to this snack box was any indication, it looks like they picked some really good manly snacks. He looked at me yesterday and said that this was one of the best snack boxes we've gotten in awhile. Normally, he doesn't even notice and just eats the snacks I put in front of him. This time he said something.

The Cost: $13/month (that includes shipping)

What You Get: Each box will contain 7 new and tasty, hand selected snacks. You can expect something familiar and something more out of the ordinary.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mishibox June 2015 Korean Beauty Subscription Box Review

The June 2015 Mishibox is the very first Mishibox! This box is geared toward sending you the best and most fun Korean beauty products. If the first box is any indication of the things to come, this subscription is going stellar. Not only are the products fun, useful and interesting but the presentation is top notch. Each box has an information card to let you know what's in your box and how to use it, along with tips and notes about your subscription.
Mishibox is based in the US and is currently only shipping to the US as well. However, if you are international and you really want this box to ship to your country, get on the International Waitlist right here. Hopefully, if they get enough interest, they'll open up shipping to your country.
One fabulous thing about Mishibox (besides the contents of the box) is the fact they they provide English ingredient lists for all the products in the box on their website! This is HUGE, people! It's something that no one else does (even Memebox, although they promised they would) and it is SO valuable to me. I love being able to find out whats in my products so easily.

The Cost: $18.95/month

What You Get: A curated box with a combination of 4 - 6 deluxe-sized samples and full-sized Korean beauty products from a wide range of Korean brands.

Glossybox June 2015 Beauty Box Subscription Review and Coupon Code

The June 2015 Glossybox is so much earlier than I was expecting. I'm very happy with the shipping these days. This box has a couple variations so if your box is still on the way, be prepared. Although I think all the variations are quite good.
One thing I love about Glossybox is their presentation. Their boxes are pretty and pink. When you open it up, you feel like you're getting a present. I always feel bad about recycling them but I'd have way too many if I kept them all. I do keep the special edition boxes, though.
Each Glossybox comes with a fold out information card that explains what you've received with some tips thrown in.

The Cost: $21/month.

What You Get: Five luxury deluxe sized beauty essentials, from both well-known and emerging brands, delivered to your door each month.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Meikoko BCdation June 2015 Asian Beauty Subscription Box

When I first learned about the Meikoko BCdation Box, I immediately signed up. The premise was good and the price reasonable for imported products. I know many people will be sad to learn that this is currently only shipping to the USA but hopefully they'll be able to open it up.

The June box has a little bit of everything and I think it's a great collection. There are several variations so if you did order this box, you  may not receive exactly what I did. And I admit to a little jealousy of those who got the Tony Moly Panda Eye Stick.
Every box will include one full size product, one sheet mask, 2-3 deluxe samples and 3-4 foil samples. The BCDation box will also always contain one BB or CC cream for you to try out.

The Cost: $16.99/month

What You Get: Every month you'll receive one BB or CC cream, at least one full size product, 2-3 deluxe size products and some samples all dedicated to expanding your kbeauty collection.