Thursday, June 11, 2015

Birchbox June 2015 "Adventure" Review and Coupon Codes

This June 2015 Birchbox showed up MUCH sooner than my other Birchboxes have. My May Birchbox feel like it just got here. Birchbox is one of the most affordable beauty sample boxes out there. I think they have a wider focus than Ipsy, which means that while Ipsy is more makeup focused, Birchbox has more product variety.

When comparing Birchbox and Ipsy, which is kind of unavoidable, one other thing sets Birchbox apart. That is the points-for-review system. With Ipsy, you get points but you can only spend them when there is a bonus available. It will likely be something random, something you've already gotten or sold out because people are desperate to be able to spend their points.
With Birchbox, you get points that are actual money. You can spend your money/points in the Birchbox shop, which is VERY extensive. So you get something you want, not something you're forced into because there are no other options. And when I say extensive, I mean it. You can get anything from tea to photo frames, makeup to Clairsonic Mias. This is the reason I keep my Birchbox even though my products can be lackluster at times.
By reviewing my products, I get $5 back for each box to spend later. And my BB shop wishlist is pages and pages long. :D Not only that but they always have coupon codes for shopping.

The Cost: $10/month (plus tax)

What You Get: Five samples and sometimes full size items, including everything from makeup and skin care to non beauty essentials like candles and tea. Plus a really great points program.

Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water- This was my sample choice for this box. In fact, I specifically didn't pick the fully curated box because I wanted this so much. I love cleansing waters. I don't like to have to rinse my face off at the sink. I hate it when water runs down my arms and drips onto the floor (or my clothing) from my elbows. Maybe this is a short person problem? My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned this. He washes his face at the sink.
Anyway, pour this on a cotton pad and clean off your face, no rinsing required! I haven't yet tested it on a full face of makeup because I haven't been full-facing it while it's so hot out and I'm working in the garden.
Still. I love this stuff. I wish it wasn't $32, though. And how cute is this little container?! I'm keeping it once it's empty. It's travel-tastic.
Tocca Eau de Parfum Bianca- Perfume. Yay. It's not even a spritzer, it's one of those poptops and spill everywhere when you finally get it open. It smells pretty good, though, for having Rose in it. It's not my style (too old lady) but it's decent. Perfumes that are too floral make my nose itch.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner- It's so funny because I was complaining about the billion black eyeliners that I get in my boxes but now I have a million blues! The nice thing is that blues come in lots of different shades whereas black is... well, black. This one is SUPER pretty. It's called Blue Lagoon. It goes on pretty smoothly and I'll test it's waterproofness today. I wish I'd taken off the cap for this photo, though. Derp.
Temple Spa Shampoo and Conditioner- I think if Birchbox sends any more shampoo and conditioner, I will never have to buy any again. Ever. Seriously, way too much. I even put that I have short hair on my bio and still it doesn't stop them from sending this stuff.
However, I realize that my preferences are personal and that there are lovelies out there who adore hair products. This is why swapping works so well. (Speaking of swaps, I think I just got swaplifted. /sigh. First time for everything, I guess).
Anyway, this shampoo and conditioner will clean, repair, volumize, boost shine, detangle, soften and tame your frizz. Wow. That is a lot of functions. The conditioner smells like peppermint... I might have to keep it. I love pepperminty things. Have you ever tried The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray? That stuff is MAGIC! I've been using it every night since it's so hot.
Pura Vida Lace Headband- This is so cute. I love the color and the laciness of it. It also has a small metal charm on it that adds some pizzazz. I'm sort of hooked on these but I have to pin them into place or else they slide off my head. I tend to fold the in half and use them as a hair tie. I'm really trying hard to get away from the use of scrunchies. I nearly died when I was looking at a photo album of me when I was in high school and my hair looked exactly the same then as it does now. Tied up on the top of my head with a scrunchie. They're just so handy!
Apparently it's hard to get out of your high school hair rut. (I saw a photo of the Duggar mom-- you know, that TV show about ten thousand kids? Her hair is a classic case of the 80's never letting go of her.) I don't want that to be me!

VERDICT: Well, this was a long, rambling review, full of non-sequitur. Basically, I like 3 things in the box and didn't like the other three. For $10 it's still fun, especially because of the fun things you can get in the Birchbox Shop. It's also a fun gift to give to a girl of any age. If I had an aunt who bought me a subscription to this when I was 13, I would have loved it!

If you want to sign up for Birchbox, you can do that right here! Use code BBJETBLUE10 to get 100 points added to your account upon sign up. That's $10 just waiting to be put to good use in the shop! If you do make a purchase in the shop, make sure to use a coupon: COMEBACK20, TAKE20OFF, MOBILE20, WELCOMEOFFER20 to save 20% on your shop order. And if you spend $35, put the Mystery Sample Pack in your cart and you'll get two samples for free.

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  1. Oh man, I should have chosen that micro water! But I couldn't pass up the Skyn Iceland Eye Gels. XD And haha, I'm getting that shampoo/conditioner duo too.

    Sucks that you got swap-lifted. :(

    1. Yeah, not too happy about that. Coulda been worse, of course, but I hate the fact that there are actually people out there that do that kind of thing. :(
      I got two boxes this month because I didn't cancel the one I got to get the Beauty Blender. I chose the Micro Water for both of them :D You should swap for some!

  2. That does look like a really pretty blue eyeliner. I wish I used eyeliner more but if anyone wears makeup to work people just look at them like they're an alien. I don't want to be an alien. I guess the wastewater industry just doesn't attract the makeup types? Haha. Aw man, swaplifted??! Terrible. I hope it wasn't a huge value one!